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How to PASS the PRC LET Exam on your FIRST TAKE

PRC Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Schedule for March and September 2018

PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) recently announced the September 2017 LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers) results with 26.33% and 46.47% national passing percentage for elementary and secondary teachers respectively.

I passed the PRC LET exam with 100% self review on my first take and maybe you are wondering how I do it.

I wrote this article to share with you how I do it, the technique and strategy I used and how much time and effort I invest on it so that you will pass the LET exam either on your first, second or third take.

PRC LET board exam is composed of:

1. Multiple choice questions (5 choices) and what comes in my mind? Pick one answer and you have a 20%  chance to get a correct answer, right?

2. 3 subjects (General Education, Professional Education and Specialization for secondary level (English, Science, Math, Social Science, TLE...) and 2 subjects for elementary level, General Education and Professional Education. Don't take for granted one subject because every subject is vital and important.

3. National Passing rate or percentage range at most at ~50%, it means you have 1/2 chance of passing or even lower.

How to PASS the PRC LET Exam on your FIRST TAKE?

LET National Passing Percentage from 2010 - 2017

Passing the LET Exam depends on:

1. Planning Ahead
2. Collecting Your Materials and Resources
3. Doing Your Study and Exam Techniques
4. Giving Time
5. Trying Your Luck
6. Prayers


Do you want to pass the LET board exam on first take? or you want to land on TOP 10 or TOP 20? So you have to decide and make it a goal. Better plan it ahead of time than everyone else. Be ready physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Note: Make sure that you specialization is aligned with your bachelor's degree when you file your application at PRC.


You need reading materials, books and questionnaires. Online and mobile app LET review materials are also very helpful. You also need financial resources.

So, start collecting books and materials related to your exam coverage. You can borrow books and reading materials to your classmates, friends or to your older brothers and sisters who took the same major with you.

You need at least to 2 reference books for General Education, 2 books for Professional Education and 2 books for your Specialization or major. A total of six reference books.



Before I start the review process, I accidentally found an article about Study technique SQ3R - Survey, Question, Read Recite and Review. I used this technique during my review and pass it on to my sisters who took PRC LET Board Exam and what can I tell you? They also pass and it's very effective.


If you have financial resources, you may enroll at your favorite review center.


Like what I said, LET exam is multiple choice, so you have 80% (chance of choosing the wrong answer), pretty high huh? In addition, national passing rate ranges from 20-50% so you have a 1/5 to 1/2 chance of passing. So, we have a high chance of failing than passing but how do we avoid that?

During your review, you must develop your skills in answering multiple choice questions. I will write a separate guide " How to PASS the PRC LET Exam in 40 Days", just stay tuned.

Moreover, LET comprises of 3 subjects with different weights, General Education - 20% , Professional Education - 40%, Specialization (for secondary teachers) - 40%. One technique is devoting more review time to Professional Education and your Specialization rather than on General Education.

On the other hand, for elementary, General Education - 60% and Professional Education - 40%, you should devote more time on Gen. Ed. than on Prof. Ed.


Do you want a full time review or a just a part time review due to your work or family concern? Upcoming PRC LET exam is scheduled on March 25, 2018 - Sunday (Deadline of Filing: January 18, 2018) and September 30, 2018 -Sunday (Deadline of Filing: July 20, 2018).

After you graduated at college, you have a 5-6 months of review time before the scheduled exam. 4 months is just a right time but 6 months review will give you an edge.


Do you believe in LUCK? What is the chance that what have you read and review will appear on the LET exam? The best thing to do is read as much as you can and do the read, recite and review technique and your luck will increase.


Don't to forget to pray to god that He will give you knowledge, wisdom and strength you needed in time of review and exam.


If you didn't make it on your first take, Always remember that there is a reason and a time for everything.

This is just the beginning, good luck and study hard! Hope it helps. If you have one guide to add, let us know in the comment section below

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