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HEROES Social PH Knight, Mage, Acolyte Class Skills Guide

HEROES Social PH Level 51 Archer Class with Super Hero Costume

You are now level 20 and ready to change your class and which of the 4 classes are you up to? Do you want to be the tank of the game or the killer one?

Do you like to set traps and ambush an enemies and kill them at a distance? Or you like healing and cursing an opponents?

Below are the set of skills of Knight, Archer, Mage and Acolyte classes and I hope upon looking and reading them will give you an idea what is best that suit your character.

HEROES Social PH Knight, Archer, Mage, Acolyte Class Skills Guide

HEROES Social PH 4 Classes - Which of them suits your character?

The tank of the game, a master duelist, a mighty warrior, given with honed senses to survive opponents vicious attacks. Armed with Lion heart, Iron will and Battle Cry to protect your friends from your opponents.

Surely this character is a must have in a team and guild. Below are Knight set of skills.

1. Master Duelist
Passive: LionHeart - Adds ATK and ACC
Active: Heavy Chop and Lunar Strike 2

Heavy Chop deals ATK damage and elemental Earth damage to a single target, also triggers Heavy Chop effect - increasing CRIT  for 6 seconds (can be stacked up to 5 times). Lunar Strike 2 opens at level 40, it removes Heavy Chop effects to increase damage by 40% for each buff removed (up to 200% damage increased). From Heavy Chop to Lunar Strike will really unleash Knight's fury - a good combo skills for one on one duel or pvp.

2. Combat Tricks
Passive: Iron Will - Adds DEF and EVA
Active: Thunder Clap 1 and Battle Cry 3

KNIGHT'S AOE skill is Battle Cry 3 allowing to damage nearby enemies up to 7 times. It also increases your SPEED (SPD) by 20% but you cant use other skills. This skill don't use elemental damage, just your pure ATK. Thunder Clap 1, smashes into your opponent dealing ATK and elemental EAR damage. It immobilized your foe for 2 seconds and triggers 2 Heavy Chop buffs.

3. Berserk
Passive: Honed Senses - Adds HP permanently
Active: Titan Strength 2 and Rend 3

KNIGHT when at rage deals large ATK and elemental Earth (EAR) damage using Rend 3 (opens at level 60), stunning nearby enemies for 3 seconds. With Honed senses and TiTan Strength 2 - reduces damage taken and increases SPD, you can survive the battle even when surrounded with enemies 

Master of winds and ambush techniques, Archer is feared on distance. It can fire up up to 10 arrows simultaneously at enemies and immobilize an opponent.

HEROES Social Archer Level 12 Death's Target trap enemies inside the spell circle for 8 seconds. The trap itself deals damages every seconds and you can kill your opponents and use other skills while they are immobilized.

1. Sharper Arrows
Passive: Nature's Pose - Adds ATK and MATK
Active: Twin Arrows and Rain of Arrows

ARCHER are equipped with Twin Arrows and Rain of Arrows that deals ATK/MATK  and Elemental Wind damages to opponents at distance. Rain of Arrows reduces opponents SPEED (SPD) by 75% for 4 seconds - it enables you to stay away from Knight's close combat skills.

2. Trap Master
Passive: Flexibility - Adds DEF and MDEF
Active: Piercing Bolt and Death's Target

ARCHER is a Trap master, enables you to ambush group of enemies with Death's Target, dealing certain damages/seconds (143+33% at level 12) for 8 seconds. While immobilized , you can cast Piercing Bolt dealing ATK/MATK and elemental WIND damage to single target and nearby enemies.

3. WindSpeed
Passive: Spirited Step - Adds ACC and EVA
Active: Deadly Snipe and Poison Arrow

ARCHER is also equipped with Deadly Snipe - removes all debuffs that restrict movement and increases SPEED (SPD) by 60%. It also increases skill damage by certain percentage (19.6% for level 12) for 5 seconds. Poison Arrows opens up at level 60, an ARCHER skill that deals ATK/MATK and WIND damage to a single target and inflicts Silence for 3 seconds.

Mage deals incredible fire damage in a short burst. Uses magic spells to kill opponents with Pestilence and Entangle with ease.

Equipped with Magic Spells boosts, teleportation, stun and reduced damage for ambush and escape ability during danger, this is your great asset in your team.

1. Fiery Slap
Passive: Arcane Drive - Adss MATK and ACC
Active: FireBall and Meteor Shower

MAGE'S are trained on the art of flames, they are able to wield Fireballs - deals MATK and elemental FIRE damage to a single target on distance and Meteor Shower - plants a trap on target feet and incinerate nearby enemies, deals MATK damage.

2. Illusion
Passive: Concentration - Adds MDEF and EVA
Active: Inferno and Pestilence

Not only ARCHER can ambush an enemy, MAGE is equipped with Inferno - teleports your hero to a specific destination and at the same time reduces damage taken by certain percentage (34.4% for level 12) for 4 seconds. It can also be activated even when you are stunned and immobilized, a good skill against ARCHER Death's Target. Pestilence is an AOE skill dealing MATK and elemental FIRE damage to a target and any nearby enemies, also reduces speed by 50% for 3 seconds.

3. Meteor Might
Passive: Mana Spring - Adds MP permanently
Active: Holy Domain and Entangle

MAGE is equipped with Holy Domain - skill that removes limitations and greatly increases your skill damages by 32.8 % for 12 seconds (level 1) and greatest skill Entangle - deals MATK and elemental FIRE damage to a single target and nearby enemies, also inflicts Stun for 3 seconds.

Specializes in water spells (Hydro Vortex and Divine Smite) and drown their foes with a sudden torrential blast. Acolyte's power can remove debuffs from your allies and administer punishment to those who sin.

Temporarily grants invincibility (Healing Word) for 6 seconds making you stand out all attacks of opponents and protects your teammates with healing (Bravery).

Level 50 ACOLYTE with Bravery Skills and level 45 Pet Fangorion

1. Tainted Water
Passive: Piety - Adds MATK and MDEF
Active: Hydro Vortex and Chosen Martyr

ACOLYTE is the master of Elemental Water, using Hydro Vortex - deals MATK and  Elemental damage that can be stacked up to 5 times and Chosen Martyr - deals MATK and elemental WTR damage to a target and all enemies, it also triggers Hydro Vortex.

2. Heaven's Duty
Passive: Holy Blessing - Adds MP and MDEF
Active: Bravery and Strike Fear

The two most important support skills of ACOLYTE, Bravery - you and allies regain 44HP/second in 10 seconds (level 13) and Strike Fear - reduced damage by 15.2% and increases your skill damage by 15.2% (both at level 13).

3. Judgement Day
Passive: Blessed Soul - Adds HP and EVA
Active: Divine Smite and Healing Word

It's Judgement Day and ACOLYTE'S greatest punishment skill Divine Smite - deals MATK and elemental WTR damage  to a single target, it also triggers Vortex debuffs that deals elemental damage for 7 seconds (can be stacked up to 5 times) and Healing Word makes you invincible for 6 seconds, it also increases elemental ATK.

I tried all classes and they are all playable and have their own strength and weaknesses, leveling up to level 50 is very fast and could only take 1-2 days with non-stop playing.

At level 50, you can open up 8/9 of your class skills, you should wait until level 60 for the last skill to open up. Leveling up skills needs Zen and Gold, so prepare a lot of that.

So, what class is the right one for you?

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