Friday, July 26, 2013

DOST Launches MOSES Tablet for Pilot Testing - Dual SIM and TV capable

If MOSES uses his staff to save his people from Egyptians by crossing on the Red Sea, I hope DOST MOSES tablet will help Filipino people escape from the threat of floods and calamities. 

The cheapest tablet in the Philippine market with SIM and TV is currently selling at P3,999 (SKK Mobile PHOENIX and Arc Mobile TAB 700M) and why not used it in disaster preparedness and prevention?

Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through Project NOAH program will distributes 1,000 MOSES Tablet for field testing this coming July 23-27, NSTW 2013 before providing it to 42,028 barangays nationwide.

MOSES (Monitoring and Operating System for Emergency Services) tablets are locally developed and assembled, specially customized and water-proof /shock-proof to function in times of emergency and hazardz.

MOSES tablet integrates all disaster and weather related mobile app such as Project NOAH, ARKO and Smart Info Board that will monitor near real-time typhoons, probability of rain and more weather forecast from PAGASA.

In addition, ARKO mobile app will monitor location specific flood maps and Flood Net for netizens to directly report flooding in specific areas.

DOST MOSES Tablet Features and Specs

Price: FREE from DOST
Features: Dual SIM, Water-proof, Shock-proof, Radio and mobile TV capable
Screen: 8.0" Touchscreen
Camera: 5MP rear
App: ARKO, Project NOAH and Flood Patrol
Battery: last up to 3 days

I hope with this device, local officials and disaster risk reduction management officers are empowered, well informed, proactive and better decision makers for their constituents to save lives and properties.

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