Saturday, November 23, 2013

International Space Station - ISS 15th Birthday INFOGRAPHICS

International Space Station above the Earth.

International Space Station (ISS) first component Russian ZAYA Module was launched in 1998. I was already watching it in Discovery channel (year 2000, as far as my memory can remember) and during that time, I don't have any mobile phone.

Nokia 3310 became popular on year 2000 in the Philippines and having an Space Station was very big human achievement and a science fiction reality.

Today, NASA is celebrating ISS 15th birthday and ISS is a global program involving the United States, Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan. You may ask, how big it is or what benefits it could give humanity? Below are infographics.

International Space Station - ISS INFOGRAPHICS

International Space Station TIMELINE since 1998 until today - celebrating first 15 years.

How Big it is?

ISS Research Laboratory

ISS Research Benefits to Humanity

Living and Working in Orbit

ISS Photographs Taken

November 2013
SuperTyphoon HAIYAN/YOLANDA hitting Philippines on November 2013

December 2011
Iberian Peninsula at Night

October 2010
Nile River Delta at Night

June 2009
Sarychev Volcano Eruption on Japan

January 2009
Atafu Atoll, Tokelau  Southern Pacific Ocean

For complete Infographic and more photographs taken at ISS, kindly please visit the sources below.

ISS Collection of Popular Photos

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