Friday, December 16, 2011

How to Enable and Setup your Timeline on Facebook

How to Enable Timeline in your Facebook

Timeline is now available to 800 million Facebook users around the world after the beta testing last September. Timeline is the "Story of your Life", a moment to highlights memorable things or hide those embarrassments from the public and your friends. You can control who sees your photos, posts, your stories and you have 7 days to review it and go live on December 23, 2011.

Simple Steps to Enable and Setup your Facebook Timeline

How to Setup your Timeline

1. Log in into your Facebook account
2. Search for Timeline and choose the "Introducing Timeline" by Facebook
3. Or visit
4. Click on "Get Timeline" at the bottom of the screen.
5. You can edit any items, starting from the time you joined Facebook, your posts, recent activity, your location and photos.
6. Just click on the pencil icons to hide, remove and mark a spam on any posts.
7. You can also click a star icon to feature a photo, post and stories.
8. Review your Timeline and you can now publish (upper rightmost of your Facebook page) and it will go live instantly or if you choose not to publish, it will go live in December 23.

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Henry said...

According to TV Patrol yesterday, facebook will automatically update all user's acct to Timeline kaya nagcheck ako mga profile ng friends ko pero wala naman pagbabago. I update my acct to Timeline 2 months ago na via manual update.

GbSb TEchBlog said...

Are your friends already publish their Timeline? If not, it will go live on Dec. 23 my friend. Some of my friends are already on Timeline.

mtrguanlao said...

Yay! May advantage ba tong time line na to friend? Shy ako when it comes to publishing my life,lol!

GbSb TEchBlog said...

The advantage of your timeline my friend is your post,pictures and important events are shown in chronological order which is very easy to understand by those who views your profile.

You can also highlights certain events and hide those you don't want.

♣ lily ♣ said...

i already have this since.....October I think. :))
It's easier to navigate thru your profile using timeline.


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