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HELLO HERO: Epic Battle - Fast Leveling Build Guide

Hello Hero: Epic Battle - Your latest 3D RPG mobile game for Android/iOS this 2018

Hello Hero Epic Battle is the latest 3D RPG free to play mobile game from Fincon (South Korean software company) this 2018 - the maker of Hello Hero, a game that topped the charts in 49 countries.

The game allows you to choose from 133 customizable heroes with different skills and you should assemble your strongest team to battle the dark forces of Keronic.

Your ultimate goal, unleash your hero's ultimate skills and be the top guardian of Armon. You can play the game in portrait mode and in various modes (Adventure, Expedition, Conquest, Battlefield and Word Boss) with different rewards.

I prepare a simple guide how to level up faster, assemble your team line up and talent build guide. If you have one to add, just leave your comment below.

Fast Leveling Guide

1. Assemble your first 5  heroes - your main line up or team. I suggest the deck settings composition to be 2 defenders, 1 melee attacker/melee hybrid, 1 ranged attacker/range hybrid and 1 supporter (healer) or you can try 2 ranged attacker/ranged hybrid.
  • Log in daily and claim your attendance reward.
  • Finished your Adventure until you run out with stamina. Don't forget to claim your event reward before you start your adventure.
  • Add friend for daily gifts
  • Play Expedition for Gold, Purple Flower and Gems
  • Play Conquest for Gold and EXP
  • Play World Boss for Diamonds. Accumulate 300 diamonds for Golden Card pack
  • Join or Create a squad when you reach level 10.
  • Don't forget to enter Stargate and send an expedition team for Red, Blue and Golden planet. Acquired items will depend on your hero's star.
2. Level up your main team until all of them are two stars. Use an EXP potion obtained from crafting and auto-play feature. Level up their first star, second star and ultimate/gem skills. If you get S hero (30% chance) or SS hero (5% chance), make it come into play urgently.

Note: From 133 heroes, there are 31 [SS] hero's, 31 [S] hero's, 36 [A] hero's and 35 [B] hero's.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle [SS] Heroes, Viking Chieftain Eurik - a melee hybrid, Leo - a defender and Lulu - a ranged hybrid.

From 31 [SS] heroes, there are:
7 Defenders
Leo, Officer King, Dark Knight Drake, Harold, Tourbillon, Giant Cookie and Mooshu Artie

5 Melee Attackers
Katarina, Lloyd, Skadi, Arachne and Eve

4 Melee Hybrid
Scorpion, Vermillion, Abadon and Viking Chieftain Eurik

7 Ranged Attacker
Trivia, Herpo, Bonny, Irene the Ice Witch, Amber, Isis and Dilis

4 Ranged Hybrid
Agnid Jr., Black Candy Ranger, Anubis and Lulu

4 Supporter
Maid Emma, Ophelia, Cleopatra and Elisa

3. Assemble your second team of hero's (also 5 heroes) - it could be 2 melee attacker/melee hybrid, 2 ranged attacker/range hybrid and 1 healer. Level up your second team until they reach 2 stars. If you get S or SS hero's, add it to the line up without hesitation.

Note: You need 10 heroes in the battlefield for PVP and Expedition.

4. After you have collected 10 hero's of 2 stars, you can now start leveling up until 3 stars. level up the third star/passive skill and ultimate/gem skill. SS hero take a longer time to level up compared to S, A and B hero's, so, be patient. it's worth the wait.

Talent Build Guide

There are 6 types of hero's in the game in terms of talent. Talent can increase hero's abilities so, use your talent points wisely.

Talents points can be added to Physical ATK, Magical ATK, Physical DEF, Magical DEF, Health or HP, Evasion (%), Block (%), HP regen (%), Critical Hit (%), Skill Acceleration (%), Resist Will (%) and Resist Debuff (%).

You should add 1 talent point to all heroes talent as baseline. (If hero is a physical attack, don't add a talent points on magical attack)

1. Defender - Add talent pts. to PA, PD, MD, HP, HP Regen %, Block %
2. Melee Attacker - Add talent pts. to PA, PD, MD, HP, HP Regen %, Evasion %, Critical Hit %
3. Melee Hybrid - Add talent pts. to PA, PD, MD, HP, HP Regen %, Evasion %, Critical Hit %
4. Ranged Attacker - Add talent pts. to PA/MA, PD/MD, HP, HP Regen %, Evasion %, Critical Hit %
5. Ranged Hybrid - Add talent pts. to PA/MA, PD, MD, HP, HP Regen %, Evasion %, Critical Hit %
6. Supporter - Add talent pts. to MA, PD, MD, HP and HP Regen %

Note: Defenders have high block rate, Melee Attacker/Hybrid have high evasion rate, Ranged Attacker/Hybrid have high critical rate. Please check your hero's gem skill or 4th skill so that your talent will complement to its abilities. You can also reset your talent points for free.

---> Check my separate guide for Talent Build Guide <---

Recommended Smartphone System Requirements:

Server: Sylvia, Leo and Marco (Launch Feb. 11, 2018), Harold (Feb. 27, 2018) New!
Google Play Store Ver: 1.1.0 / 1.2.2 New!
iOS App Store Ver: 1.1.1

Android System Requirements:
GPU: OpenGL ES 3.0
OS: Android 6.0 Marshmallow

iOS System Requirements:
Minimum iOS ARM 64-bit A8 Processor (iPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2/3 and iPad Air are not supported)

You can play the game in your Android/iOS smartphone and PC by using Bluestacks Emulator. You can download the game in Google Playstore or iOS App Store.

Enjoy playing guardians!

If you are looking for other 3D RPG online games, you can try Dragon Nest M,  Flyff Legacy, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter or War of Rings.

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