Sunday, October 28, 2012

DOE Energy Plan for 2012-2030 - Aims to Mitigate Climate Change

Ilocos Norte Windmills - A source of Renewable Energy

Will Philippines be a forever Nuclear-Free country?

Department of Energy (DOE) had already formulated Energy Plan for 2012-2030 and it will be launch this coming December 2012 on National Energy Consciousness Month (NECM).

Philippine Energy Plan (PEP) envision an economy with utilization of renewable energy and use of alternative fuels for transport.

In 20 years time, Philippine energy needs will target a 10% savings on all economic sectors and below are potential factors to accomplish the target.

1. Increasing number of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG-fed) Buses
2. Possible introduction of CNG's Taxis
3. Electric Vehicles
4. Higher application of Biofuel blends (biodiesel and bioethanol)
5. Energy Efficiency investments for both public and private sector
6. Development and Production of Indigenous fossil fuels

DOE Energy Plan will support to mitigate climate change and lower greenhouse gas production. It also aim to climate-proof our energy system to ensure continuous energy services under all impacts of climate change.

Does the latest energy plan of DOE will sufficiently supply the energy needs of the whole country? Will there be no more brownout and blackouts?

When our electricity be cheaper?

DOE Energy Plan
Ilocos Norte Bangui Windmills

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