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Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT vs Torque DROIDZ Dash Price and Specs Comparison

The Battle of Affordable Android tablets - Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT vs Torque  DROIDZ Dash

The "Battle of Quad-Core Affordable Android Tablets" for 2013 is starting to heat up with the announcement of latest Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT - the first local mobile brand to released Quad-Core Android tablet.

Cherry Mobile values your different lifestyle at affordable cost and proof to this are the two cheapest Android smartphone (FLARE) and Android tablet FUSION BOLT (to be released this March 2013). Both of them cost P3,999 or around $100.

I will definitely call Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT as the "Quad-Core Tablet ng BAYAN" same as CM FLARE dubbed as "Dual-Core ng BAYAN"

World's cheapest tablet - Aakash 2 cost for only P2,600 or around $64 but it is only running on single core processor and I'm proud with our local mobile brand, they provide us with affordable tablets that are good for students and kids learning, for entertainment and for enterprise application on work.

So, how will other local mobile brands respond to this affordable tablet such as StarMobile ENGAGE 7HD (P7,990) and Torque DROIDZ Portal (P8,488) - all running on dual-core processor and StarMobile ENGAGE (P5,990)Torque DROIDZ Flash/Race (P3,699) and MyPhone Mypad 2 - all single core powered tablets.

Lets compare the two latest affordable Android tablets currently selling/upcoming on our market today. Does processor really matters on your choice or its all about affordability?

Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT vs Torque DROIDZ Dash Tablet Price, Features and Specs Comparison

Price: Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT is priced at P3,999 while Torque DROIDZ Dash is currently selling at P3,699. A price difference of P300.

Features: mini HDMI and 2160p video support (FUSION BOLT), Speed APP, Superb Sound and Full HD Video (1080p) player (DROIDZ Dash). Dash is slimmer than DROIDZ Race and Flash but with the same features.

Thickness: 10.8 mm (FUSION BOLT)

CPU: Actions Semiconductor ATM7029 1 GHz A9 Quad core processor (FUSION BOLT), 1.2 GHz single core processor (Dash).

GPU: Vivante GC1000 Quadcore (FUSION BOLT), MALI 400 (DROIDZ Dash).

OS: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean - JB (FUSION BOLT), Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich - ICS (DROIDZ Dash)

RAM:  1 GB against 512 MB of DROIDZ Dash

Screen: 7.0" HD IPS Capacitive Display (FUSION BOLT), 7.0" WVGA Capacitive Touchscreen

Resolution: 1280 x 800 pixels (FUSION BOLT), 800 x 480 pixels (DROIDZ Dash)

Pixel per Inch: 216 ppi against 133 ppi for Dash

Internal Memory: 8 GB (FUSION BOLT) while 4GB for Dash. Both are expandable to 32 GB via microSD card

Camera: Both sports a dual camera. 2 MP rear and VGA front

Connectivity: Both WiFi and micro-USB

AnTuTu Benchmark: 11932 (v3.1.1, FUSION BOLT )

Battery: Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT is rated at 4000 mAh while Dash at 3000 mAh.

Availability: FUSION BOLT will be available March 6, 2013 while DROIDZ Dash is already available in the market.

So, which of the two tablets will give more value to your 4K hard earned money?

Torque Facebook
Cherry Mobile Facebook
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Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT Prototype Review

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Edmond said...

i love to go with Fusion Bolt but as i read on one of the blogs here.. that there is nothing Bluetooth & Gps support... is this a true issue?

GbSb said...

Yes, it has no Bluetooth and GPS but it support USB On the GO (OTG).

Melodina Layague said...

may i clarify..what;s the difference between built in bluetooth and the OTG? Thanks.

GbSb said...

Both are connectivity, Bluetooth is wireless using the 2.4 GHz frequency to transfer data while USB OTG is using the cable or wire to transfer data.

So it's between wireless and wired.

Jeward Cabugmason said...

So what do you think is the best one in this 2 cheapest tablet ?

GbSb said...

Specs wise po, I prefer Cherry Mobile Fusion BOLT. High resolution with 216 ppi, 1 GB RAM at 8 GB internal memory pa plus high battery capacity na 4000 mAh compared sa Torque Droidz DASH.

couldn't care less said...

Can you suggest a value for money na tablet. Gift ko sa mga anak ko ages 12 & 6. Thanks

GbSb said...

Cheapest Tablet per Brand (Local):

Torque Droidz Dash - P3,699
Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt - P3,999
MyPhone MyPad 2 - P4,999
StarMobile ENGAGE - P4,999

Lahat po sila entry level Android tablets.

jonas arada said...

kPag dating po sa performance? anu mas maganda cm o myphone i am planning to buy one po kasi

Anonymous said...

specs, Im go for Cherry but for the quality im go for torque.

valkyrie ann mae said...

i think cherry mobile na lang... kasi mataas resolution at mataas ver. ng android.. since gamer naman ako.. 300 lang naman difference...syaka madami lamang ng fusion bolt.. mataas ram.. and 8gb.. and also the battery... this is what i picked..

valkyrie ann mae said...

and anyway.. ang fusion bolt po ay walang 3g ung dash meron yata..

GbSb said...

Thanks for sharing Valkyrie.

Anonymous said...

mas maganda ung fusion bolt, maganda na ung specs maganda pa ung design ea ung torque ampanget ng design eh , tyaka ung fusion bolt quadcore na ea ung torque singlecore lang. as it is fusion bolt nalang kayo.. :-)

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