Friday, October 12, 2012

Planet Diamond Discovered - Worth Php2.2 Octillion

At last! They finally found a Diamond with 7.8x the Earth Mass, 40.3 Light years away and a fortune worth 2.2 Octillion Philippine pesos.

Can we go there and mined a diamonds and pay the debt of the Philippines? Could it feed all the hungry Filipinos and end all poverty of the world?

"55 Cancri e" dubbed as Diamond Planet or Carbon Planet was finally declared as a new planet this October 2012 after final observations and recalculations. Carbon Planet are carbon rich and oxygen poor, it is different to our planet because Earth are made up of Silicon-Oxygen compounds.

At first, it was suspected to be a water planet but hydrogen was never observed in its Lyman-Alpha transit signature. Possibilities are it is composed of Carbon Dioxide and a solid planet made by carbon-rich materials rather than oxygen rich materials.

Due to high temperature and pressure, roughly 1/3 of planet mass is in the form of Diamond and how much is that worth?

Diamond Planet "55 Cancri e" Characteristics

Discovery Date: August 30, 2004
Discoverer: MacArtchur et al
Mass: 7.8 times of Earth
Diameter: 2 times of Earth
Location: Constellation Cancer
Temperature: 5373 Kelvin
Distance: 40.3 light Years from Earth
Worth: $26.9 Nonillion or Php1.1 Decillion

According to Forbes, the new Diamond planet discovered is worth $26.9 Nonillion or 1,103 Nonillion or 1.1 Decillion in Philippine pesos. Nonillion is comprised of 30 zeros and Decillion 33 zeros.

Anyway, how did they arrived at that value?

Before that, how much is 1 kg of diamond? Price of diamonds depends on the quality and it can be an industrial diamond which cost $1.60 per pound. So, that’s $3.52 per kg

If mass of our planet Earth is 5.97 kg x 1024 kg and 1/3 of Planet Diamond is 1.55 x 1025 kg.

After some computation, Planet Diamond total worth is $54.6 x1024 or $54.6 Septillion and 2.2 Octillion in Philippine peso.

So, that's really a lot of money.

Wikipedia 55 Cancri e
Cost of Diamond per Kg.
Forbes Worth of Diamond Planet
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