Friday, August 24, 2012

Avast! Mobile Security 2.0 Antivirus - FREE Download for Android Phones

Avast Mobile Security 2.0 - Antivirus and Anti-theft Software for your Android Phones

Avast latest released mobile security 2.0 includes new features to give you more antivirus and anti-theft protection and capabilities for your android mobile phones without paying to unlock all it's features for FREE.

Avast Mobile Security 2.0 uses the same antivirus engine as with PC and MAC and are being constantly updated virus database and latest threats so, expect a high security protection against mobile viruses and malware's.

Here is Avast Mobile Security 2.0 Antivirus Features

1. Remote Functions - through web portal you can control your avast devices from the web like - remote locate, lock or wipe your lost phone and a lot more.
2. Improved Tablet Support - Improved User Interface for better compatibility for Amazon's Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab.
3. Network Meter - display data usage consumed for each APPS you used.
4. Avast Widget - provides with quick view of interface like scan, CPU usage, memory usage and memory space.
5. Site Correct - auto correct mistyped URL's.
6. Anti-Theft - Uses web based control or SMS commands for anti-theft features.
7. Real Time Protections - Scan applications of their first execution and scanning of  incoming messages
8. FREE Download Requirements: Android 2.1 and above.

With increasing mobile malware's targeting Android OS this 2012, it's always better to protect your phone security. So, what are you waiting for?

DOWNLOAD Avast! Mobile Security 2.0 for FREE

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