Monday, August 24, 2020

Perfect World Mobile: CLERIC Fast Leveling Guide

Perfect World VNG - Fly With Me is back on Mobile

After 12 years, Perfect World VNG - Fly with me is back on mobile (Android and iOS)*. It is a free-to-play role-play 3D Open World MMORPG which is developed by the Official Perfect World Company and published by VNG PH as Perfect World Mobile PH (Pwmph).

Perfect World Mobile is known for its rich customization, stunning environments and bringing the original game's innovative flight system allowing players to explore the massive 60,000 square kilometer continent on 3-dimensional panoramic map.

I never played the PC version 12 years ago (I'm playing Flyff- Fly for Fun Online during that time). I am very excited when I downloaded the game (on Realme 6 smartphone) from google playstore last  August 19th.  Unfortunately, August 20, 2020 (10:00 am) was the released date of the game and  I joined other players at server 3. 

As of this writing I am level 62 (after 4 days of playing) and I want to share with you my experiences on choosing Cleric (aka Yu Ling) and some captured screenshot of the game. Please join me in our guilds and let us engage in combat by air, land and mysterious oceans.

Perfect World VNG - Fly With Me: CLERIC Fast Leveling Guide

From the class of Winged Elf- Cleric specializes in Healing and Assist

After entering the game for the first time, you have to download a patch about 1.84 GB, please make sure you have a lot of space in your phone's storage. 

There are 3 races - 6 classes to choose from:

  • Humans 
      • Wizard (aka Fa Shik) - The Ultimate Mage
      • Blademaster (aka Wu Xia) - The Martial Arts Masters
  • Untamed
      • Vulpine (aka Yao Jing) - The Summoner
      • Barbarian (aka Yao Shu) - The Challenger
  • Winged Elf
      • Cleric (aka Yu Ling) - The Buff Angel
      • Archer (aka Yu Mang) - The Thunder Arrows

I choose Cleric because I am team oriented and I want to heal players rather than to kill them. So, which one do you want to specialized? The choice is yours.

Perfect World Mobile Level 59 Cleric: aka Yu Ling - The Buff angel during party battle.

Below are my simple Cleric (Yu Ling) fast leveling guide.

  1. Login daily, claim your sign in rewards.
  2. Click Event icon at the upper rightmost of the screen, Click EXP and choose the events that gives lot of exp such as Paperclip for Villa (10 chain quests), Phoenix Vale, Phoenix Creek, Monster Massacre, Stone of Madness and Divine Valley. Don't forget to join with other players for bonus exp
  3. Try to complete all events for exp, equipment and guild contribution rewards. Also, don't forget the main, side and oracle quest.
  4. Login for 14 days to get a special reward.
  5. Earn rewards by fast leveling up.
  6. You can also click the arrow up icon next to the HP and Mana bar to access "how to become stronger" and the events that will give you lot of EXP.
  7. Note: Level 79 Promotion unlock date will be on September 8, 2020.

If you have one guide to add, just leave your message in the comment section below. Enjoy playing!

Source: Perfect World VNG Philippines Facebook

*This is my comeback story after 2 years. Stay tuned for more exciting stories.


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