Friday, January 4, 2013

Science and Technology Poem: The Last Letter

I waited you here but God never allowed it that day. 

The Last Letter

It Starts on September and Ends on your birthday,
I'm meeting you to give this last letter for you,
I'm hoping a happy ending but God never allow that day,
A letter that may not or may change our Destiny.

Why not give you a flower and a book for better?
Maybe a bunch of white Roses could mean Purity and Eternity,
I'll hand it onto you and you can start reading,
101 fun heartwarming best love stories.

But why not just text it or rather call you?
Android is smart enough than what a letter can offer to you,
I'll send and you'll receive it as fast as lightning,
but Fate can also be deleted as I lost it for waiting.

You may not read my last letter for you,
It may not seems important nor It may not have what you want,
But one thing I am sure of, I'll be keeping it,
With all my Heart and with all my Soul.

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