Sunday, March 2, 2014

SELFIE Stamp - Now possible on "JUAN CLICK" PHLPOST Project

To adapt on current technology trends of sending information, PHLPOST launched "JUAN CLICK" and let you make a personalized or Selfie Stamp.

Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPOST) launched a program dubbed as "JUAN CLICK" with three (3) innovative services to utilize information technology to adapt on current trends and serve its clients better, to revitalize the Philatelic business and generate revenues without compromising the mandate of providing lowest cost for postal services.

The 3 services includes:

1. Personalized stamps which you can make a "selfie stamp" for gift, souvenir or used to mail letters,

2. Pinoy e-Mall with complete e-commerce solution to set up and run your online store in an instant and

3. PhlPost Mobile APP - an e-door to door delivery service and mobile App for social pension pay-out.

What do you think of Selfie Stamp? Will it make more Filipinos to send mail letters than e-mail or text? Keep your comments coming.

PHLPOST Press Release

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