Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MMDA Metro Solusyon - How to File a Report or Complaints

MMDA will use Internet to Combat Corrupt and Illegal Practices

MMDA will use internet (Metro Solusyon) to fight against corruption on it's own agency like "Lagay, Kotong and Payola" and it encourages Filipino citizens to file a report and complaints against corrupt and illegal practices that directly involved MMDA officials and it's employees.

Five steps to File a Report or Complaints on MMDA Metro Solusyon

1. Register and Log in to http://www.metrosolusyon.mmda.gov.ph.
2. Read Legal and Statutes.
3. File a Report or Complain and attach your evidence (Picture, Video or Audio). Please ensure that you have the following information,
a. Full name of person being complained.
b. A narration and relevant material facts.
c. The act allegedly committed.
d. Pictures, MMS and Videos.
4. Submit your Report.
5. Wait for an email confirmation and Reference number for future updates of your complain.

MMDA cannot proceed investigation based on incomplete reports, so ensure that your report is complete, true and accurate.

Evaluated reports will be posted and notify you thru email.

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