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Glory of Gods ROGUE Fast Leveling and Skill Guide

Glory of Gods Rogue Class at Level 9 - It has similarities with Wings of Destiny PH

I always like to play Browser MMORPG games like Godswar Online, Crystal Saga, Tamer Saga, Wings of Destiny PH and my latest game Glory of Gods.

Glory of Gods and Godswar Online are almost the same. Both features 4 classes at first and you can choose what specialized skills you want to level up. There is no second job compared to Wings of Destiny PH where you can be promoted and with added stats percentage boosts.

The story began when demons invaded Masure Mainland. The Dragon choose spirits and humans and endowed them with divine power to repelled the demons. However Amora and Rophenk became careerists and led the war than ever before, they made a deal with demons to freed Demon Lord Gorena.

Masure Mainland is in shadow of war again and they need your help to restore the peace.

Glory of Gods Classes

1. Warrior - strong and the tank of the game

2. Rogue - the agilest of all classes. One shot, One kill combat rule.

3. Mage - physically weak but they can ruin a cities using their powerful magic.

4. Priest - the healer and buffer of the game. They fight for life.

I used to be a tank of the game or warrior with Godswar Online and Tamer Saga and this time I chose to be Rogue or the fastest class of the game. I want to finished the task and level up as fast as possible.

Glory of Gods ROGUE Fast Leveling and Skill Guide

Glory of God's ROGUE Skill Tree - You can choose either Assassin (top) or Avenger (bottom) Skills. Shadow Escape is the Super Skill of Rogue which increases dodge rate to evade all attacks.

Being on the first time in the game, you can level up to 30 in 2 days time. Level 43 is the highest rank in lone server 1 Oceanus after it's debut last November 19, 2012. After level 30, leveling up became quite hard.

To level faster up to Level 30,

1. Do the Main quest as much as possible. It provides high experience (EXP) for fast leveling.
2. Complete Road to God Quest.
3. Meditate when not doing any quest. It adds EXP and Skill points
4. Level up your Skill to deal high damage to enemies, thus faster leveling.

Glory of Gods Official Site

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