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Epson ME101 vs Canon MP287/MP237 Printer Price and Specs Comparison

The Latest Epson ME101 All in One Printer - The Smallest A4 AiO Printer in the World

Latest products are usually improved from predecessors with features of ink efficient and affordability to delight and exceed vision of consumers looking for quality, durable and low cost peripheral device such as printers.

New Epson Expression ME101 are 15% space saver dubbed as the smallest desktop AiO printer and uses individual ink cartridges at much lower printer cost while the new Canon MP237 are software upgraded and at the same time at lower printer cost.

Canon Pixma MP287 vs MP237

The difference I see between Canon MP287 and new MP237 are addition of software such as My Image Garden and Print Your Days Facebook APP.

My Image Garden is a software that automatically creates various appealing collages and calendars using the photos stored on a PC to make suggestions to the user. Print your Days is an APP built into Facebook that let you print photos from Facebook directly to your Canon printer.

One reason I bought Canon MP287 is the scan resolution reaching up to 2400 dpi. If you scan a documents and print it, the difference between the original are unnoticeable.

But with the new Canon MP237, the scan resolution is lowered to 1200 dpi.

What's the Difference between Canon Pixma MP287 and MP237?

Epson ME101 vs Canon MP287/MP237 AiO Printer Price and Specs Comparison

1. Price: Epson ME101 cost P3,195 compared to Canon MP87 P3,495 and Canon MP237 costing around P3,048.

2. Features: All printers are All in One (AiO) that can Print, Scan and Copy

3. Print Head Nozzle:
Epson M101 - 128 nozzles for Black and 42 nozzles for each for color.
Canon MP287 - 1472 Nozzles
Canon MP237 - 1472 Nozzles

4. Technology: ME101 uses Micro Piezo with Variable Sized Droplet Technology while MP287/237 uses FINE Cartridge Thermal Inkjet

5. Print Resolution: ME101 can reach up to 5760 dpi while MP287 and MP237 are 4800 dpi.

6. Scan Resolution: ME 101 is 600 x 1200 dpi same with new Canon MP237 while MP287 is higher with 1200 x 2400 dpi

7. Print Speed: ME101 can print  Black at 24 ppm, Color at 13ppm while MP287 at 8.4 ipm (Black), 4.8 ipm (Color) and MP237 at 7 ipm (Black), 4.8 ipm (Color). Note: ppm - pages per minute while ipm - images per minute.

8. Ink Cartridges and Yield Pages:

For MP287 and MP237:
Black PG-810 - 220 pages
Tri-Colour CL-811 - 244 pages
High Capacity PG-810XL - 401 pages
High Capacity CL-811XL - 349 pages

For ME101:
Black C13T166190 - 130 pages,
Cyan C13T166290 - 220 pages,
Magenta C13T166390 -220 pages,
Yellow C13T166490 - 220 pages,
High Capacity Black C13T167190 - 250 pages

9. Ink Cartridges Price: 
ME101: Black - P185, Colour - P355 for each color Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.
MP287 and MP237: Black PG-810 = P745, Tri-Colour CL- 811 = 985

10. Interface: All uses USB 2.0

11. Power: Epson ME101 uses 11 watts during operation while MP287/MP237 are rated 10 watts during copying.

12. Weight: ME101 weighs 3.9 kg, MP287 - 5.5 kg and MP237 - 5.3 kg.

13. Warranty: 1 year

With latest Epson ME101 and Canon MP237, customers can avail printers at lower cost but the difference lies in running cost which is very important.

ME101 is cheaper in the long run because of individual cartridges at lower cost while MP287 or MP237 have expensive Black and TRI-COLOUR cartridges.

How about Epson ME101 vs Canon E500 ink efficient?

Epson Expression ME101 Full Specs
Canon MP287 Full Specs
Canon MP237 Full Specs

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