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HELLO HERO: Epic Battle - TALENT Build Guide

210 Talent Points are needed to level up (maximum) your hero's ability and 2520 talents points to level up all of your 12 hero's abilities/stats.

You have already assembled your 10 favorite [SS] heroes and the next thing to do is to collect Talent Points (TP) to enhance their abilities/stats.

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There are six types of heroes and adding 1 talent point will result in certain amount of increase in hero's ability. Adding the first 1 point of talent to defender's Physical/Magical Attack (PA/MA) will increase +6 PA/MA while adding it to ranged attacker's will increase +9 Physical/Magical Attack.

In addition, adding the first 1 TP to defender's HP will increase +309 HP while adding it to ranged attacker's will only increase +216 HP.  So, you should use your talents points wisely otherwise, it will be in the wrong place.

General Rule: Add 1 talent point to all heroes ability/stat as your baseline.

HELLO HERO: Epic Battle - TALENT Build Guide

Defender's abilities increase per talent points level. At talent point level 1, the baseline for Physical Atk/Magical Atk is 6, Physical Def/Magical Def is 9, Health is 309, HP regen is 5%, Evasion is 1%, Block is 1%, Crit is 1% and Skill Acceleration is 1%.. Resist: Will % and Resist: Weaken unlocks at Hero's level 20.

You need 210 talent points to level up (max) a hero's ability and 2520 talent points to max all 12 hero's abilities and 15,120 talent point to level up (max) 6 types of heroes.

So, the questions is, where to get all these talent points? Below is my simple guide for talent point farming.

1. Level up those [B] and [A] heroes you've got up to level 30. Claim 2 talents points reward in the hero story every level 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 for a total of 10 TP's. Use EXP potions if you have. Don't upgrade the heroes after leveling up.

2. Level up those [S] heroes following step number 1. Take note, [B] heroes are easier to level up compared to [S]. You can upgrade these heroes if you will use it in your line up or deck settings. For [SS] heroes, I assumed that you already claimed the hero story completion rewards.

3. After all of your [B], [A] and [S] heroes are all level 30, it's now time to level up your heroes to level 38 then to 46. In order to claim the 3 talent points reward, there is an additional hero needed, check it out: Tap Hero, tap Hero Info, tap Story then check the needed heroes.

Note: As you farm for talent points and your abilities increases, same goes with your adventure level.

4. There are six types of heroes in the game, defender, melee attacker, melee hybrid, ranged attacker, ranged hybrid and supporter. So, what's the difference between them in terms of leveling their abilities?

Comparison of ability increase per talent points of defender, melee attacker and melee hybrid.

  • Defender - excels in Physical/Magical Def, Health (HP) and  HP regen (%). Your tank hero in the game and high percentage block in the game.
  • Melee attacker 
  • Melee Hybrid - a balance type in terms of Physical/Magical Atk, Physical/Magical Def, Health (HP) and  HP regen (%)
  • Ranged Attacker -  excels in Physical and Magical Atk. Your damager and high crit rate in the game.
  • Ranged Hybrid - a balance type in terms of Physical/Magical Atk, Physical/Magical Def, Health (HP) and  HP regen (%)
  • Supporter - also excels in Physical/Magical Def, Health (HP) and  HP regen (%) but only second to defender. Your healer in the game.
Note: Increase in Evasion %, Block %, Crit % and Skill Acceleration % is the same per talent level.

So, what is the best line up or deck setting combination in the game? I think you should have 1 defender, 1 ranged attacker and 1 supporter. You can try this combinations:

Full Tank Team -  2 defenders, 1 ranged attacker and 2 supporters/healers
Killer Team -1 defender, 1, melee hybrid, 2 ranged attacker and 1 supporter/healer
Balance Team - 1  defender, 1 melee hybrid, 1 ranged attacker, 1, ranged hybrid, 1 supporter/healer

Watch out for the new update of the game on March 22, 2018. I hope the new changes will make us new hero combinations. Enjoy the game!

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Blue Steel said...

Thanks! Please keep posting similar articles about HHEB stats. Can you also share complete TP progression chart for all classes?

Unknown said...

so does this guide mean that for my defender, i should only put TP on pdef, mdef, hp, and regen?
or some say otherwise?

GbSb said...

Yes, adding TP in the wrong place will not maximize your heroes abilities.

Admin said...

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