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Cloudfone Thrill 430x vs Cherry Mobile FLARE Price and Specs Comparison

Cherry Mobile FLARE vs Cloudfone Thrill 430x Display Comparison - Which one is sharp, crispy and clear??

Why should I compare Cloudfone Thrill 430x with Cherry Mobile FLARE? They should be incomparable right? Why not compare it to MyPhone A919 or A898 DUO, Cherry Mobile TITAN and to StarMobile ASTRA?

Honestly, I choose CM FLARE and CF Thrill 430x because it runs on the same Qualcomm 1.2 GHz dual-core S4 processor. FLARE runs on MSM8225 while Thrill 430x on MSM8625, the difference of two processors are 3G MODEM.

MSM8625 are CDMA and UMTS capable while MSM8225 are UMTS only. CDMA and UMTS are both 3G phone standards and the difference between the two are how calls are handed off from one cell tower to the next as the caller travels. Another one is the operating frequency. CDMA operates on 850 MHz band while UMTS on 1920 - 2200 MHz.

Qualcomm made S4 Play processor to bring speed to lower end devices. It is hardware and software compatible with S1 processor. So, with existing design for lower end Android phones with S1, swap it with S4 then it became an affordable, much faster, high performance and that benefit both consumers and manufacturers.

Cloudfone Thrill 430x vs Cherry Mobile FLARE Price, Features and Specs Comparison

Cloudfone Thrill 430x Monster 4160 mAh battery measuring more than 3.2" long ,definitely heavy and taking up all space of the phone back side.

Price: Cloudfone Thrill 430x is selling at P7,777, more expensive than Cherry Mobile FLARE priced at P3,999 which is almost half the price.

Features: Both are Dual SIM and features GPS. 430x have dedicated camera button and FM radio

Thickness: 14.2mm (430x), 11.8 mm (FLARE)

CPU: Both runs on  1.2 GHz Dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor.

OS: Both runs on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich

RAM: 768 MB (430x), 512 MB (FLARE)

GPU: Same integrated Adreno 203

Screen: 4.3" IPS qHD (quarter HD) Capacitive Multi-touchscreen (430x), 4.0" IPS Capacitive Multi-touchscreen

Resolution: 960x540 pixels (430x), 800x480 (FLARE)

Pixel per inch: 256 ppi (430x), 233 ppi (FLARE)

Internal Memory: Both 4 GB up to 32 GB via microSD

Camera: Both have dual camera and VGA front. 8 MP rear autofocus with dual LED Flash (Thrill 430x), 5 MP rear autofocus with flash (FLARE)

Connectivity: Both have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G capable. FLARE uses micro-USB compared to 430x USB port.

Battery: Thrill 430x is rated 4160 mAh. Almost 3x compared to FLARE 1500 mAh battery capacity.

Availability: Both are already in the market

In summary, Cloudfone Thrill 430x dominate in terms of specs compared to FLARE.

First, Thrill 430x has superb display and high pixel per inch (ppi) or pixel density. You can enjoy crisp and clear display with this device. Display is one the the most expensive parts of smartphone and this make it more expensive.
Second, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating System is designed for dual-core processor with 1 GB RAM. With Thrill 430x 768 MB RAM, ICS will definitely run very smoothly and update to Jelly Bean is very possible.
Lastly, High battery 4160 mAh capacity that can last up to 3 days

On the other hand, FLARE counter back with specs with mass appeal.

First, FLARE is affordable, according to GfK survey, in coming 2 years smartphones priced at $100 or P4,000 range will dominate the market. You can buy two units of FLARE for one 430x or buy 2 extra batteries if you want.
Second, with 512 MB RAM and same Qualcomm S4 processor, I think difference in performance between the two are unnoticeable.
Lastly, FLARE is thin and lightweight.

So, which one suit your lifestyle?

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William Martin said...

Really very good post, Thanks for the information.

William Martin
PPI Claims Made Simple

Norman said...

why is it that the flares benchmark is 5669,

while 430x has 5504?

GbSb said...

That is a good question but as of now I don't have concrete answer. My theory is SD card read and write.

Anonymous said...

which one is most preferred in the market?and what is the best in quality? although its cheaper how can i be so sure that both of them is having a good quality like a branded one.

GbSb said...

CM FLARE is the preferred one than 430x because it's affordable but both of them have issues.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I would really appreciate if you could compare CM flare with CF excite 350g which are at the same price and tell us if the CM one is good quality and won't break if I drop it

Anonymous said...

My Flare benchmark is 7010

GbSb said...

Please check my list of benchmarks scores for CM flare, titan, SM astra, MyPhone a848i, a878 and Cloudfone thrill 430x. Link on my name.

Anonymous said...

CM flare is not IPS, bought and returned it for this reason

Anonymous said...

I never had issues with my flare.
It's working really great with my apps, even though the battery life is short at least it's worth it for a 4k budget and a power bank should come up handy. CM flare~

Anonymous said...

thanks! i'll definitely buy one.

Anonymous said...

Guys, performance is not a factor in considering a phone as the best, but it's durability as well.

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