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Nokia LUMIA 510 vs 610 Price and Full Specs Comparison - Which is Better?

Latest Nokia Lumia 510 - Will it Capture the Heart of Filipino People?

Latest windows phone from Nokia is Lumia 510, a redesigned Lumia 610 made for affordability. Currently, Nokia Lumia 610 is selling at P9,990 in the Philippine market and Lumia 510 will cost at less price for $200 or P8,000 (not official, I would be glad if it will be selling at P7,500).

Nokia Lumia 510 is redesigned with the following physical changes.

1. Removed corning Gorilla Glass anti-scratch protection
2. Removed Camera LED Flash
3. Removed Noise cancellation capability
4. 8 GB change to 4 GB internal memory

What has been added to Lumia 510?

1. Increased Screen size from 3.7 to 4.0 inches.
2. Physical aesthetic and design is improved (flat surface compared to Lumia 610 as you can see on the picture). It is also available on different vivid colors.

With the following changes above, which do you think is better? Does Lumia 510 have better performance compared to Lumia 610?

Nokia LUMIA 510 vs LUMIA 610 Price, Features and Full Specs Comparison

Price: Nokia Lumia 510 cost P7,290 much cheaper than Lumia 610 at P9,990.

Features: Gorilla Glass Anti-Scratch screen and Noise cancellation (Lumia 610), both have FM radio, GPS,  Ambient and Proximity sensors

OS: Both running on MS Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

CPU: Same 800 MHz Snapdragon S1 ARM Cortex-A5 processor

GPU: Same Adreno 200

RAM: 256 MB

Screen: 4.0" screen (Lumia 510), 3.7" screen (Lumia 610). Both are 65K Colors TFT Capacitive Multi-touchscreen

Resolution: Same 480x800 pixels

Camera: 5 MP Autofocus (Lumia 510), 5 MP Autofocus with LED Flash (Lumia 610)

Connectivity: Both are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, micro-USB 2.0 and 3G capable

Battery: Both are rated at 1300 mAh battery capacity

My suggestion for Lumia 510 is use of 3.2 MP camera instead of 5 MP, anyway this is designed for affordability so that more people can avail of the product.

Competition with Android phones is very tight in our country, Filipinos are now seeking performance and affordability. If Lumia 510 will cost at around P8,000 and soon to be release in our country this coming December or early 2013 (just an estimate).

How will it compete with affordable dual-core processor Android phones in the market today? Example, Cherry Mobile Flare (P3,999) and TITAN (P6,499), Myphone A898 DUO (P7,499) and StarMobile ASTRA (P6,999).

So, make an intelligent choice before buying.

Update: Nokia Lumia is already available and selling at P7,250, cheaper than I expected.

Nokia Lumia 510 Full Specs
Nokia Lumia 610 Full Specs
Nokia Lumia 510 Press Release

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Cee S. said...

I was supposed to get Lumia because I love its appearance, but had second thoughts because it's a windows phone — I'm afraid apps will be so limited, so I've got Samsung instead because of its android platform.

GbSb said...

You could try Nokia Lumia 510 Cee.

Business Mobiles said...

Thank you for including the price conversion on these Mobiles I will never be able to afford!

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