Tuesday, September 24, 2013

AVAST to integrate JUMPSHOT - To Speed Up your PC Performance

AVAST and JUMPSHOT team up to give you fast and effective PC security solutions

AVAST software maker announced that JUMPSHOT is now part of AVAST and will integrate and will make the technology available to its users by the end of the year 2013.

Many people wonder why their computer is sluggish and JUMPSHOT has found a clever solution to clean your computer automatically and thoroughly.

JUMPSHOT technology comes in the form of animated minions to remove junk files, unnecessary toolbars and files that slows down your PC's. To name a few, Koboyashi, Dale Jumpshot Jr, Nikita, Beef, Torque and Sir Jeffrey will help you to fight malware and tune up your PC.

With AVAST trusted Antivirus and nearly 200 million user base and JUMPSHOT minions to optimized PC performance and speed, both of them will provide consumers with easy to use yet effective security and smooth computer experience around the globe.

AVAST Press Center
Jumpshot Official Site

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