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Epson L210 vs Canon E600 AiO Printer Specs, Price, Ink Comparison

Latest Epson L210 All in One (AiO) Ink Tank Printer. Now 2x faster for only P7,795

Big printer companies like Epson and Canon always innovate, improve products and bring costumer satisfaction. Competition really plays a vital role in prices and performance of printers today and it just go better and better at affordable price.

Epson Philippines releases it's new 5 new models of L-Series Ink tank system of printers for 2012 including L210 All in One (AiO) Ink Tank System printer.

Epson L-Series printer are the first genuine maker of ink tank system printers in the market. The new models provide easier operation, faster speed, greater reliability and at lower cost for Filipino consumers compare to first release of L-Series.

Similarly, Canon Philippines launches it's latest All in One Ink (AiO) efficient printers E600 that can Scan and Copy Legal paper/documents. It has the same features with Canon E500 with added FAX and ADF to scan your legal documents.

Epson L210 Ink Tank vs Canon E600 Ink Efficient Price and Specs Comparison

1. Initial Price: Epson L210 cost P7,795 which is 12.5% cheaper and affordable compared to previous L200 (P8,900). Canon E600 cost P5,995 which is 23% much cheaper.

2. Features: Both printer can Print, Scan and Copy except for Canon E600 with Fax. In addition, E600 can scan and copy legal documents while the competitor cannot.

3. Print Head Nozzle: Epson L210: Black - 180 Nozzles, Colored - 59 nozzles for each color Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. Canon E600 have 1792 Nozzles.

4. Print Resolution: Epson L210 can reach up to 5760 dpi while Canon E600 up to 4800 dpi

5. Print speed: 6 ipm (ISO standard - images per minute) which is 2x faster compared to L200. Canon E600 can print 8.8 ipm which is 33% much faster than L210

6. Technology:  L210 uses Micro Piezo Variable Sized Droplet while Canon E600 uses Thermal Inkjet System technology.

7. Yield pages:  For Epson L210, Black yield pages is equal to 4000 for 70 mL ink (T6641) and for Colored 6500 pages (T6642, T6643 and T6644).

For Canon E600, Black yield pages is equal to 800 pages for 21 mL ink (PG-88) and 400 pages for colored CL-98 15 mL ink.

8. Power Consumption: L210 consumes 13 watts during operation while E600 is 14 watts.

9. Weight: Epson L210 weighs 4.4 kg and E600 is heavy for 8.5 kg.

Epson L210 Ink Tank System vs Canon E600 Ink Efficient AiO Printer

In summary, choosing printers depends on your needs. No printer can give you everything you want and that will cost you a lot.

Canon E600 initial cost is low, can print much faster, with features of scanning and copying legal documents and ink efficient which can print 1200 pages with 1 set of ink cartridges for P1,290.

While Epson is a little more expensive because it is different build, it is Genuine Ink Tank System or a CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) with a peace of mind (with 1 year warranty) compared to other CISS product in the market today.

It can print up to 10,500 pages for one set of ink (black and colour). Each bottle of 70 mL ink cost P295 only.

The two printers uses different print head technology, Canon can print much faster because of its thousands of nozzles and the drawback, it consumes higher power compared to Micro Piezo technology of Epson.

Also, because Canon uses thermal inkjet, high temperature easily damages the nozzle that's why you have to replace it from time to time. On the opposite, Epson ink tank system is Eco-friendly because you don't have to dispose cartridges frequently.

The choice is yours, I recommend Canon E600 for students and home use while Epson L210 for small business or office.

Epson L210 Ink Tank Printer Complete Specs
Canon E600 Price and Specs

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your wrong. print quality wise. Epson wins handsdown.

I have been using my L210 series for over 2months now and I gotta say its a superb printer

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Epson L210. Berapa harga. Ink Tank pula berapa harga

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