Friday, October 5, 2012

Smartphone Sales in PHIL had grown by 326% - GfK Asia Survey

What if Sony Xperia Android Phone became available at price range of P5,000? Would you prefer it as your new mobile brand?

GfK Asia is a leading global market research company and latest findings shows that Philippine smartphone volume sales had grown to 326% and the fastest in Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Philippines) .

In addition, our country smartphone market share had also increased from 9 to 24% within a year.

Findings also revealed that smartphone growth was driven by affordable devices ranging from $100 - $200, that would translate to approximately P4,000 - P8,000 in Philippine peso.

The demand for smartphones will grow even faster with the availability of low-end smartphones priced at $100 and continued growth for the next two years.

Difference of Smartphones and Android Phones?

Smartphone is a classification of a phone, it has powerful computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone.

Android is operating system and phones running on Android OS is called Android phones. All Android phones are smartphones but not all smartphones are running on Android like Nokia (Symbian) and Apple (iOS).

Philippine Smartphone Sales had grown to 326% - The Fastest in SE Asia

Average Price of Android Phones in the Philippines

With continuous growth of smartphones in the market especially the android phones, lets take a look what is the average price or lowest price offering of mobile brands in our country.

MyPhone: P3,599 (A618 TV) - P6,999
Cherry Mobile: P3,299 (Candy TV) and up
DTC: P4,990 (GT3)
KingCom: P3,990 (902 C) and up
Alcatel: P4,959 (OT 918) and up
Samsung: P4,999 (Galaxy Pocket) and up
LG: P5,390 (LG L3 E400) and up
Lenovo: P4,999 (A60+) and up
Nokia: P5,450 (ASHA 311) and up
Sony: P7,690 (Xperia Tipo) and up

With the list of android phones ranging from Cherry Mobile Candy TV (P3,299) to Sony Xperia Tipo (P7,690), no doubt every Filipino can afford branded smartphones at low cost.

Price trend in android phone will still go down due to upcoming holiday season promos and competition thus, more and more Filipinos can afford android smartphone before the end of the year and in the coming years.

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GFK Survey

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