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HEROES Social PH - Archer Fast Leveling and Skills Guide

From Godswar Online to Wings of Destiny PH, another MMORPG Fantasy Game from IGG are here in the Philippines. Be a HERO on HEROES Social and reclaim the lost Glory.

HEROES Social PH (HS) is a MMORPG Browser Epic Fantasy Game from IGG. Same with Wings of Destiny PH and Godswar Online, HS can be played on Facebook without downloading a client - it is ready to play once you approved the game App.

HEROES Social PH is more likely an improved Wings of Destiny PH with high definition graphics, delicately designed game world with stunning and flashiest skills graphics to give you unique gaming experience like never before.

HEROES Social needs you, to restore the land from its former glory. A place to fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a HERO. A tale of hope, passion and power is to be written in history and be one of them.

So why not join our journey on HEROES Social Philippines.

HEROES Social PH Archer Fast Leveling Guide

Level 39 Archer with Level 14 Fangorion Pet on GIANT SWORD: HEROES Social PH enchant me with its HD graphics and unique fantasy story.

I already played coupled of browser MMORPG from IGG (I Got Games) like Godswar Online and Wings of Destiny PH and what makes HS different from them? I would say its "CUTE" in HD graphics, it is not 3D like Godswar Online - in trade of much faster (loading time, graphics, mobs and maps). The game is made to be social in team quest, real time chat and many more.

Lastly, they will give you equipment (Class S) for free by daily draw, if your lucky enough, you will be on full shining grade S equipment.

At the start of the game is a character with basic skills, mount and pets are also present on the game. I am curious how many classes are there in this game and what level am I to change a class?

The tutorial is very easy to follow and leveling up faster is simple as the guide below. This is also applicable to Knight, Mage and Acolyte Class.

1. Finished all quest, the game features autopath and auto-combat, so its very easy with a click of a mouse. Use Fly Kick whenever it is possible to easily teleport to your targets and quest.

2. You can reach Level 20 in 1 hour and at most Level 40 in 1 day with non -stop playing. Starting level 50, its hard to level up due to high EXP requirement per level (going to level 51 needs more than 4.6 Million of EXP and going to level 52 needs at least 5.9 Million of EXP).

I don't know if it is EXP bug, from level 47, 48, 49 going level 50, you just need ~370K of  EXP per level and 4,648,909 EXP to level 51 (that's almost 13x EXP jump). I hope it should be fixed because EXP requirement should increment (on the same level) as the character level became higher.

3. Use double EXP potion to boosts experience. You can also buy it with B-gold at the Mall (B-Mall).

4. Use Small Beef Steak in BBQ area to increase your EXP (approximately 130K EXP per steak in 4 minutes, limited to 5 usage a day). For  medium steak, it will give you around 260K EXP. For Large Beef Steak, it will add EXP of 390K and for Super Steak - a stunning 522K EXP. Using Quality logs for setting a Camp Fire, it can boosts EXP up to 80%.

Also, while AFK, just sit and relax and you will earn 1.6K EXP per minute, thats almost 100K EXP in 1 hour.

5. Join a Guild to enjoy Guild Blessing (3% EXP bonus for level 1, for lvl 2, its 5%).

6. Enter the dungeon and complete the wave of monsters for EXP, ZEN, Zodiac stars and great items. Don't forget to collect your Daily Log In Rewards.

HEROES Social PH 4 Classes 

You can change class at Level 20, so better pick a role that suit your character to enjoy the game. I like Knight because I'm a protector but Archer is also a good choice to protect your friends.

If you reach level 20, you can now select the class you wanted and there a four classes available. So, what makes it different with other browser MMORPG? Again, each classes have different set of skills and its stunning and flashiest graphics makes it unique and enjoyable.

Be a HERO and choose below what makes your character.

KNIGHT - High HP, close combat, built to withstand vicious attacks, uses brute force and strong melee attacks.

MAGE - Deals a large amount of damage and control opponents with debuffs.

ARCHER - Longest attack range, deadly as hunter as any bird of prey. Their agility makes them a deadly combatants.

ACOLYTE - Specialize in Healing and Curse

You can check Knight, Mage and Acolyte's Skills Guide here.

HEROES Social PH Archer Skills Guide

HEROES Social PH Archer Class are given with gift of speed, agility and howling arrows that deals large damage on enemies at a distance. It can also set Traps for ambush and inflict Silence on opponents.

Out of 4 classes, I choose Archer because of speed, agility and long range attacks. Lets take a look at Archer skills and what is the best build we can make.

Sharper Arrows - Ability to immobilize an opponent
Passive -  Nature Pose (adds ATK and MATK)
Active - Twin Arrows and Rain of Arrows

Trap Master - set traps and ambush enemies
Passive - Flexibility (adds DEF and MDEF)
Active - Piercing Bolt and Deaths Target

WindSpeed - attain maximum speed in a matter of seconds
Passive - Spirited Steps (adds ACC and EVA)
Active - Deadly Snipe and Poison Arrow

I think there will be two builds for Archer here, the one that is offensive and defensive. The question is, what is Archer made for in the game? Is it anti-knight or anti-mage? I think offensive (full attack) or deadly Archer is the best build that you could make.

So, level up Sharper Arrows (Nature Pose) and WindSpeed (Spirited Step and Deadly Snipe) as fast as possible using Zen and Gold or you try a combination of offensive and defensive skills.

Don't forget to activate Death's Target at level 50, its a trap and enemies cannot moved for 8 seconds, a good combo with Twin and Poison Arrows for ambush.

Enjoy the game!

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