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Epson ME101 vs Canon E510 AiO Printer - Price, Specs, Pros Comparison

Latest Epson ME101 and Canon E510 Ink Efficient AiO Printer Specs Comparison

Both are latest product from Epson and Canon printer companies with consumers in mind for ink efficient and affordability and let's compare the two products.

What's the difference between Canon E500 and E510?

The difference between E500 and new released E510 is the addition of My Image Garden software to E510 printer which allows you to dramatize (such as collages and calendars) in your photos, other specs and features are the same.

Epson ME101 vs Canon E510 Printer Price, Specs and Pros Comparison

Price: Epson ME101 cost P3,195 which is much cheaper than new Canon E510 Ink Efficient at P3,995

Features: Both are All in One (AiO) Printers featuring Print, Scan and Copy.

Print Resolution: Epson ME101 have maximum 5760 dpi while Canon E510 up to 4800 dpi

Scan Resolution: ME101 is 600x1200 dpi while E510 can reach 1200x2400 dpi.

Print Speed: ME101 can print  Black at 24 ppm, Colour at 13ppm while Canon E510 can print 8.6 ipm - Black, 5.0 ipm for Colour. Note: (ppm - pages per minute while ipm - images per minute)

Technology: Epson ME101 uses Micro Piezo with Variable Sized Droplet Technology while Canon E510 uses FINE Cartridge Thermal Inkjet.

Ink Cartridges Price:
Epson ME101: Black -P185, Colour - P355
Black C13T166190 - 130 pages,
Cyan C13T166290 - 220 pages,
Magenta C13T166390 -220 pages,
Yellow C13T166490 - 220 pages,
High Capacity Black C13T167190 - 250 pages

Canon E510: PG-88 - Black (P595), CL-98 -TRI-Colour (P695)

Yield Pages:
Epson ME101: Black (130 pages), Colour (220 pages)
Canon E510: PG-88 (800 pages), CL-98 (400 pages)

Cost per Page:
Epson ME101: Black - P1.42, Colour - P1.61
Canon E510: Black - P0.74, Colour - P1.74

Power: ME101 is rated at 11 watts while E510 at 12 watts during copying.

Weight: Epson ME101 weighs 3.9 kg which is lighter compare to Canon E510 at 5.3 kg

Warranty: 1 year for Epson ME101 while 3 years for Canon E510

Canon E510 Printer My Image Garden Software

Epson ME101 Pros

1. Epson ME101 initial cost is low which is P800 cheaper compared to Canon E510.
2. In addition, ME101 uses individual colour ink cartridges in which you will only replace the empty one unlike with Canon E510 Tri-Colour.
3. As you will notice, cost per page on printing colored is much cheaper using Epson ME101 at P1.61
4. Lighter and consume less power.

Canon E510 Pros

1. Canon scanning resolution is high compare to Epson ME101
2. Canon E510 Black cost per page is 2x cheaper at P0.74 compare to Epson ME101 P1.42
3. Canon E510 has 3 years warranty with free parts and labor.

If you like to print colored photos I recommend Epson ME101 due to it's cheaper colour cost per page and enjoy 5760 dpi resolution. It is also better to use the high capacity black cartridge.

Similarly, if you like to print black documents, Canon E510 is the right one for you.

Epson ME101 Full Specs
Canon E510 Full Specs

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