Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Globe Tattoo Broadband Internet Speed Test in Calamba, Laguna for 2012

3.6 Mbps Globe Tattoo Broadband Internet Speed Test taken in Calamba, Laguna 

Measuring Globe tattoo broadband internet speed in Philippine provinces is a hard task but fulfilling. I hope someday Globe will reveal what is average internet speed in terms of surfing and download per provinces for it's subscribers knowledge and information. My last internet speed test experiment was taken in Virac, Catanduanes and for this time, I took it in Calamba, Laguna.

If you compare the two provinces, Catanduanes is a kidney shaped island situated on the eastern most part of Bicol region and internet is access mainly thru wireless broadband. While Laguna is densely populated and  at the center of most advanced internet providers.

Result of Globe Internet Speed Test taken in random time for 3 days

My internet test speed experiment last for only 3 days and I took sample speed in a random time. It involves visiting 8 popular websites and using the 3.6 Mbps Globe tattoo broadband prepaid stick.

The very reason that I'm doing this speed test is I want to know if 3.6Mbps is attainable and what is the average internet speed in one province or location in our country.

2.1 Mbps register on Saturday 8 AM during my internet speed test study

Device: 3.6 Mbps Globe Tattoo Broadband Prepaid Stick
Location: Looc Calamba, Laguna
Duration: 3 days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday July 2012) .
Testing sites: 8 popular websites including social network sites
Sample points taken: 14 points
Results: Maximum of 2.1 Mbps and Average Internet Speed of 230 Kbps for 3 days.

What is the Best Time to Connect on the Internet?

I hope this study or experiment will help people residing near Calamba, Laguna to have an idea what is average internet speed of 3.6 Mbps Globe tattoo prepaid stick. Internet speed is fastest early in the morning on or before 8 AM and slows down as more people connect on the internet during the day.

One more thing, Sunday has the slowest internet speed and it drops at an average of 100 Kbps which is pretty slow. So if you want to make the most in the internet surfing, I advised to do it early in the morning and except Sundays.

All figures are approximation and you can try it with your own device and see for yourself what is the best time to connect on the internet.

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Kevin said...

That's crazy how you still have to take into account the overall load of the local ISP for internet access. I guess people in America have it better than they originally thought with Internet speed. I wonder though, would the internet speed be more consistent if a satellite provider was used?

Anonymous said...

nice informaitons

Anonymous said...

you can check the internet speed in here scanmyspeed

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