Monday, June 26, 2017

War of Rings - MAGE Fast Leveling Guide

War of Rings was published by Ujoy last March 3, 2017. It caught my attention because of several features and unique systems that makes it a good online 3D MMORPG mobile game. It has an offline auto-combat system where leveling up is made easy even when your offline.

Mage is the latest addition to warrior and archer which is good in creating phantom shields and time rifts and AoE damages. If you have chosen this class, take a look at my simple steps to level up faster with less effort and time and no money spent on the game.

MAGE Fast Leveling Guide

War of Rings - Daily To Do Quests

  • Purchased greedy goblin at B.Diamonds mall, it will grant you additional 50% EXP percentage for 1 month,
  • Purchased 1.5X EXP potion at B.Diamonds mall for additional EXP percentage,
  • Before going to Demon Abyss, follow step 1 and 2 and team up for another 30% additional EXP percentage.
  • Finished bounty quests in Daily to do for massive experiences and collect 150 AP for offline A,C, time (5 hours + 5 hours), Note: 20 hours is the maximum offline A.C. time, be sure that you have it before logging out.
  • Join a guild for 2 hours offline A.C. time.
  • Join several events and timed events for massive experiences, 2X EXP and EXP pills.
  • Leveling up faster will move you on 2nd advance (level 220+), 3rd advance (level 280+) and 4th advance (level 350+).
  • Enjoy playing the game and make friends. Let me know if you have one to add. Thanks.

War of Rings is available for Android and iOS. Kindly visit their website below.

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Ujoy website

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