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Tamer Saga Warrior Fast Leveling and Formation Guide

Tamer Saga level 43 Full Tank Warrior

Tamer Saga is a browser MMORPG from PopPace. It is anime style featuring 4 classes, Warrior, Mage, Ranger and Priest with storyline into the mystic world full of adventure.

From the game title itself, you will have to capture and tame monsters and make them as your pets.

In the game, you will defeat monsters and bosses and collect them in album. You can challenge them for a price of gold and if you defeat them, you can summon them and add them into your formation to become stronger and help you in the battles.

I like the game because of different gameplay compared with other browser MMORPG such as Wings of Destiny PH, Godswar Online and Crystal Saga. The use of Emblems and Formation is very interesting and although this is not new, incorporating it to a browser game like this becomes very challenging and playable.

Tamer Saga 4 Classes

1. Warrior - Given with highest HP and Defense base stats and 225 HP/level and 5 DEF/level.

Warrior is the TANK of the game. Warrior skills or spells includes Blazing Swing, Holy Shield, Dragonkin Bark, Shield Bash and Weird Swordplay.

2. Mage - Given with powerful magic that can sweep multiple enemies and highest crit increased per level at 3 CRIT/level.

3. Ranger - With ranged attacks and high speed, they inflict damaged at length-ways row. They are given with highest power and speed per level at 18 POWER/level and 5 SPEED/level.

4. Priest - The healer and support of teammates, they are second in highest HP and defense next to warrior. They are also given with highest defense and speed in the game at 5 DEF/level and 5 SPEED/level.

Why I choose warrior?

Warrior can stay in the game for long and can receive the most powerful attack in the game. I want to protect my teammates and to be the best tank in the game.

Tamer Saga Warrior Fast Leveling Guide

1. Use 2x EXP scroll for experience boost.
2. Complete the main quest up to level 36.
3. Complete daily quest until you reach level 40.
4. Leveling up to level 41 and above is a bit hard at this point.
5. Do daily quest to level up your tamed monsters and if you beat Goblin Robber boss, going to level 45 is an easy one.
6. Continue to complete main quest, it is important for warrior to level up faster and higher to gain 255 HP and 5 DEF per level increase.

Tamer Saga Cross Formation Guide for Warrior Class

Tamer Saga Formation Guide

There are 5 different formation and you can unlock it at different levels.

1. Cross - Increases attack power and defense.
2. Assault - Increases attack power and critical strike chance.
3. Line - Increases defense and base rage.
4. Oblique - Increases critical and dodge.
5. Triangle - Increases critical strike chance and speed.

What is the right formation for a warrior? Since warrior focused on defense and attack, Cross formation is the best for that class.

1. Upgrade Cross Formation up to level 10.
2. Tame Brier Bore and Black Ghost Pirate and add it to your line up formation. Try to tame other monster if you want to try something new.
3. Newly added pet/monster should be place at the back of the cross formation.
4. Try to level up faster so that you can unlock the full Cross Formation.

Tamer Saga Official Site

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