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Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter - RUNE MAGE Fast Leveling Guide

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter  - Your latest 3D MMORPG for Android and iOS this 2018

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter is the flagship product of Snail Games USA Inc. recently released of last quarter of 2017. A mobile 3D MMORPG fantasy game adventure with top graphics and epic thrilling story. You can also play the game in your Windows PC (Download the Client version).

"Long time ago, the ancient dragon twins were born, Dragon of the Light and Dragon of the Dark. They created all livings on Earth and summoned the great four Defenders to protect the land. With all works done, they fell into sleep and become the Continent of Avzar.

In Avzar, two legendary warriors built up their own strongholds respectively, the Eastern Fort and the Dragon Rock. After the catastrophe, the old friends became opposing factions, blaming the calamity on each other up to a hundred years of war."

The game let you explore breathtaking scenery, map teeming with exotic creatures, collect powerful mounts (both land and air battles), interactive maps, cutting edge visuals and random events with no load times.

There are two factions in the game, you can choose between Panda Alliance and Lion Empire.

  • Swordsman - Melee fighter, wield sword and shield     
  • Rune Mage - Ranged, excels at the runes
  • Healer - Ranged
  • Scout - Ranged, excels at archery
  • Killer - Melee

  • Berserker - Melee fighter, wield sword and shield
  • Ice Mage - Ranged, wields ice magic
  • Priest - Ranged healer and fighter
  • Scout - Ranged
  • Assassin - Melee

One feature of the game is you can change/swap class and switch faction at level 90 (you need to spend a diamond here), you can explore any class that best suit your playing style.

If you like wisdom class, below is my simple leveling guide for Rune mage which uses the power and protection of runes (I think leveling guide is also applicable to Ice mage). You can reach level 70 in a few days.

RUNE MAGE Fast Leveling Guide

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter stunning visuals and 3D environment caught my attention. Mount flying at Bamboo Grove.

  • After you login, on bonus ---> resources icon, Redeem your 100% EXP using your bound diamonds. You can redeem it at 50% for free.
  • Accomplished the Plot, DailyFaction, Side and Weekly Quest for high EXP rewards.
  • Join the Broken Cliff, Lizard Mine and Palace Hall instances as well as King's Trial (use double EXP potion here), Endless Raid and Monster Siege events for EXP.
  • Redeem Activity points chest.
  • If there is no quest left, go to the Shop, buy a Double EXP potion for 1 hour (cost you 75 bound diamond) on bound diamond store and kill high EXP monsters (Click the Get Strong icon (at the right of your HP/Mana points). Click the AFK icon for auto combat mode (mid-bottom part of the screen, at the right of mount icon).
  • Don't forget to join competition (PvP, Sky Ruins, Bamboo Groove and Battle Royale) and Leagues.
  • Try to be a junior apprentice in cohort system. Find your senior master now.

Exploring the "Old Desert" with Dragon Mount

Note: Rune Mage is a magician, it excels on Crit Resist and Crit Immunity, after leveling up you should increase wisdom and spirit/stamina. You can try 50% for Wisdom, 25% for Stamina and 25% for Spirit (Example: for attributes of 8, give 4 to Wisdom, 2 for Stamina, and 2 for Spirit)

On attributes, if you increases Wisdom by 1, Attack increases by 2, MP increases by 10, Crit Resist by 0.004% and Crit Immunity by 0.008%. If you increase Spirit by 1, MP Recovery increases by 0.2, Crit Resist by 0.004% and Crit Immunity by 0.008%

I hope game developers will increase the size of some icons in the next update or version of the game this 2018.

If you have one simple guide to add, let us know in the comment section below. Enjoy playing Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter in Android and iOS. You can download it at Google Playstore for free.

Server: SEA S20
Faction: Panda Alliance
Current Level: 83
Smartphone System: Quad-core processor (CPU), 3 GB RAM, Android Marshmallow

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Taichi Panda 3 Official Facebook Page
Taichi Panda 3 Website

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