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MyPhone A848i DUO 1600 mAh Battery Test - How long will it last?

MyPhone A848i DUO Accessories - USB Charger, 1600 mAh battery and Flip cover

When consumers want to buy an Android Phone, they usually look at the rated battery capacity. Single-core Android phones are usually powered by 1400 - 1700 mAh battery and those running on dual-core are are rated at 1500 - 2500 mAh. Battery capacity also depends on screen size (4.0 to 6.0 inches) and display type (IPS or TFT).

Android Phone with higher battery capacity are thicker in design and heavy, for some consumers this is very annoying to carry, so slim, sleek design and ergonomics should taken into account.

Here are some interesting Android phones with high battery capacity against their competitor with the same specs. If you know other brands with exceptional battery capacity, just let me know.

(1) Huawei Ascend Y210D - single core 1 GHz processor, 3.5" display with 1700 mAh battery
(2) O+ 8.36 Android - single core 1 GHz processor on 3.5" touchscreen with 2000 mAh battery
(3StarMobile ENERGY - single core 1 GHz processor, 4.0" TFT display with 2200 mAh battery
(4) DTC Astroid GT7 MAX - single core 1 GHz processor, 4.3" Capacitive screen with 2500 mAh battery
(5) Lenovo P770 - dual-core powered on 4.5" IPS qHD touchscreen with 3500 mAh battery
(6Cloudfone Thrill 430X - dual core processor, 4.3" IPS qHD screen with 4160 mAh battery

MyPhone A848i DUO Text, Call, Games, FM Radio and Wi-Fi Battery Test

MyPhone A848i DUO AnTuTu Battery Test Score after 3 Months. The first test (December) took 3 hours and 19 minutes with 14% battery leftover and got a score of 574 while the 2nd test (March) took 2 hours and 58 minutes with 18% battery leftover and got a score of 531 - lower than the first one.

We will be using MyPhone A848i DUO, a 4.0" IPS capacitive display, powered by dual-core MT6577 Cortex-A9 processor, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and 3 months old battery for the test.

How long will 1600 mAh battery last if we used it in FM radio, Texting, Calling, internet with 3G, Games and using WiFi? Do you have an idea?

MP A848i DUO 1600 mAh Charging Time (100%)
Standby Mode: ~3.5 hours
Turned Off: ~2.5 hours

Here are the results.

1. FM Radio: 20.9 Hrs.

2. SMS/Texting: 14.29 Hrs.

3. Talk Time/Calling: 9.33 Hrs.

4. Internet with 3G On: 5.37 Hrs.

5. Internet with EDGE Only: 6.25 Hrs.

6. Games:
Inotia 4 - Assassin of Berkel: 8.45 Hrs.
Temple Run 2 : 3.67 Hrs.

7. Wi-Fi: 6.67 Hrs.

During the battery test Avast Mobile Antivirus is running on background, dual SIM are both active and games is set with  sound ON. Display brightness is set to minimum and sleep time is 1 minute. No battery saver app was used during testing.

The results do not guarantee 100% accuracy and will vary depending on the device settings and apps running on background. The test are intended to determine which task eats the most of battery juice of MyPhone A848i DUO and the result shows Temple RUN 2 and internet using 3G are both power hungry.

So if your are travelling and want to conserve battery, don’t play too much games and use internet with 3G ON as much as possible.

With a right combination of tasks, the battery can last for a day use in a single charging.

MyPhone A848i DUO Full Specs

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