Friday, October 12, 2012

PINOY made Educational Apps Maddie & Matt - FREE Download

Pinoy made Educational Apps for iOS and Android devices - FREE Download on Google Play Store

Are you teaching your kids with the use of technology such as tablets and smartphones or you want to try a new method and incorporate gadgets in teaching?

Not only parents are thinking the best way how can they teach their children effectively but Filipino app developers are your partners in nurturing your kids basic values and etiquette in life.

Maddie & Matt's App Pinoy Developers

Pinoy made educational apps such as Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth and A to Z's of Good Manners and Values developed by AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. (ADSI) and KidApps Inc. (KIA) are one of the first educational apps that could be vital for enrichment of Filipino children's mind.

Maddie and Matt's A to Z's of Good Manners and Values is also available in Tagalog language (Ang A-Z ng Kabutihang Asal at Kagandahang Ugali nina Maddie at Matt).

Teaching our children with the use of Mother Tongue or Native language before learning any other language is very effective.

I recommend this Tagalog version to every parents and I hope developers will make this available in Ilokano, Bicolano, Bisaya, Ilonggo and other dialects.

Maddie and Matt's Happy Earth made by Pinoy Developer AppLabs

Maddie and Matt's Apps Features

Maddie and Matt's apps are interactive and includes 26 scenarios for teaching your child's proper behavior and proper way to deal with friends and grown-ups in various social settings and teaching our child how to protect our environment.

Here are the Features of the two series of Maddie and Matt's App

A-Z's of Good Manners and Values 

1. Interactive Storybook - showing scenarios of good manners and values, it also includes live objects and Easter egg hunt with trivia.
2. Coloring Maddie or Matt or both of them using crayons, kids will really like it a lot.
3. Picture Me - take your pictures or photos with your parents and you can share it on social networking sites.

I recommend that there are also a coloring scenario with animals, trees and other objects that will add interest to children.

Happy Earth

1. Interactive Storybook - showing environmental issues and solutions, also includes live objects and Easter egg hunt trivia.
2. Create your Own Happy Earth - drag object to create your own planet
3. Mini Games - includes Segre game and Spot the difference and share the results on Facebook and Twitter.

Both educational app are designed not only for kids but also both for young boys and girls. They are available in iOS and Android platform devices and you can download it for FREE in Google Play store.

AppsLabs Digital Studios Inc. is established in 2011 with headquarter in Eastwood City and develops application solutions that will educate, entertain and inform all ages.

Both AppsLab and KidApps are now developing the rest of Maddie and Matt series so stay tuned.

Maddie and Matt Values App FREE Download

AppLabs Official Site

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