Thursday, July 18, 2013

Surgical iKNIFE Invention - Detects Cancer Cells Tissue during Surgery

Intelligent KNIFE - iKNIFE can detect cancer cell tissues to healthy ones in a matter of 3 seconds - a breakthrough in surgery technology

An intelligent KNIFE -  iKNIFE had been invented that can detect cancer cells on the spot while cutting tissue during surgery or operation.

Invented by Zoltan Takats of Imperial College London, it works based on electrosurgery - a technology since 1920.

How iKNIFE Works?

The knife uses an electrical current (electrosurgical knives) to heat and cut tissues, releasing a smoke that is rich in biological information.

It is also connected on mass spectrometer - an instrument that identify what chemicals are present in the sample.

By comparing the biological information of burning tissue to database of cancer cells or tumors to healthy tissue, it can give a result in 3 seconds which could take hours in laboratory test.

The first test conducted on iKNIFE diagnosed tissue from 91 patients with 100% accuracy.

The trial process is likely to take 2-3 years and only then the iKNIFE will be submitted for regulatory approval for commercialization.

Experimental iKNIFE cost 232,000 Euros or almost 13 Million in Philippine pesos to build but it would cost much less once on commercial production.

I hope this latest technology will benefit Filipinos and by reducing tumor recurrence rates and enable more patients to survive.

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