Thursday, November 22, 2012

iZone-iHUB - Technology Research Center for Pinoy Techies

Technology and Innovation allows growth of one country and this is what iHUB offers. It wants to nourish and cultivate the minds of bright and creative Filipinos by letting them to discover their ultimate potential in the field of Information Technology.

iZone-iHUB Location

iZone-iHUB was launched last November 8, 2012, located at Ortigas Business Center, Pasig City. It is an online community that provides Pinoy techies and creative individuals a room for collaboration and knowledge sharing either on site or in virtual environment (iZone-iHUB website).

It also provides:

1. Safe, Secure and fully air-conditioned Environment
2. Technology research center for business development
3. A place to host events and seminars
4. Free unlimited access to internet
5. Free coffee

In addition, iZone-iHUB can provide funding and resources you needed to make your great "IDEA" and "PROJECTS" to happen.

Submit an "IDEA" and Win A Prize

1. To submit an idea, you can proceed to iZone-iHUB center (bring your ID) or send it via email.

2. For email, please provide the following:
a. Design Name - name of invention
b. Description - 10-20 words
c. Value to user - what problem does it solve for user, 20 words
d. Target user - main users of your invention
e. Features and Benefits -description of features and benefits including SWOT analysis (15 words)
f. Technology - Platform that will be used to put the invention into action (20 words)
g. Submit to

3. Schedule of Submission:
a. Daily submission are accepted
b. Individual or group can submit as many ideas as they could. No age limit.
c. There will be monthly and quarterly winners
d. Deadline of submission is December 4, 2012 for the current month.

4. iHUB will evaluate the submitted entries and shortlisted will be invited for presentation.

5. Quarterly winning entry will receive TRAVEL plus GADGET worth P50,000. Monthly winner will also receive a prize.

So what are you waiting for? If you have an "IDEA" that can probably be the next "BIG THING", just visit iZone-iHUB and make it happen.

iZone-iHUB Official Site

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