Saturday, March 1, 2014

Mobile MALWARE targeted 98% of Android OS devices in 2013 - Kaspersky

Mobile MALWARE detected by Kaspersky Lab in 2013 - Distribution by Platform

According to experts at Kaspersky Lab, 98.1% of mobile malware in 2013 targeted Android devices.

Nearly 145K new malicious programs for mobile devices was detected in 2013 which is 3x compared to 40K samples in 2012. (Updates: by late January 2014, 200K samples of mobile malware had been accumulated at Kaspersky Lab).

The majority of mobile malware is designed to steal users money and Banking Trojan is by far the most dangerous type. Majority of malicious Android Apps are currently developed in Russia.

The top 5 countries with highest number of unique attacked users are Russia (40%), India (8%), Vietnam (4%), Ukraine (4%) and UK (3%).

Android OS vulnerabilities and popularity are important factors behind the increase in banking Trojans for 2013 and the trend will continue for 2014 with more mobile banking Trojans and technologies that will evade detection and removal.

How to Avoid Malicious Infection

As Filipinos turns to Android smartphones and tablets for 2014, we should protect our Android devices from malicious Apps and infection. Below are some recommendations.

1. Do not activate "Developer Mode" on your device.
2. Do not activate "Install applications from third party sources" option.
3. Only download and install apps from official store.
4. When installing Apps, carefully check and study which rights they request.
5. Install mobile Antivirus software.

Kaspersky Mobile Malware Evolution for 2013
Malicious Android Apps Hit 10 Million

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