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Canon PIXMA E610 vs 510 Printer Price, Ink, Specs Comparison

Both are All in One Ink (AiO )Efficient Printers from Canon
Canon Philippines released its Ink efficient all in one (AiO) printer line up E500, E510 and E600 in 2012 and recently new line up of AiO printers for 2013 including MX927, MX527, MX457 and Ink efficient E610.

We'll not be be discussing all of them except for the new Canon E610 and we will compare it to existing Ink Efficient E510 so that you will have an idea which Ink Efficient printers suit your needs and lifestyle.

Maybe your are asking if what is the difference between Canon AiO E500 and the E510, the latter has added My Image Garden software to dramatize your photos, same goes between Canon 4 in 1, E600 and E610.

Lets compare the two Ink Efficient printers.

Canon PIXMA E610 vs 510 Printer Price, Specs and Ink Comparison

Price: Canon E510 is selling at P3,995 while E610 is priced at P5,995. A price difference of P2,000.

Features: Both are All in One Printers featuring Print, Scan and Copy. Both features My Image Garden software. Canon E610 is Fax capable and features a fax security and integrated auto document feeder. It can also scan on legal documents.

Number of Nozzles: Both 1,792

Print Resolution: Both up to 4800 dpi

Scan Resolution: Both up to 1200 x 2400 dpi.

Print Speed: For Canon E510 can print 8.6 ipm - Black, 5.0 ipm for Colour while E610 can print 8.9 ipm - Black and 5.2 ipm - Colour. Note: ipm - images per minute.

Ink Cartridges Price: Both uses PG-88 Black (P595), CL-98 -Tri-Colour (P695). A total of P1,290 for both and black cartridges.

Yield Pages: PG-88 (800 pages), CL-98 (400 pages)

Cost per Page: Black - P0.74, Colour - P1.74

Power:  E510 at 12 watts during copying.

Weight: Canon E510 at 5.3 kg while 8.4 kg for E610

Warranty: 3 years for Canon E510

Since both of them are ink efficient, if you need a fax capable All in One printer, I recommend Canon E610 for you. Similarly E510 are good for students who needs affordable black printing for projects and documents.

The only cons or disadvantage I see with Canon E500/E510/E600/E610 is the usage of tri-colour cartridge, if one color became empty you should replaced the whole cartridge.

Other than that, it is affordable, versatile and reliable.

Canon AiO E510 Full Specs
Canon AiO E610 Full Specs
Canon Latest All in One Printers Line up for 2103

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