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Top 7 Highest AnTuTu Scores - Local Brand Quad Core Android Phones

Torque Droidz QUAD register a stunning 14,236 AnTuTu benchmark score surpassing latest flagship quad core Android phones such as StarMobile KNIGHT, MyPhone ICEBERG and Cherry Mobile COSMOS X2 with 1 GB RAM. Droidz QUAD is powered by MT6589 quad core processor, running on Android 4.2 JB OS, 512 MB RAM on 4.5" FWVGA display.

Dual Core Android phones AnTuTu benchmark score usually ranges from 6K-7K and quad core at 2 times (12K-14K for MediaTek CPU) and scores varies from time to time, example, MyPhone A848i DUO dual core Android scores at 6,666 and after a week it scores at 6,700+, an increase of 2%.

AnTuTu Benchmark test your Android phone hardware, Memory performance, CPU Integer performance, CPU floating point performance, 2D/3D Graphics performance, Data I/O Performance and SD card reading/writing speed.

Maybe your asking, is AnTuTu benchmark accurate? Of what use if I know the score of my Android device? Does higher score means faster performance? Here are the quick list for your easy reference.

Philippine Local Branded Quad Core Android Smartphones AnTuTu Benchmark Score vs Price

MediaTek quad core CPU powered Android phones tend to have a higher AnTuTu benchmark score compared to Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad core processor, the two has almost 45% performance score difference (StarMobile ICON vs Torque Droidz QUAD). My Top 7 highest AnTuTu benchmark score put Droidz QUAD in the first place with 2.37 performance score per 1 peso cost - a little lower compare to Arc Mobile NITRO 450QD at 2.52/P1.
 (As of September 29, 2013):

16,662 - Cherry Mobile COSMOS S - P10,999
16,386 v4 - SKK Mobile PLATINUM - P9,999
15,431 v4 - Cherry Mobile COSMOS Z - P11,999
14,236 - Torque Droidz QUAD - P5,999
13,859 - Arc Mobile NITRO 450QD - P5,499
13,810 - Cherry Mobile COSMOS X2 - P11,699
13,362 - Cherry Mobile THUNDER 2.0 - P6,299
13,381 - Arc Mobile MEMO - P6,299
13,338 v3.0.3 - Cherry Mobile APOLLO Newly added! - P6,999
13,262 - StarMobile KNIGHT - P11,290
13,231 - Cherry Mobile BLAZE 2.0 - P9,499
13,140 - Cherry Mobile RAZOR - P6,499
12,965 - Cherry Mobile COSMOS X - P9,999
12,774 - SKK Mobile SILVER - P9,999
12,771 - MyPhone ICEBERG - P11,988
12,660 - Cherry Mobile OMEGA HD 2.0 -P8,999
12,340 - MyPhone A919i DUO - P9,590
12,000 - Torque Droidz MOTION - P7,999, estimated score, MT6589 CPU
12,000 - SKK Mobile CHROME - P7,999, estimated score, MT6589 CPU
11,092 - Cherry Mobile FLAME 2.0 - now P5,999
11,049 v3.0.3 - Cherry Mobile FLARE 2.0  Newly added! - P3,999
11,014 - Cherry Mobile SKYFIRE 2.0 - P7,999
10,802 - Cloudfone Thrill 450Q - P8,999
10,673 v4 - Cherry Mobile FLARE 2X  Newly added! - P4,499
10,000 - Cloudfone Excite 450Q - P4,999, estimated score
9,853 - StarMobile DIAMOND V3 - P8,990
9,853 - StarMobile ICON - P7,990

I'm looking for AnTuTu Benchmark Score of the ff:
MyPhone Agua VORTEX
StarMobile DIAMOND V7
Torque Droidz MOTION

According to AnTuTu, if new device benchmark score exceed more than 50% than equal class device released at the same time, then the result is questionable.

AnTuTu also believes that device with poor performance is a real bad device, though good performance devices may have other problems as well. It is possible to be solved in the future if there are App issues.

On the other hand, Quadrant is a benchmark for mobile devices capable of measuring CPU, memory, I/O and 3D graphics performance. So, what is the difference between the two benchmarking tool?

Top 7 Highest AnTuTu/Quadrant Benchmark Score from Local Brand Quad Core Android Phones in the Philippines for 2013

MyPhone A919i DUO register a 12,306 AnTuTu benchmark score v3.3 and 3,570 on Quadrant running on Android 4.1 JB OS.The MP A919i DUO Android 4.2 JB OS version register a 12,882/3913 AnTuTu/Quadrant benchmark respectively, an increased of 4.7%/ 9.6%.

Top 7: SKK Mobile SILVER / MyPhone ICEBERG

SKK Mobile SILVER and MyPhone ICEBERG AnTuTu score are at par with each other at around 12,700. Both are powered by MT6589 processor, both running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and 1 GB RAM on 5.7" HD touchscreen.
AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 12,774 v3.3 / 12,771
Quadrant Score: 4,032 / ?
Specs: SKK Mobile SILVER Full Specs, MyPhone ICEBERG Full Specs

Top 6: Cherry Mobile COSMOS X

One of latest flagship quad core Android phone from Cherry Mobile COSMOS-series is COSMOS X powered by 1.2 GHz MediaTek processor, running on Android 4.2 JB OS, 1 GB RAM on 4.7" Super AMOLED HD screen making it on the top 6 on the ranking.
AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 12,965 v3.4
Quadrant Score: 3,923
Specs: Cherry Mobile COSMOS X Full Specs

Top 5: Cherry Mobile BLAZE 2.0 / RAZOR

Cherry Mobile BLAZE 2.0 AnTuTu benchmark score of 13,231 and RAZOR 13,140 make it to 5th slot, a little bit lower with StarMobile KNIGHT at 13,262. BLAZE 2.0 is powered by 1.2 GHz quad core MT6589 CPU, Android 4.2 JB OS, 1 GB RAM on 5.7" IPS HD touchscreen while RAZOR is powered by MT6589 processor, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, 1 GB RAM on 4.5" qHD display.
AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 13,231 v3.3.2 / 13,140
Quadrant Score: 3,890 / ?
Specs: Cherry Mobile BLAZE 2.0 Full SpecsCherry Mobile RAZOR Full Specs

Top 4: StarMobile KNIGHT

AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 13,262 v3.3
Quadrant Score: ?
Specs: StarMobile KNIGHT Full Specs

Top 3: Arc Mobile MEMO / Cherry Mobile THUNDER 2.0

Arc Mobile MEMO register a 13,381 AnTuTu benchmark score powered by 1.2 GHz  MT6589 quad core processor, running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and 512 MB RAM on 5.3" qHD display.
AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 13,381 v3.4 / 13,362
Quadrant Score: 4,022 / 3,763
Specs: Arc Mobile MEMO Full Specs

Top 2: Arc Mobile NITRO 450QD/Cherry Mobile COSMOS X2

Arc Mobile NITRO 450QD register a 13,859 AnTuTu score powered by 1.2 GHz  MT6589 quad core processor, running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS and 512 MB RAM on 4.5" qHD display.

Compared to Cherry Mobile COSMOS X, COSMOS X2 register a higher score of 13,810, almost 1K difference. COSMOS X2 is powered by 1.2 GHz MT6589 processor, running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, 1 GB RAM on 4.8" Super AMOLED HD screen. The differences of the two are screen size, internal memory, battery capacity and physical design.
AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 13,859 v3.3.2 / 13,810 v3.0.3
Quadrant Score: 4157 / ?
Specs: Arc Mobile NITRO 450QD Full Specs, Cherry Mobile COSMOS X2 Full Specs

Top 1: Torque Droidz QUAD

AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 14,236 v3.4
Quadrant Score: 4,010
Specs: Torque Droidz QUAD Full Specs

Note: Benchmark results are credited to the respective reviewers on the sources stated below. If I missed a gadget, please let me know and you can also send me a screenshot of AnTuTu/Quadrant Benchmark score of local brand quad core droids I am looking for and I'll add it to the list.

Download: AnTuTu Benchmark on Google PlayQuadrant Standard,
Teknogadyet: Arc Mobile NITRO 450QD, Arc Mobile MEMO, SKK Mobile SILVER, MyPhone A919i DUO, Torque Droidz QUAD, Cherry Mobile RAZOR Hands On and Full Review, Yahoo Cherry Mobile COSMOS X Review, Cherry Angel Facebook COSMOS X2, FLARE 2.0, 2X and APOLLO, Yugatech Cherry Mobile Cosmos Z and Cosmos S.

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Anonymous said...

That's why Benchmarks are not really reliable. Why the heck a quad core android smartphone with only 512mb of RAM scored that high in Antutu? The only reason is because of its low screen resolution (854x480). As you can see, of all quadcore devices tested here, Droidz Quad has the lowest screen resolution that's why it scored the highest, the same concept with myphone a818g and a848i, a818g scored 8k + while a848i scored only 7k+, because of low resolution of a818g despite that they have the same specs. Actually Antutu needs to optimize their app for fair scores, not in terms of screen resolution only.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

please update your antutu benchmark
that version is not accurate enough...

GbSb said...

I'll update it as long as more and new info is available. You can contribute if you have anTuTu benchmark scores. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

cherry mobile omega xl scored 17000+ at antutu benchmark.

GbSb said...

Thanks for sharing, to my blog readers fyi and if you have an AnTuTU score of your Android gadget, kindly please share it to us. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, please post top 7 octa-core phones too (by highest Antutu or other benchamarks). thanks! this helps a lot.

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