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PAGASA Typhoon PABLO Deaths and Damages - Deadliest for 2012?

Massive Flooding in Cagayan de Oro caused by Typhoon PABLO

Philippines is visited by 20 typhoons a year and I already experienced how a super typhoon Rosing in 1995 battered Catanduanes. I imagined it's the end of the world.

Rosing has a gustiness of 260 kph and the third strongest typhoon behind Reming (year 2006, 320 kph gustiness) and Sening (year 1970, 275 kph gustiness) to made a landfall in our country.

The top 5 strongest typhoons (250-320 kph gustiness) recorded in our country had made a landfall in Catanduanes and happened between month of October and November.

Catanduanes was visited by super typhoon once every ten years. PAGASA weather disturbance (in technical term) are categorized as LPA (Low Pressure Area), TD (Tropical Depression), TS (Tropical Storm) and TY (Typhoon).

Super Typhoon is classification of JTWC (Joint Typhoon Warning Center) reaching 255 kph and above for 10 minute sustained winds.

The recent Typhoon PABLO with gustiness of 210 kph battered and devastated Davao Oriental, Compostella Valley and near Provinces and lastly made a landfall on Palawan last December 5, 2012.

Project NOAH Typhoon PABLO Tracks and various Doppler Radar Location

Two days before PABLO enters PAR, I already blog about it and while writing, I imagine what a 210 kph can do to structures, trees, and agriculture.

Gustiness of 210 kilometers per hour (kph) winds can wipe out any bananas and large trees standing in the path, take out galvanized roof and even take down coconut trees. Also, it's rainfall intensity (heavy to intense) can cause flashfloods and massive flooding to vulnerable areas.

Similar with PABLO path, Typhoon Sendong (tropical Storm) was the deadliest typhoon for 2011 and killed thousands of innocents lives due to massive flooding and billions of pesos in damages.

What is the chance that a typhoon will hit Mindanao at the same place or path in a consecutive year?

Is this a climate change?

PAGASA Typhoon PABLO (Dec. 2012) and SENDONG (Dec. 2011) Track Similarities

PAGASA Typhoon PABLO Deaths and Cost of Damages 

Below are NDRRMC (National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council) total deaths and damages caused by typhoon PABLO as of 6 am December 23, 2012.

Affected Families: 711,682 families / 6,243,998 persons
Injured: 2666
Damaged Properties: 178,704 damaged houses
Total Cost of Damages: ~P34.4 Billion (~P26.5B from Agriculture)

Project NOAH
PAGASA Top 5 Strongest Typhoons
CDO Flooding by Typhoon PABLO
Wikipedia Typhoon Classification

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