Monday, February 10, 2014

Flappy Bird Game Extinction Evolves to Clumsy Bird

The smash hit and phenomenal "Flappy Bird" free Android game on SKK Mobile GLIMPSE 3G before it was removed on Google Playstore recently.

Wherever I look around, on the malls or riding on Jeepney - they are playing "Flappy Bird", the No.1 free game App on Google playstore (and on Apple iOS) beating Candy Crush and Zombie Tsunami until it was removed by Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen last February 10.

Before it became Top 1 on playstore, it was No.3 then, I tried to download the game and got curious why it was becoming so popular.

I downloaded it in less than a minute (the game is less than 1 MB) and it works by tapping your Android phone screen for the bird to fly through gaps on the green pipes (similar to Super Mario Brothers).

What's my first impression on the game?

The next Flappy Bird - "Clumsy Bird" are topping the No. 1 spot on Google Play store.

It was simple yet difficult. At first, I got a score of 1 then 2 and 6. The game is addicting and frustrating, you only have 1 life and one chance to beat your previous score and players are posting their top scores on their Facebook page by taking screenshot on their Android phones.

What makes it unique from Piou Piou and Helicopter games?

Without "Flappy Bird", the chase is still ON with Clumsy Bird - works almost the same way with stunning graphics, wooden obstacle instead of green pipes and a chance to have a second life.

Will it be the next smash hit free game App next to "Flappy Bird"?

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