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MyPhone A848i DUO Price, Specs, Unboxing and Hands On Review

MyPhone A848i DUO 1600 mAh battery, glossy back cover with Philippine map, backside part showing microSD and SIM card slot, 5 MP camera, back speaker and handset box with specs.
I can't believe it, the second cheapest (now third) dual-core Android phone in the Philippines is already in my hands. Just next to Cherry Mobile FLARE (P3,999), A848i DUO is selling at P5,990 with price cut promo (SRP of P7,499) until December 30, 2012.

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What's my first impression?

It's thin, sleek and very light with glossy back cover and it's really fast, same impression with StarMobile ASTRA.

What's in the Box?

1. MyPhone A848i handset
2. 1600 mAh battery
3. USB charger
4. Headset
5. Quick start guide and warranty certificate

MyPhone A848i DUO Box Specs

Dual SIM Touch Android
Dual-Core 1 GHz Processor
GSM Triband/3G Dualband
4" 800x480 pixels IPS WVGA
Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
5 MP Autofocus rear camera
VGA front camera
LED Flash
MP3/MP4 player/Stereo FM Radio
Bluetooth/USB/3.5mm jack
Expandable memory up to 32 GB

MyPhone A848i DUO Unboxing and Hands On Review

Unboxing A848i DUO includes handset, USB charger, headset, A848i phone suite and quick start guide and warranty certificate (1 year warranty).

1. Price: 4.9/5

Since this is the second cheapest (now its 3rd, second are Cherry Mobile THUNDER and Torque Droidz ATOM) dual-core Android phone currently on the market, I rate it as high as possible with respect to affordability. After the promo, SRP for A848i DUO is P7,499 and it will become 7th on the ranking.

It will be more expensive than StarMobile ASTRA (P6,990) and Cherry Mobile TITAN (6,499) but cheaper than Cloudfone Thrill 430x (P7,777).

Updates: MyPhone A848i DUO is currently selling at P5,999 (you can get it at P3,999 on Price Drop Promo)

2. Physical Design: 4.5/5

MyPhone A848i DUO thin, compact and aesthetic design captured my heart. With Power On button (Top left) and micro-USB/3.5mm jack port (Top right) and approximately 11 mm thickness.

It's thin (~11mm) and very handy, 4.0" screen size and overall design is just perfect in my hands. It comes on contrast of black and white glossy back cover and very feminine (actually I bought it for my sister). Upon inspection, I didn't find any cosmetic defects, scratch and physical appearance quality is very high.

3. Display: 4.6/5

MyPhone A848i DUO is a 4.0" 5 point Multi-Touch on 480x800 resolution screen, 233 ppi, running on MT6577 dual-core processor and 512 MB RAM.

MyPhone A848i screen is using IPS technology, it's really brighter and with better viewing on different angle and even on direct sunlight. Although it's screen is not finger print resistant, it has no scratch upon my purchased.

I'm not sure if display can withstand the daily bumps and micro scratch of everyday life. As of now I didn't see any dead pixel on the screen.

Updates: After 369 days of daily normal use on texting, calling, music and games, there is no noticeable scratches on screen using with the naked eye.

4. Performance and Benchmark: 4.8/5

MyPhone A848i DUO AnTuTu and Quadrant Benchmark

MyPhone A848i DUO is running on 1 GHz dual-core processor and Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. User interface (UI) is very smooth and I experience no lag at all. Hands on with A848i DUO is at par with StarMobile ASTRA performance (5876 AnTuTu Benchmark v2.9.4).

Power On: ~30 seconds
Shutdown: ~5 seconds
AnTuTu Benchmark: 6666 ( Compare to Cherry Mobile, StarMobile, MyPhone and Cloudfone)
Quadrant Benchmark: 2717 (2914 for StarMobile ASTRA, 2932 for Cherry Mobile FLARE, 2926 for Cloudfone Thrill 430x and 2564 for Cherry Mobile TITAN)
Compatible Games: Temple Run, Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds StarWars, Fruit Ninja and Devil Ninja 2 - Cave
Compatible Applications: Facebook, Twitter, Viber, YM, MMDA, Avast Mobile Antivirus and Project NOAH.

5. Camera: 4.7/5

MyPhone A848i DUO 5 MP close up photo taken with HDR (High Dynamic Range) ON. Distant pictures also has excellent quality with HDR ON. You can make HDR photo by combining these images taken at different exposures of dark (left picture) and bright areas (right picture) using Photoshop but I doubt that it would make better HDR images with 2 photos only.

5 MP Back Camera: MP A848i DUO sports a 5MP rear autofocus camera with single LED flash and VGA front. 5 MP camera quality is excellent specially to well lighted environment both on close up and far distant or long shot using the HDR and non-HDR features.

Macro Shot of a Red Rose, taken by MP A848i DUO 5MP rear autofocus camera using the 8 shots capability. It can also capture 4 shots and up to 16 shots as well.

LED Flash: 5 MP rear single flash effective distance for photo capturing during the night is 1 meter or less upon my first hand test. Flash is good for taking macro shots at night.

VGA Front Camera: Front camera has a descent picture quality specially to well lighted environment.

Updates: More A848i DUO 5MP Camera Sample Pictures and Video Recording

6. Video Recording: 4.5/5

I don’t see any 720p HD on video settings, so I think it's is not capable of high definition video recording. Captured video with high quality settings and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) On is excellent.

7. Multimedia: 4.6/5

This unit can play 3gp, mp3, mp4 and avi files (watching "We bought a Zoo movie"). FM radio had good reception and comes in stereo sound.

Playing Temple RUN 2 on MyPhone A848i DUO is very smooth, screen is very responsive and gyro is working perfectly.

8. Audio: 4.4/5

This phone is not for music lover, speaker volume is not too loud nor too low (comparing to Samsung Corby 2) and audio quality is just right for music, games and FM radio. Audio loudness varies from song to games.

9. Accessories: 4.3/5

USB charger and headset are both working but they are not comparable with Samsung and Nokia quality for accessories. No microSD card included in the package and no Pinoy app contents.

10. Connectivity/Functionality

Dual SIM, Dual Standby: it is working both for smart and globe
Call: working fine, call quality is good
LED Notification: working for incoming SMS and low battery is working.
3G: one at a time, it is working fine (globe supersurf)
Bluetooth: It is working, paired and accepted mp3 files from other phone. It can also send mp3 to other mobile phone via bluetooth.
Micro-USB: I already transfer photos and mp3 in my PC and vice versa
Micro-SD slot: working fine
Sensors: Orientation, Magnetic, 3-axis Accelerometer (Motion sensor is working excellent), Proximity sensor (working fine during call)
Wi-Fi: It's working (tried on SM Free Wi-Fi)
GPS: First testTemporarily unavailable in my home location. 2nd location - still unavailable (SM Calamba). 3rd test - On going in another city. My Location works using the WiFi and mobile network setting.
TV Out: I see it on the settings, to be tested (looking for compatible cable)
Video Call: to be tested (I see on the settings)
USB OTG: to be tested (I doubt it is capable)

Updates: How to SET MP3 songs as Message Alert tone and Ringtones on your MP A848i DUO

11. Battery: 4.6/5

A848i DUO 1600 mAh battery can approximately last 7-8 hours after full charging for the first time (still not optimized) with heavy use and 3G internet connection.

With 1600 mAh rated battery I think it can last for a day of use with 2 SIM's on board. Since I bought it, it took 4 hours of aggressive used and testing for 50% battery. You can charge using USB charger or through PC USB port.

It took me almost more than 3 hours doing Antutu Battery test and result was satisfying with score of 574, higher than Samsung Galaxy S2 1650 mAh and HTC Incredible S 1450 mAh battery test score.

Charging Time: 3.5 hours with handset on standby mode/sleep mode and ~2.5 hours with handset turned off.
Charger Specs: Input: 100-240V, 120 mA, Output: 5V, 700 mA

Updates: How Long will MyPhone A848i DUO 1600 mAh Battery Last Playing Temple Run 2?

12. Durability: 4.9/5

After almost 15 months or 1 year and 3 months of normal usage, I can now tell that MyPhone A848i DUO is durable. It passed the daily bumps, daily scratches, daily texting, call and normal gaming a person can do and of course with little extra care, I hope it will last for more than 2 years or more.

Defects/Issues and Improvements:

1. After approximately 10x removal of back cover (due to review and changing SIM), part of cover became loose and pressing that part produces a cracking/creaky sound.

2. Headset stop/play button is taped (as you see in unboxing picture),  I don’t know what's the purpose (I think for scratch protection), headset is also working upon first use.

3. There is no complete manual for the handset. Example, the box specs says it's GSM Triband and Dualband 3G but I didn't even know what frequency it is operating.

4. USB charger cable is short. I had a hard time using the phone while charging especially while on bed.

Above issues are minor and my suggestion for improvement are better accessories although they are all working, better durability for back cover (I hope this is isolated case), longer USB charger cable, Pinoy App content should really included in the package (FREE) and manual with complete specs of the handset.

How to Screenshot: Using your MyPhone A848i DUO, simultaneously press/hold power and volume down button for 2-3 seconds until screenshot is taken.

Final Rating: 4.62/5

There are three reasons why I bought MyPhone A848i DUO than any other brand handset. It's 4.0" IPS display, affordable price for dual core processor powered Android phone and Pinoy made with dependable quality (Superbrands).

That's it for now and I'm doing some video recording, connectivity and other test. I also want to try more compatible games and apps for this unit. So stay tuned for updates.

I recommend this to every Filipinos looking for performance and affordability in slim design.

Updates: (as of April 4, 2014)

After 473 days (more than 15 months or 1 year and 3 months) of average use (texting, calling, games and daily charging), overall A848i performance is very excellent and stable (not until the decrypt storage). Accessories are also still working like USB charger and cable. First problem encountered - Boot up hang up on MyPhone logo on the 107th day. Solution: Removed and re-insert battery and its working fine.

On the 193rd day, MyPhone A848i encountered a "Decrypt Storage" and needed a password when I boot it up without a SIM inserted. I reboot the phone and hang up two times and at last! rebooted on the third time with "Android is Updating" on the screen" and finally its "OK" but all my installed apps was not working like games (good news, all stock app was working).

As of now my A848i DUO is working fine and like what I said, all my installed apps was not working (example, Candy Crush, Temple Run 2, Avast! antivirus etc.). I installed Candy Crush again and its working but unfortunately I have to start all over again. Another one, recording a video is greenish in color after that incident.

I don't know if this is a glitch or a bug on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS, I hope MyPhone Tech support will have an answer for this problem and fix it in their future phones - I'm waiting for their advise.

MyPhone Tech support replied to my problem and they advise to use my phone password - well I'll try it for the next time I encountered "Decrypt Storage". On the other hand, one MP A848i DUO owner also has the same problem and they advise to use default phone password 1122 and re-flash of software.

I'm looking forward for MyPhone A848i DUO Jelly Bean - JB OS upgrade as one way to solve this issue. Just go to your nearest MyPhone service center with your receipt for upgrade.

Moreover, the unit has also been dropped 2 times and still its working fine, a test to quality of MyPhone A848i DUO duarability. I hope they will release a version of MediaTek MT6572 processor for this kind of unit this Christmas season - they already released an affordable MyPhone Agua STORM.

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Anonymous said...

up.up im als0 buying this one.xD IM just waiting for thd availability in our area her in leyte .any news f0r a818 slim?

Anonymous said...

may USB-OTG at TV OUT support ba?

Jay2804 said...

Sir install ka ng phone tester sa playstore and post mu mga result. Saka nakalagay din dun mga sensors na meron sa phone na di sinabe sa package/manual.

Thanks po...

GbSb said...

Thanks for the info. but I recommend that full specs should be included in the manual.

Jay2804 said...

Nope sir. Kulang sa details myphone or mapa cm. Request lang sir. Dagdag na rin sa blog mu. At update na rin.pls.

GbSb said...

I don't have the unit as of now, currently my sister is using it in the province. I'll update specs info as long as I have it.


Jay2804 said...

Ok sir thank u. Meryxmas!

GbSb said...

Merry Christmas and Advanced Happy New Year din.

Jay2804 said...

Sir tagal pa?

GbSb said...

@Jay, Quadrant System Info shows MP A848i DUO have orientation, magnetic, 3-axis accelerometer and proximity sensors

Anonymous said...

Ayus may magnetic.. ttnx po..
- jay

Anonymous said...

I have the A848i, so far so good :). all are working smoothly.
GPS depends on the country provider. Even the MAP, so nice as my live wallpaper :)

Cheap nice 3G fone. its worth the price :)

Anonymous said...

Hi po have you chcked the GPS already?

Anonymous said...

applicable ba yung google store sa kanya o kasama na siya talaga sa package?

GbSb said...

Hi..GPS checking ongoing' I'll let you know when its done.

Pre installed na po yung google play store app sa phone.

Herebert Duag said...

Sir tanong lang po... may micro sd card aq 8gb kingston class 4.. ginamit k sa myphone a848i ko.. paano po gamiting ung sd card pra mging default storage ng phone 1.5gb ln kc phone storage ng myphone a848i eh...

norvin said...

Sir, I also have the same problem as mentioned above, may micro sd card din ako 8gb kingston, and na try ko na lahat para itransfer sa sd card yung apps pero wala talagang option na matransfer ang apps sa sd card.

GbSb said...

Dahil po yan sa OS ng Android ICS. Ito yung links na helpful para masagot ang mga tanong niyo at Apps na pwedeng i DL sa google playstore



coolguyever said...

nice review sir. may update nb sa GPS?tnx in advance,. sulit tlga ung pagbili ko sa a848i.

Anonymous said...

gagana po ba ung connectivity nyan sa middle east? bahrain-uae?

GbSb said...

Depende po sa frequency na ginagamit dian sa place mo. Sad to say na, sa manual wala man lang nakalagay kung anong frequency band ng MyPhone A848i DUO.

We should ask MyPhone Tech support about that.

Anonymous said...

hello po. ask ko lng po kng mabilis ba itong magresponse o kng nagha-hang ito. tsaka pwede rin po bng ilipat ang applications sa sd card? salamat po. :)

GbSb said...

Yes, mabilis po ang response ng UI, maging sa apps saka sa browser pag ngiinternet ka.kayang kaya niya ng Temple Run 2 - walang lag at suwabe, yan ay dahil dual-core powered ito at Cortex-A9 ang processor.

Gamit po kayo ng App2SD para matransfer ang apps o kaya i root mo ang phone.

Anonymous said...

salamat po sa reply. God bless. :)

Anonymous said...

ano pong mas magandang gamitin kng music lover kayo, ito po bang my phone o ang cherry mobile flare? tsaka ano po yng latest price nila?

GbSb said...

I recommend MyPhone A848i DUO for you for only P5,990. Very stable performance and good for music, FM radio and movies.

Cherry Mobile FLARE naman ay mas mura P3,999 only.

Anonymous said...

namimili po kasi ako sa dalawang ito. naghanap po ako ng videos sa youtube about cherry mobile flare, maayos naman pong gumana. tapos nung naghanap naman po ako ng vid about my phone, wala akong makitang maayos na vid at ang isa ko pang nakitang vid neto ay about sa short battery life ng my phone A848i.
totoo po ba un?

GbSb said...

Kung may extra budget ka MyPhone A848i DUO ka na peru pag wala namn CM FLARE ka na lang kaso ang hirap hanapin niyan.

Sa related articles ko may battery test ako ng A848i DUO, paki click na lang ang link.

Anonymous said...

ok. salamat po ulit. God bless.

marieflor guia said...

Sir paano ko ma customize yung message alert tone sa aking Myphone 848iduo?

myrna dela cruz said...

Sir same as above dn po ang concern ko.paki reply po sana.salamat po

GbSb said...

Hi Marieflor and Myrna, try this one.

Setting>System>Audio>General>Settings of Call and Message Tones.


Anonymous said...

Hindi po nagana sakin yung screenshot pano po yun?

Anonymous said...

Bakit ganon? Wlang lalagyan ng keychain?

Anonymous said...

hello poc :) bkit po pag kumukuha ng picture hnd ko po nakikita ung mga pics sa gallery ? wala pong lumalabas ?

LadyBornes said...

been trying to use the bluetooth. Pag mag send out ok,pero sa receiving ang may problema. Na paired naman pero hindi ko makita kung paano ko ma accept ang pag receive ng file. Nag prompt pero walang lead kung saan button. Pati ung file hindi ko alam kung saan napupunta. Pag nag check ka sa gallery ng phone at sd card wala. pero pag gamit mo ung app naroon naman. Hirap talaga pag walang maayos na user manual.

myrna dela cruz said...

Sir hindi gumana yung sa alert tones.

GbSb said...

@Lady, it should be working, pls try again..

@ Myrna, sa call lang gumagana, sa msg alert tone ay hindi talaga, kung anu ung default at naka store na tone, yung lang pwd gamitin.

Anonymous said...


Thank you sa napakagandang review, tanung ko lang po, kapag nillower ko yung screen brightness ko sa medyo dulo nagfflicker ung screen, hindi sya nawawala but when i increase ok naman,hndi pa nmn ako sanay sa masyadong maliwanag na screen at my nahanap po ba kayong cable compatible sa tv-out? i try RCA 3.5mm sa cdr king audio lng ang gumagana.. saka po yung battery test ko is around 3++ lang, do u recomend na ibalik ko sa shop?

thank you!

GbSb said...

Thanks for feedback, pag nilower mo hangang minimum di naman nagfflicker yung unit ko at tingen ko dapat hindi ngfflicker yan kasi isang way to conserve battery ay set sa minimum ang screen brightness - baka defect yan.

Antutu tester battery test din po ba ginamit mo? kasi set sa minimum brightness ako during the test kaya baka may effect yun sayo kaya mabilis malowbat.

Try to play temple run 2 na may sound ON if mag last ng 3.5 hrs ang batt mo,pag ganyan ang result, I think ok naman battery mo, sa settings lang tau talaga tayo nagkaiba.

Anonymous said...


Thank you sa reply, yes antutu tester gamit ko nasa lowest ung brightness nun. Nagtest aq kaso habang ngttest ung antutu gngawa nyang super bright ung screen, i guess kasama sa test. Nalungkot nmn ako babalik ko uli ung unit, medyo nakakairita kasi ung flicker sakit sa mata and lowest kasi brightness ko lagi yes to save battery at nasakit mata ko sa super linaw.. ill do the antutu test uli

GbSb said...

Kahit di ka na mag antutu battery test ulit. Enough na yung nag fflicker ang screen sa minimum brightness para ireplace yan or ipa-repair.

Anonymous said...

Napaltan ko naung unit... pahirapan magexplain hehehehe.. ngayon nmn gps ko ang d gumgana..medyo nakakapagod na bumalik.. my setting po ba ko na dapt ayusin? Kasi date wala nmn po..

GbSb said...

Obvious naman kasi na may defect and screen or baka sa software kaya nagfflicker. Sa GPS naman, problem ko din yan, until now di ko mapagana kahit anung settings gawin ko.

Yung wifi at network gumagana siya at makikita mo current location peru using GPS or A-GPS ayaw. Try mo sa MyPhone Technical Support Facebook mag ask.

Sister ko kasi gumagamit ng phone at di naman niya need ng GPS at bihira ko din siya makita kaya di ko maasikaso.

Lexa Tan said...

hello po. I have problem with my SD Card. 2gb yun actually, gumagana yung SD card ko sa kahit anong phone except sa myphone ko. pano po kaya 'to?

GbSb said...

Hi Lexa,it means ok po ang SD card. Kakabili mo pa lang ba ng MyPhone? Anong unit po at gaano na katagal sayo?

Try mo po ihipan yung microSD card slot or linisan baka may alikabok or dumi.Try mo din ng ibang microSD card like 4 GB.

Anonymous said...

hello po. same unit po sa akin, my phone a848i . nabili ko nung jan13. jst today ung 3 controls sa pina ko buttom ng screen ay ayaw na gumana. power cycle kna at lahat pero ayaw pa rin. pna kita ko sa mga fon technician sabi nla sa touch screen po ang problema and der asking for 1.2k psos to replace it. totoo po ba 'to? covered pba ito ng warranty?

salamat po.

GbSb said...

Hi,anu po ba sa tingen niyo cause ng sira?

Ito po yung nasa warranty certificate

1. This product (MP A848i DUO) is free from defects in material or workmanship within specified warranty period under normal use. Repair and replacement of defective part is FREE of charge to the terms and conditions below.

2. Warranty period is 1 year for parts and labor from date of original purchase.

3. Warranty does not cover damage due to accident, transportation, misuse, negligence, natural disaster or caused by use with voltages other than designated or operational manner.

4. Tampering by unauthorized technicians will invalidate this warranty.

Kindly pls read all terms in your warranty certificate kasi baka hindi talaga siya covered kia mgbabayad ka ng P1,200.

Anonymous said...

paano po tanggalin ung vibrate pg ngttxt? tnx

GbSb said...

As of now po talagang default siya sa MP A848i.

I'll let you know if there is way to disable that kasi I tried several settings but unfortunately ayaw ma-disable.

Anonymous said...

tnx sa response. how about ung battery ? is there a way para hnd madaling malowbat?? thanks

GbSb said...

Sa battery, depende sa apps na running sa background mo at lifestyle mo.

Yung 1600 mAh ay design for 1 day use peru to conserve MP 848i Android battery power, try mo po itong mga tips.

1. Set display brightness sa pinaka minimum at display sleep time sa 1 min.
2. Turn Off, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3G when not in use.
3. Close Apps that you do not need.
4. Uncheck vibrate on touch on system settings>audio profiles>general
5. Avoid games such as Temple Run 2, Candy Crush and the like kasi malakas sa batt yan lalo na pag may lakad ka at aalis sa bahay
6. Click my name for more info about MP A848i duo battery

Anonymous said...

ah ok. so far lhat po ng sinabi nio ay nakaset n s fone ko. kakabili ko lng kz nito. hehehe another question po, paano po yung 3G??? aun po b ung sa internet. mkkpgnet ka kht walang wi-fi? paano po maactivate? thanks po.

Anonymous said...

ano din po pla yung running background? sorry for my ignorance

GbSb said...

Opo sa internet connection po mas mabilis ang 3G(HSPA) kumpara sa EDGE, may makikita ka din na HSPA+ at mas mabilis pa yan sa HSPA. Pinakamabilis sa ngayon yung LTE.

Pwede ka mag internet gamit ang SIM mo sa 3G at pwede din mag WiFi ka.

Running on background, pag nag open ka ng apps at nagpindot ka ng home, nakabukas pa din yung app, minsan kasi nakakalimutan natin kaya dapat i-close mo talaga siya para hindi nagkokonsumo ng battery.

Sulit na sulit ang MP A848i, magaan, manipis, mabilis, tama lang ang battery at presyo.

Check mo po mga functionality ng phone mo para makasigurado ka na walang defect at mapalitan mo if ever na merun man.

Anonymous said...

salamat n madami. last question po. paano po iclose ung running background?

GbSb said...

Sa loob mismo ng app pwede mo po i-close or iexit and click home button for 2 secs and swipe (left or right) the recent apps to close them.

Anonymous said...

kakabilin ko lng kahapon ng myphone a848i, may napansin ako nag fliflicker ang screen sa lowest level ng brightness, di naman maxado halata pero pag nasa message ka puti ang background ng screen medyo kita, worried ako baka may defect tong nabili ko ,, plss answer naman po at baka may solution dito, salamat

GbSb said...

Kidly pls return the unit kasi may ganyang case na yan dito at pinapalitan.

It is important na naseset sa low brightness ang screen kasi that is one way to conserve energy lalo na malakas mag consume ng battery ang Android.

Anonymous said...

regarding the flickering when brightness is set to minimum: install 'screen filter' app and it will remove the flickering.

also you can change the sms notification tone to whatever .mp3 file you have by putting the file in /media/audio (use file manager)

GbSb said...

Thanks for the suggestion to solve flickering issue but MyPhone should solve that if it OS or hardware problem.

I'll try your mp3 sms notification procedure and I'll let you know of the result (for my blog readers, fyi)

ara said...

helo, i also have MP848i, just today bigla nalang di ma open ang phone din may nag may lumabas "TYPE PASSWORD TO DECRYPT STORAGE" the prob is that i dont know the password..pls help...

GbSb said...

Kindly pls visit MyPhone Tech Support Facebook: for that specific problem

Anonymous said...

thanks for the thorough review btw (i'm the one who posted the fix for the screen flickering and sms notification).

your review helped me decide to get this phone. also posting an update was a nice touch as it shows how the phone is doing after 6 months.

GbSb said...

Hi Ara, additional info for your Decrypt storage, it happens when there is no SIM card on MP A848i and I think we can't use the phone if we don't know the password which I hope MyPhone Tech support address.

Thanks for feedback, I'll update this page as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

idol ,, wala ba tong maraming probs? tulad ng cm flare -_-..3990 pa rin ba price nito ngayun? thanks!


GbSb said...

Hi Crius, P3,990 pa rin po, mabilis, matibay at manipis, magaan at ciyempre Superbrand. I check mo lang ang mga functionalities ng phone pagkabili mo.

Anonymous said...

awp! thanks idol.. hahaha buti nlng nakita ko tong review mo sa phone natoh, bibili na sana ako cm flare e,, LOL ito nlng bibilhin ko ^^ thanks!


Anonymous said...

paano po magset ng mp3 message tone? salamat.

GbSb said...

Click my name or visit my blog post about how to set mp3 songs as message alert tone and ringtones

Anonymous said...

how's the gps on your myphone a848i? the gps on mine takes awhile to lock-in.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'd like to ask if you've already tried using PPSSPP on the A848i. It's a PSP emulator for Android. I've been thinking about selling my PSP for a phone, and since this one's really affordable, I'd like to buy this, but I would like to make sure PPSSPP works. I love PSP games, but I want a multi-functional device as well. It's too much of a hassle lugging my old Android plus my PSP whenever I have to leave the house. I know this sounds a weird logic to pick a phone, but I'd like to hear your opinion. PPSSPP is available on the Google Market. I hope to hear your opinion soon.

Anonymous said...

P.S. PPSSPP is still in the experimental stage, so some games might not work with it. I have high hopes that it will someday. I am picking MyPhone because it has USB OTG, which works for USB controllers. PPSSPP does not support controllers yet, but it will someday. I really hope to hear your opinion soon.

GbSb said...

I will try PPSSPP for MP A848i DUO and I will give you feedback but unfortunately, as far as I know A848i DUO do not support USB OTG (I have to try it for myself).

You should try MP A919 - dual core or MP A919i DUO - quad core instead, both have USB OTG

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I'd really appreciate it if you do, and I also hope to hear from you soon. Like I said earlier, if some games don't work, don't be discouraged. It is still in beta, after all. I hear Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable work well, so I guess you can try them. You could also look in the forums of the PPSSPP's site if you would to see what games will work on it too.

P.S. I'd appreciate it if you could show a gameplay video of any PSP game being played on the emulator on the A848i Duo itself. Since there are claims that the PPSSPP works well on "fast phones", it'll be a good idea to show how good the emulator works on this phone, too. If it does work, though. But I have hopes it will.

babylyn maray said...

panu alisin ung message na hndi ngsend?

Anonymous said...

thanks sa response. btw, ano po kaya nangyari sa fone ko? nag-internet aku using 3G tapos biglang nagnetwork error. yun pla nagamit ko ung load ko. hindi ko pla na register for promo.... then nagpaload aku para makapagnet. nagregister nku sa globe. ung 1 day unli. pero eveytime n nag sisign-in aku sa fb. nag-lolog-in failed. pero naka on na yung data connection ko. Pls help po. thanks

Anonymous said...

and also paano po aalisin ung vibrate everytime na pinapatay ko ung fone, fb notifications, long press sa mga apps etc. thanks ulit.

GbSb said...

@Babylyn, long press mo lang po yung message and delete.

Dapat po naka ON yung data connection mo at 3G, try mo din po mag connect sa ibang site.

sa vibrate naman, i'll get to you asap pag may sagot na ako kasi as of now default na ata sa MP A848i DUO yan.

Anonymous said...

hi. good blog. how do you perform 'soft reset' without having to turn off then turning on the phone?

GbSb said...

I hand over you to Myphone Tech Support Facebook, they will answer all your queries.


king mang said...

gps workking sa a848i kaya lang may mga eedit pa sa system folder//ang di ko nalang mapaga ay yung magnetic sensor at yung orientationn(compass) may fix na ba kayo para dito?

GbSb said...

Paturo po if panu mo inedit yung system folder with regards sa GPS so that my readers may also have an idea.

About sa compass, I will try if working sa unit ko, di ko po kasi ginagamit ang feature na yan.

Anonymous said...

anu nabago sa jelly bean update ng a848i?

GbSb said...

Android Jelly Bean - JB is upgrade of Android Ice Cream Sandwich - ICS based on Linux kernel 3.0.31. It aims to improved functionality and performance of User Interface (UI).

The performance improvement involved Project Butter, which uses touch anticipation, triple buffering, extended vsync timing and a fixed frame rate of 60 fps to create a fluid and buttery - smooth UI, faster and more responsive.

Beside smooth user interface, Jelly Bean also features improve voice search, camera app, multichannel audio and stock Android browser is replaced with Google Chrome mobile version.

In other words, pag upgraded sa Jelly Bean and MP A848i DUO, magiging mas smooth siya, mas mabilis at more responsive ang user interface

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update (again!) as of august. i'm keeping an eye on your updates as it contains helpful info.

where can i get the official JB update for my unit? do i have to d/l it and install it myself or go to a myphone kiosk?

GbSb said...

There is no Jelly Bean update for MP A848i DUO as of now. You can check MyPhone's Facebook from time to time for updates.

Meanwhile, MyPhone A848g DUO is Jelly Bean version of A848i DUO but it is only available on SUN PLAN 350.

Anonymous said...

Hello po may problem po ako about sa storage.ko.kasi po yung mga apps hindi po nagsesave sa sd card sa internal at phone storage lang po. Nauubos po kasi yung memory ano po gagawin ko?

Anonymous said...

root mo phone mo para pwedeng move yung apps sa SD card.

kung ayaw mong root ang phone mo download an app that transfers files to SD card. search mo google play.

GbSb said...

Hi, wala po kasing option sa MP A848i DUO na pwedeng i move ang APP sa phone storage papunta sa SD card. Isa pa my copyright din ang mga APPS kaya hindi basta basta pwede i copy lang.

About sa last comment, tama ka, you can root it and download APP2SD sa google play.

Other options, uninstall mo na po yung mga unnecessary files mo sa phone storage o kaya yung mga MP3 mo ay sa SD card na lang para may memory space ka pa.

Anonymous said...

nice review! almost 6 mos. na skn tong a848i q. tanung q lng po pg nka on ung 3g q sa smart late receiver aq sa txt messages dun sa tm qng sim. gnun po b tlga un?

GbSb said...

MediaTek processor po na nasa loob ng MP A848i DUO ay dual standby kiya I expect na dapat kahit naka 3G yung isa ay makakareceive ng calls and text yung isang SIM.

If delayed po ang dating ng text, I'm not sure if sa Phone yan, pwede din sa TM network.

Try mo po ibang SIM if ganun din like Globe and try mo din iswap yung SIM baka maging ok na.

Anonymous said...

Hi po is it normal that my phone is flickering at low brightness? Thanks! I just bought it last week and i want to know if it is a defect.

GbSb said...

Hindi po siya normal kiya kindly please send it back sa store for replacement. Importante na gumagana ang low brightness ng Android phone para makatipid sa battery.

Anonymous said...

Sir lahat po ng a848i nagbiblink ang light kapag nakaset sa lowest brightness. ^_^ Join the group for a848i users for more info, kahit papalitan mo yan ganun parin yan :P, saka may JB update na for a848i and it scores 7k+ for old antutu version, and 8k+ for the latest v4.0 version

Anonymous said...

matagal na pong may JB update admin, last august 3 nga ako nagpaupdate sa Sony Service center e,

Anonymous said...

So what do i do? Do i have to back or not?

GbSb said...

Yung MP A848i DUO ko po hindi nagbiblink/flicker sa lowest brigntness.

I'm not sure if hardware defect yan or software issue kaya maganda din ma upgrade na sa Jelly Bean at di ko din alam if kinokonsider ng MyPhone na defect yan or hindi.

Alam ko pwede na mgpa-upgrade to Jelly Bean sa service center, di ko alam if kailan nag start ang upgrading. Punta lang kayo.

Para sa akin, please send it back unless ok sayo na ngfflicker/blink ang phone mo. You can also raise your concern sa MyPhone Tech Support Facebook -->

Anonymous said...

I only have until tommorow to decide.any suggestions?

Gb Sb said...

Please send it back for replacement at pakita mo po sa pinagbilhan mo yung flickering and wait for their advise.

Yung sa akin kasi di naman nagffliker or ngbiblink.

Anonymous said...

Ang kulit. sabi na 2x isoli mo para sigurado. kung tinatamad kang isoli then live with the flickering.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Good Afternoon. Ask ko lang po kung na-try mo na siyang gamitin with Skype, Viber or Whatsapp. Okay naman po? Salamat. :)

Anonymous said...

gumagana mga apps na mention mo (skype, viber and whatsapp). ok lahat yan.

Anonymous said...

Salamat po, sir. kasi may feedback about flare (skype) na up side down daw yung face mo sa screen pero sa other party, okay naman daw. i was thinking kung flare or a848i kasi bibilhin ko. :)

GbSb said...

Thanks sa nagreply about sa inquiry, pag bumili ka ng MP A848i DUO, may installed app na viber at skype na yan out of the box at sadly, di ko pa na try yan sa unit ko.

I suggest na MP A848i DUO na lang kasi superbrand ang myphone and if you like MediaTek CPU (A848i) compared sa Snapdragon CPU (FLARE)

Anonymous said...

Good day sir. Itatanong ko lng po about sa PPSSPP kung lag ba ung ibang laro like Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact. Kasi plano kong bumili ng bagong unit, ung dual core sana kasi sa MPA818 Duo ko lag ung mga laro sa psp emulator. Request ko lang po sana kung okay lang sa inyo pakitry ung laro na naruto. Pero kung ayaw nyo po, okay lang din po. Salamat po :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, sir. I will take your advice. MP A848i DUO nalang bibilhin ko. Salamat ulit :)

Anonymous said...

@GbSb: Update naman ng condition ng unit mo. Ayos pa ba? Any other issues?

GbSb said...

Its working fine as of now except for the last time incident "decrypt storage" and greenish color of recording a video.

I hope both issue will be fixed with Jelly Bean update.

Anonymous said...

hello sir! :) nakabili na ako ng MP A848i DUO yesterday and it was very nice. thanks sa suggestion! ask ko lang po sana kung may alam kayong compatible battery na pwede sa MP? and what does Modem Log stopped working or something na ganyan. nag appear po kasi dun sa notifications. thank you, sir! :)

Anonymous said...

hello. ask ko lang paano palitan yung video format? hnd kasi maupload sa instagram. thanks

Anonymous said...

May nabibili po b na a848i na nakajellybean na on stock? o Kelangan p tlga pumunta ng service center? Hassle kc pg gnun. Tnx s mgrrply..

Anonymous said...

Paano po kung second hand yung phone at gusto kong irestart lahat?

Daryl Duremdes said...

galing ng review, thanks sa info ^__^

John Henry Refran said...

bkit po ang sbi ang myphone a848i duo raw po eh...4.2 jb...tpos hindi nmn pla...kc some of the myphone android phone tlga eh minsan...mali ang binbigay n impormasyon s OS android version...or tlga bang gnun tlga?

GbSb said...

MyPhone A848i DUO ay ICS almost a year ago, A848g DUO po ay Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS na po. Yung MP A848i DUO ay pwede mo ipa ipa-upgrade sa Jelly Bean sa service center peru as of now I'm not sure if Android 4.2 upgrade na sila.

Anonymous said...

sir, ask ko lang, pdi po b papalitan ung storm ko, kc bigla nalang syang namatay and hindi na po mag open until now, 1 month old plang kc un, plss answer,

GbSb said...

Ilang days po ang replacement ng store na pinagbilhan niyo? Nagchacharge pa po ba?

Try mo po ibalik sa kanila (sa store) or sa service center ng MyPhone.

Anonymous said...

hi po, tanong ku lang po paano ku po kaya malilipat ung apps to sd card 14gb po?then ung pg mg momove na po aku gamit po itong app2SD hindi po lumalabas ung move to sd card? ang lumalabas po kc lagi move to phone. please po. answer

Anonymous said...


GbSb said...

About apps to SD card, please set the default write disk sa SD card at remember po na hindi lahat ng Apps pwede sa SD card galing sa Google Play. May mga Apps talaga na nasa phone storage lang ma-sasave.

Para naman po sa Boot Up logo, try mo po tangalin ang battery at i-ON mo ulit phone mo, if after 3 tries ganun pa din, please send it sa service center for troubleshooting.

GbSb said...

Ask mo din po sa MyPhone Tech support Facebook page ang problem -->

Anonymous said...

hi. when are you going to review myphone rio fun?

Anonymous said...

Ask ko lang gumagana ba vide call dito?

Anonymous said...

can i play the Coc Magic Game in this mobile device. I am interested to buy this one and play Clash of clans private servers on it...

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