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Cheap Single, Dual, Quad, Octa Core Android Tablets in Philippines for 2014

Latest SKK Mobile PHOENIX+ - 7.0" dual core Android tablet with dual SIM for call and text plus TV capable for P3,399 only.

Philippine market is already flooded with Android tablets last 2013 and 14 out of 100 Pinoy consumers owns a tablet.

Latest tablets from global and local mobile brand are versatile. Some have SIM featuring call/text and 3G connectivity plus TV capable, two examples are SKK Mobile PHOENIX+ and CYCLOPS 2.

Tablets form factor, affordability, features and consumer addiction to Apps are key drivers in tablet market. Do Pinoy consumers choose tablet rather than PC, notebook or laptop as their first computing device this 2014?

If you are looking for affordable tablets, below are quick price list and specs. Pick the best for your budget range.

List of Single, Dual, Quad, Octa Core Android Tablets in the Philippines for 2014

Latest MyPhone flagship Android tablet, meet MyPad 3 powered by 1.2 GHz quad core CPU, 1 GB RAM, running on Android 4.2.2 JB OS on 10.1" WXGA display with single SIM and 3G capable for P12,888 only.

Price: (Updated as of March 9, 2014)

OCTA CORE Android Tablets
P36,990 - Samsung Galaxy NOTE Pro New released!- 12.2" display, 8MP/2MP, 9500 mAh

QUAD CORE Android Tablets

HP SLATE 21 Android tablet is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 4 quad core proccessor, 1 GB RAM, running on Android 4.2.2 JB OS on  21" IPS Full High Definition display with A/C adapter for power source for P19,999 only.

P35,990 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z - LTE capable
P28,990 - Sony Xperia Tablet Z - WiFi capable
P24,990 - Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10.1 New released!- 2014 edition, octa core available
P19,999 - HP Slate 21 - 21" Full HD IPS touchscreen, Android 4.2.2 JB OS, A/C adapter
P16,999 - Lenovo Yoga B6000 New released!
P16,999 - Asus NEXUS 7 3G - 7" IPS display, Android 4.1 JB OS, 32 GB 
P16,990 - LG G Pad 8.3 - 8.3" Full HD IPS display, 1.7 GHz quad core, 4,600 mAh
P16,990 - Huawei MediaPad 10" LINK
P13,995 - Asus Memo Pad 10 New! - 10.1" IPS display, 1.6 Quad core, Android 4.2 JB
P12,888 - MyPhone MyPad 3 New released!10.1" display, single SIM, quad core, 3G
P10,990 - Huawei MediaPad 7" VOGUE New!
P9,988 - MyPhone MyPad 4 - 7.85" IPS display, 3G
P9,995 - Asus Memo Pad 8 New! - 8" IPS display, 1.6 Quad core, Android 4.2 JB
P9,990 - StarMobile ENGAGE 8 3G  New! 7.85" Display, 8MP , Aluminum body
P9,990 - Lenovo IdeaPad A3000 - 7.0" IPS, Android 4.2 JB with SIM, 3500 mAh
P9,490 - Acer Iconia A1-810 - 7.9" display, Android 4.2 JB, 5MP/VGA, 4960 mAh
P9,299 - Novo7Tech 5FNF iFive X2 New!- 8.9" IPS display, Android 4.1 JB, 7000 mAh
P8,999 - Ramos W31 - 10.1" IPS screen, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 1GB RAM, 5400 mAh
P8,995 - Asus MEMO Pad HD 7 New! - 7.0" IPS display, 16 GB, 5MP rear camera
P8,990 - EVOLUZN ZN 8P New! - 7.85" IPS display, 8GB internal, 5MP/2MP, 3G
P8,990 - Galaxy GALAPAD
P8,990 - MSI Primo 81 New! - 7.8" IPS Display, 7.82 mm slim, Android 4.2 JB, 3500 mAh
P8,295 - Novo7Tech iFive Mini 3 New Released!
P7,999 - Cherry Mobile FUSION FIRE - highest battery capacity of 8000 mAh
P7,995 - Gallant G79 Mini S New! - 7.9" Gorilla glass display, 16 GB internal memory
P7,995 - Gallant G79 Mini Pro New!7.9" IPS display, 7.2mm, Android 4.2 JB, 5MP/2MP
P7,990 - Ramos X10 Mini
P7,699 - Kata FISHTAB 3 New!
P7,499 - Cherry Mobile Superion ODYSSEY New!7.85" IPS display, Single SIM
P7,499 - Cherry Mobile FUSION WIND
P6,999 - Cloudfone CloudPad 700Q New! - 7.0" display, dual SIM, 8MP camera
P6,995 - Asus MEMO Pad 7 New! - 7.0" IPS display, 8 GB internal, 2MP
P6,990 - StarMobile ENGAGE 8 QUAD New Released!
P6,499 - Cherry Mobile Superion CORE New Released! - 7.0" IPS display, with SIM, 3G
P6,490 - Skyworth X7010
P5,999 - EVO LitePad 8 New Released! - 7.85" IPS display, 16 GB internal, 4000 mAh
P5,490 - Ramos W21 - 7.0" IPS screen, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, 1GB RAM
P5,490 - Timeplus SB7442A
P4,990 - Polariod Platinum QUAD 7
P3,999 - Cherry Mobile FUSION BOLT - cheapest quad core tablet in the market

DUAL CORE Android Tablets

Latest StarMobile ENGAGE 9i Android tablet powered by 2.0 GHz Intel Atom Z2580 Clover Trail+ dual processor with Hyper-Threading Technology for efficient multi-tasking for P9,990 only.

P19,990 - Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 10.1" 3G
P18,990 - Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 8.0" 3G
P16,990 - Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 10.1" WiFi
P14,990 - Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 7.0" 3G
P14,990 - Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 7.0" 3G
P9,999 - Polaroid Executive 9.7
P9,990 - StarMobile ENGAGE 9i New! - 8.9" display, 2.0 GHz dual core Intel CPU
P9,990 - Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 7.0" WiFi
P9,490 - Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 7.0" WiFi
P8,999 - Cloudfone CloudPad 800W New!- 7.85" display, 2.0 GHz dual core Intel CPU
P8,999 - AOC MW0831
P8,995 - O+ FAB NOVA 3G New Released! - Dual SIM
P8,495 - Ainol Novo7 Fire FLAME
P8,488 - Torque Droidz Portal - with SIM
P7,999 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 970D - with SIM
P7,995 - O+ FAB 3G New Released! - Single SIM
P7,690 - HP Slate 7
P7,499 - Torque Droidz ULTIMATE - with SIM
P7,499 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 800TV - with SIM
P7,490 - Alcatel OT TAB 7HD
P6,999 - SKK Mobile EXTREME - 10" display, dual SIM, 3G, 6000 mAh
P6,999 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 800D - with SIM
P6,999 - Neo OmniPad M71 3G - with SIM
P6,999 - Cherry Mobile SUPERION Plus DUO - with SIM
P6,650 - Novo7Tech 5FNF iFive Mini 2
P6,500 - Coby Kyros MID7011 TV - with SIM
P6,490 - Skyworth SkyPad A9
P6,499 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 700TV
P6,490 - Lenovo IdeaPad A1000 - with SIM
P6,490 - StarMobile ENGAGE 7 3G - with SIM
P6,250 - Skyworth S71 3G - with SIM
P5,999 - AOC MW0731
P5,995 - ME Mobile PHAB7
P5,995 - O+ 7.3 PAD ACTIVE Upcoming!
P5,990 - StarMobile ENGAGE 8
P5,990 - Nextbook Premium 7 SE 3G (NEXT700G) - with Voice and SMS function
P5,980 - KingCom PADPHONE D83 - 7.85" display, Android 4.2 JB OS
P5,699 - Torque Droidz Mini D
P5,659 - THOMSOM M8950 3G
P5,599 - KATA T2
P5,599 - Arc Mobile 720M 3G - with SIM
P5,499 - Ramos Dyrad W28 8GB
P5,490 - StarMobile ENGAGE 7HD
P5,480 - PopCom UPAD 9C - 9.0" display, Android 4.2 JB OS
P4,999 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 700D - with SIM
P4,999 - SKK Mobile SK8
P4,999 - SKK Mobile Skypad ULTRA
P4,999 - Acer Iconia B1 A71
P4,999 - Cherry Mobile Superion VOYAGER Upcoming!
P4,999 - Cherry Mobile SUPERION TV 2 - with SIM
P4,995 - Polaroid EXECUTIVE CLAVIER 8
P4,995 - ME Mobile RAINBOW 7
P4,990 - StarMobile ENGAGE 7 TV - 7.0" screen, 3 MP camera
P4,990 - Nextbook Trendy 7 (NEXT700T)
P4,990 - Coby Kyros MID7060
P4,990 - Skyworth S71 WiFi
P4,499 - Alcatel One Touch TAB 7 New Released!
P4,499 - Cherry Mobile Superion EXPLORER
P4,490 - Polaroid EXECUTIVE 7
P4,399 - Torque Droidz PUSH Upcoming!Single SIM
P4,199 - Torque Droidz PORTAL X
P3,999 - BS Mobile NEPTUNE Z
P3,999 - Cherry Mobile Superion DISCOVER
P3,999 - Arc Mobile TAB 701D
P3,995 - Polaroid NEON 7
P3,980 - PopCom UPAD 7E - 7.0" display, Android 4.2 JB OS
P3,799 - SKK Mobile CYCLOPS - with SIM
P3,799 - SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2
P3,799 - SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 3
P3,799 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX - with SIM, mobile TV capable
P3,690 - StarMobile ENGAGE 7+ New Released! - 7.0" screen, 2 MP camera
P3,599 - BS Mobile NEPTUNE Y
P3,499 - Cloudfone CloudPad 700e New! - 7.0' display, dual SIM, 2MP/VGA
P3,499 - Prestiz TL7020 - 7.0" display, Android 4.2 JB OS, 8GB internal
P3,499 - Torque Droidz PUSH+ New Released!
P3,499 - Torque Droidz DUO New Released!
P3,495 - Coby Kyros MID7038
P3,259 - MOVE MA700DX
P3,399 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX+ New Released!
P3,199 - BS Mobile NEPTUNE S
P2,999 - Cherry Mobile Superion LITE Upcoming!
P2,999 - Cherry Mobile Superion ION Upcoming!
P2,999 - BS Mobile VENUS TAB
P2,499 - Torque Droidz SLIM Upcoming!

Other Dual Core Android Tablets:
Polaroid EXECUTIVE 13.3
Polaroid PLATINUM 7 3G + TV
Polaroid RAINBOW 7
Polaroid DIAMOND 7 3G
Coby Kyros Mini MID7065

SINGLE CORE Android Tablets

SKK Mobile BUBBLE GUM - powered by 1 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, running on Android 4.1 JB OS on 7.0" display boosting 8 GB internal storage, now for P2,699 only.

P3,999 - Arc Mobile Tab 700M
P3,999 - Arc Mobile Tab 705M
P3,399 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX TAB 4 New Released! - Dual SIM, Dual Speaker
P3,399 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX TAB 3 NewReleased! - Dual SIM
P3,999 - Arc Mobile Tab 702M
P3,199 - Torque Droidz DRIVE i
P2,999 - Torque Droidz DRIVE S/Slim
P2,999 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX TAB 2 New Released! - Dual SIM
P2,900 - MyPhone MyPad 2
P2,699 - SKK Mobile BUBBLE GUM
P2,699 - Cherry Mobile Fusion AIR
P2,199 - Torque Droidz DASH X
P2,149 - Torque Droidz EDGE/+
P1,999 - Cherry Mobile Fusion BREEZE

ANDROID TABLETS with SIM, 3G and TV capable
P16,999 - Asus NEXUS 7 3G - 7" IPS display, Android 4.1 JB OS, 32 GB
P14,990 - Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 7.0" 3G
P10,990 - Huawei MediaPad 7" VOGUE 3G
P9,999 - Lenovo IdeaPad A3000 - 7.0" display, Android 4.2 JB, Quad core, HSPA+
P9,990 - StarMobile ENGAGE 8 3G New released!7.85" Display, 8 MP, Aluminum body
P8,995 - O+ FAB NOVA 3G New released! - Dual SIM
P12,888 - MyPhone MyPad 3 New released!single SIM, 3G
P8,990 - ASUS FonePad 32 GB - 7.0" display, Intel Atom CPU, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
P8,990 - EVOLUZN ZN 8P New!7.85" IPS display, 8GB internal, 5MP/2MP, 3G
P7,999 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 970D - Single SIM
P7,995 - O+ FAB 3G New released!7.0" display, Single SIM, Android 4.1.2 JB, 3000 mAh
P7,699 - Torque Droidz Mini Q Upcoming! - dual SIM
P7,499 - Cherry Mobile Superion ODYSSEY New released!
P7,499 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 800TV
P6,999 - SKK Mobile EXTREME - 10" display, dual SIM, 3G, 6000 mAh
P6,999 - Cloudfone CloudPad 700Q - 7.0" display, 1.2 GHz quad core, dual SIM
P6,999 - SKK Mobile MEMO 2 - dual SIM
P6,999 - Neo OmniPAD M71 3G - 8 GB internal memory
P6,999 - Cherry Mobile SUPERION Plus DUO
P6,999 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 800D - 6000 mAh battery capacity
P6,995 - ME Mobile VENOM 7 New released! - 7.0" HD display, Single SIM, 3G
P6,995 - Coby Kyros MID7011 TV
P6,980 - KingCom PADPHONE 73 - 7.0" LCD, Dual SIM, Dual Core, 3G
P6,880 - KingCom PADPHONE 72 - 7.0" LCD, Dual SIM, Dual Core, 3G
P6,499 - Cherry Mobile Superion CORE New released
P6,499 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 700TV
P6,490 - StarMobile ENGAGE 7 3G
P6,490 - Lenovo IdeaPad A1000 New released!
P6,250 - Skyworth S71 3G
P5,999 - EVOLUZN ZN 7V New!7.0" display,dual core,8GB internal,2MP/VGA,3G
P5,999 - Cloudfone Cloudpad 700D - now P4,999
P5,995 - O+ FAB COLOR New released! - 7.0" display, Dual SIM, 3G
P5,990 - Nextbook Premium 7 SE 3G (NEXT700G) - 7.0 " Display, Dual core
P5,980 - KingCom PADPHONE 71 New released! - 7.0" LCD,Dual SIM,Dual Core,3G
P5,699 - Torque Droidz Mini D Upcoming!7.85" display, dual SIM, dual core, 3G
P5,599 - Arc Mobile 720M 3G - dual SIM
P4,999 - SKK Mobile SK8
P4,999 - Cherry Mobile Superion VOYAGER New!8.0" XGA display, Dual core
P4,999 - Cherry Mobile SUPERION TV 2 - 3G capable with Dual SIM/TV
P4,999 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX
P4,995 - ETECH ET - A78
P4,499 - Cherry Mobile Superion EXPLORER Upcoming!
P4,499 - SKK Mobile CYCLOPS
P4,199 - Torque Droidz PORTAL X Upcoming!- 7.0" dislay, dual SIM, dual core, 3G
P4,399 - Torque Droidz PUSH  Upcoming!Single SIM, Android 4.1 JB OS
P3,999 - Torque Droidz DRIVE+ - Single SIM, 8 GB internal memory
P3,999 - Torque Droidz DRIVE
P3,999 - Arc Mobile TAB 700M - dual SIM
P3,999 - Arc Mobile TAB 705M - 7.0" display, Dual SIM, Mobile TV
P3,999 - Cherry Mobile Superion DISCOVER New released7.0" display,Android 4.2 JB
P3,999 - Cloudfone CloudPad 701TV New released - 7.0" display, dual core
P3,799 - SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 2 - 7.0" dsplay, dual SIM,  dual core
P3,799 - SKK Mobile CYCLOPS 3 - 7.0" dsplay, dual SIM, dual core
P3,499 - Cloudfone CloudPad 700e - 7.0' display, 1.3 GHz dual core, dual SIM
P3,499 - Torque Droidz PUSH+ New released! - 7.0" display, dual core, 8 GB internal
P3,399 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX+ New released! 
P3,399 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX TAB 4 New released! dual SIM, dual speaker
P3,399 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX TAB 3 New released! dual SIM, Android JB OS
P3,199 - Torque Droidz DRIVE i - Single SIM
P2,999 - Torque Droidz DRIVE S/Slim - Single SIM
P2,999 - SKK Mobile PHOENIX TAB 2 New released! dual SIM, Android 4.0 ICS
P2,999 - Arc Mobile 702M TV New released! Dual SIM with TV
P2,999 - Cherry Mobile Superion ION Upcoming!
P2,999 - Cherry Mobile Superion LITE Upcoming!

Note: For full specs of your selected Android tablet, just visit the mobile brand under "TAG and CATEGORIES" or Android Phones Price List.

If I missed a gadget, kindly please let me know and I'll add it to the list. Price changes from time to time so, bear with me.

Arc Mobile Official SiteSKK Mobile Facebook,
Cherry Mobile Official SiteCloudfone Official SiteNovo7Tech Facebook
Torque Official SiteCherry Mobile FacebookMyPhone Official Site,
O+ FacebookHuawei PH Official SiteLG PH FacebookGionee PH Facebook,
StarMobile FacebookLenovo PH Official SiteO+ USA Official Site,
Samsung Mobile PH Facebook, Sony Mobile PH Facebook

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Anonymous said...

my skk mobile bubble gum tablet is not charging,just bought and battery is gone so I charge it but I got picture of a battery with exclamation mark what is that mean? please help me

GbSb said...

If ayaw po talaga mag charge ng tablet mo, pls send it sa service center or sa binilhan mo for replacement if applicable pa.

Anonymous said...

Yung Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt na nabili ko laging sira.
Di nagcha-charge, always same problem.
Pang 3x times ko na dinala sa Service Center nila.
Mukhang wala na itong katapusan, ano magada kong gawin?

GbSb said...

Pls try to send it to another service center (probably sa main service center), baka maayos na nila sa wakas yan. May pinapalitan po bang piyesa or re-flash lng ginagawa?

Roving Jsin said...

out of date ang hp slate 21 inch mo. 14k na lang market price nito ngayong 2014

GbSb said...

Thanks for the updates, I'll check it out.

sheena asur said...

Good day!

I got my ramos tablet as a price from a raffle. it is brand new. when i unboxed it i immediately turn it on. but unfortunately it didnt. i thought that it was only empty batt so i charged it. after 20 mins, i can feel that it is charging since na umiinit yung surface nya. pero walang sign or icon
na it is charging. I tried to turn it on with a soft press pero ndi nag-on so i tried to press it longer pero hindi paren nag-on. what can i do or go for a service? wala akong idea from where it was purchased since i got it from a raffle. Thank you so much. I need help for this one. I tried to search for a service center through the net pero i cant find one. thank you in advance

Laila Hussain said...

I just bought Toshiba Portégé Z20T-B-107 couple of days a go and now feeling awesome because it cheap in price but high in specs.

David Moore said...

Indeed! It is nice post having different tablets including complete details.

Buy Cheap Android Tablets in UK

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