Friday, September 27, 2013

How to Update AMBER for Nokia LUMIA 520/620/720/820/920 - Availability in Philippines

Update your NOKIA Lumia with AMBER to enhanced your camera performance for taking better pictures and benefit from Glance Screen Feature.

Nokia LUMIA AMBER software update had been rolling out since August worldwide including in the Philippines.

Having AMBER will enhanced your camera performance and capabilities across Nokia's Lumia Windows Phone 8 with better low light photos, improved autofocus, enhanced noise filter.  Nokia Glance Screen is also included in Lumia AMBER update (not available in Lumia 520) which is on beta version on latest Nokia Lumia 925.

Nokia Glance Screen lets you see a big clear clock, it shows a battery indicator when charging and vibrate/silent icon on your Lumia screen without unlocking your phone, thus saving battery. You can control its settings on Settings Menu either "Off, timed and always ON". I hope they will also add SMS, missed call notifications and alike.

In addition to Lumia AMBER updates above are Nokia Smart Camera, FM Radio (not available on Lumia 620) and you don't need to press buttons when your phone is ringing, just simply flip over your phone when someone is calling at inconvenient time.

Nokia Lumia AMBER Update Availability in the Philippines

Lumia 520 SUN - Coming Soon
Lumia 620 GLOBE - Available
Lumia 720 - Coming Soon
Lumia 820 GLOBE - Available
Lumia 920 SMART - Waiting for Approval

How to Update your Nokia LUMIA  520/620/720/820/920 with AMBER Software?

1. For Manual Check, go to Phone Update > check for updates
2. For Automatic Check, your phone automatically check for updates weekly. You will be notified when updates is already available.
3. To install the Updates, just tap install to start, you cannot use your phone during installation and it will take a few minutes. After the update, your phone will automatically restart.

Tip and Tricks on Nokia Lumia AMBER Update

1. Use WiFi connection
2. Make sure your battery is fully charged.
3. You may be asked to FREE some memory space.
4. Check your phone time and date are set correctly.
5. You can create a backup on Settings > Backup

Nokia PH Facebook
Windows Phone AMBER Update Availability in ASIA
What is Nokia Glance Screen?

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rafael palmiano said...

type ku tlaga yang l520 kasu mahal 7k ang pinakamura.Kung 5k lng sana,dyan nako!!!
:( sna mgng 5k pero imposible 3k off!!

GbSb said...

Malay mo magka promo Raf ang Nokia this coming Christmas season

raf said...

sana nga po!!
pag hindi po,android n lng po bblhin ku :)

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