Monday, September 17, 2012

Cherry Mobile W100 vs MyPhone A858 Price and Specs Comparison

Can Cherry Mobile W100 beat MyPhone A818 and A858 DUO?

Competition is a vital part for mobile companies to release new improved products, better performance at affordable price. Cherry Mobile latest 3G W100 beats some of the android mobile phone currently in the market today.

Consumers have a chance to choose better features offered by W100 than competitor MyPhone A818 or A858 DUO Android Phones.

Let's compare Cherry Mobile W100 3G and MyPhone A858 DUO Price, Features and Specs so that we will have an idea what is best to buy this coming Christmas season.

Cherry Mobile W100 vs MyPhone A858 Price, Features and Specs Comparison

Price: Cherry Mobile W100 3G cost at cheaper price of P3,499 while MyPhone A858 at P4,999 which is P1,500 more expensive.

Compared to MyPhone A818 which cost P3,999, W100 is still much cheaper.

Features: Both of them are DUAL SIM, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi ready capable. W100 is 3G which is much faster than EDGE and GPRS internet connection.

A858 feature Motion Sensor and GPS capability plus Pinoy Phone APP with 100+ audio prayers, complete bible, Pinoy trivia, Philippine history, Pinoy recipes and much more.

Screen: Myphone A858 have a larger 3.95" capacitive screen compare to W100 3.5 inches IPS LCD 5 point capacitive touchscreen which is more brighter and produces accurate colors.

OS: Both smartphone operating system run at Android Gingerbread 2.3

CPU: Both android phones run at fast 1 GHz processor. W100 runs at Snapdragon processor which is a mobile system on chips (SoC) of Qualcomm.

Camera: MyPhone A858 have 3.2 MP camera while W100 feature a DUAL camera with 3MP rear. A 3G phone with camera on front is capable of Video Calling.

Media: Both W100 and MyPhone A858 have microSD slot up to 32GB.

Honestly I like Cherry Mobile W100 3G, I love 3G phones because it has faster internet connection to download android applications and games on the net. With 3G and price difference of P1,500, you will never go wrong with W100. It is the best buy in the market today.

Similarly, Myphone A858 is also a good choice, large screen packed with lot of features will definitely beat branded android phones like Samsung Galaxy Y.

Christmas season is near and you still have time to pick your choice, there will be lot of upcoming promos and many new affordable android phone models that will dominate the market in coming months.

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MyPhone Facebook
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Anonymous said...

white paper review

Anonymous said...

where's the review?

Anonymous said...

mas maganda nga specs pero quality wise talo ang chery sa myphone

Anonymous said...

Tama mas maganda talaga ang myphone at may sony service center pa atleast im confident na durable xa. ;P

Anonymous said...

Durability & Quality:

Cherry Mobile W100 - thumbs down

Myphone A818 or A858 - thumbs up

Juan Pasquin said...

sorry po..ang a858 po ay 2ghz mtk675 mali po ung nsa ads ng myphone admin po ako ng group sa fb nyan ung official..and 32gb expansion den po ang a858 nd 16 gb..go for a858!!

GbSb said...

Hi Juan, Pls give me the link that MyPhone A858 is 2Ghz and up to 32GB expansion slot


Anonymous said...

nag cocompete pa kayong dalawang telecom comp. e. mas choice ng bayan ay samsung , may quality unlike ng mga products both of you ay, i dont know if tatagal yan in almost 1yr. diba or more.. haiysst.. buhay

ejdarkside said...

W100 para sakin,^^ Im not into Brand conscious,sa panahon ngayon Specs-wise na dapat and also affordable! ^^ ,thanks for this comparison,plano ko kasi bumili new affordable na android,pamalit sa nawala kong galaxy y...!W100 is 1GHz, 3.5 Inch IPS screen much better parin sa galaxy y

Anonymous said...

kya nba ang viber at skype dyan?

Anonymous said...

kakabili ko lang ng MYPHONE A858. sa ngayon naeenjoy ko sya dahil sa mga downloadable games at madali magconnect lalo na sa wifi. natatawagan din ako ng kapatid ko sa amerika via viber. at ang alam ko gawang pilipinas ang MYPHONE kaya bawat phone na binibili natin nakakatulong tayo sa kapwa pilipino natin. maganda nga ang ibang phone pero nakkatulong ba ito sa atin?? kaya thumbs up sa akin ang MYPHONE!!! - Chadmeister

Anonymous said...

When Samsung first entered the Philippine market via audio video appliances, a lot of people would frown and mock it and say that it's no good because it's made in Korea. People would still prefer Sony, Panasonic, etc. It took Samsung years before they were finally recognized. MyPhone is locally built, thus, the stigma of being of low quality since majority of Filipinos have this "Colonial Mentality" that anything local sucks and anything foreign rocks (except Chinese made stuff). But I believe that, through time, MyPhone would improve in quality, especially that wise Filipinos are starting to appreciate it. What annoys me with reading blogs like this are those stupid, uneducated posters who, instead of making constructive criticism, would shoot down these products and declare that Samsung is better. Their reason? Samsung is branded. See how idiotic they are? FYI, Samsung Galaxy Y and Pocket reviews are so bad, that even Alcatel kicked their asses in the majority of international phone reviews. Remember that businesses would earn more if people would go for the brand even if the features are crap. And only idiots would fall for an entrepreneurial trap like that. Cheers to the folks who keep an open mind. That is what being smart is all about. As for those who can't keep their mediocre comments to themselves, you guys seriously need to get laid...

Anonymous said...

inexpensive nga madali nman masira.. alot of review for cherry and myphone..isang bagsak lng..tapos agad ng functionality khit hindi heavy ung pagkabagsak..u know guyz..some of the engineers in cherry is chinese as well as in myphone..MTK processors is use in almost china phones..ang tanong mabilis ba?. tumatagal ba?..unlike branded khit mhal atleast no worried ka khit mabgsak..thats a genius thought..

Anonymous said...

cherry and myphone have in common....since some of its engineers is chinese of course thier product must be called tagalized china phones..LOL

Anonymous said...

paano naging made in the philippines ang myphone?

isip isip muna ba

Anonymous said...

Lols.. halos lahat ng mobile phone are made or assembled in China, even iphones. tamang tama ang sinabi sa taas ^^^^ gusto ng karamihan branded, para "i belong" at masabi lang na branded ang phone ko. Matagal na yang colonial mentality na pag imported or branded "mas angat sa iba ang feeling" hanggang ngayon at parami pa ng parami lalo na yung mga kabataan na walang ginawa kundi mag facebook at mag dota maghapon.

Anonymous said...

kung hindi ka naman mayaman pero maganda naman specs mura at pasok sa budget mo e d myphone at cherry mobile ang bilhin nyo, kung mayaman at mayabang ka naman mapera e d bilhin mo ay un mamahalin like iphone, samsung, blackberry, Htc, Nsa nagamit lang yan Bro. kanya kanya lng yan trip walang pakialaman...

Anonymous said...

nasa tao at tamang paggamit lang yan..may iphone ako, made in china.. at cherry mobile, made in china din. ok naman pareho eh, walang problema. pag nasira, kasalanan ko di ba.. hindi na kasalanan ng kung sino man chinese na gumawa..huwag manuro, huwag magyabang , lalong huwag magmarunong..

Anonymous said...

Gawa nga ang iphone sa China pero ang DESIGN, TECHNOLOGY and PATENT ay sa Amerika. Cherry mobile phones ay GAWA SA CHINA na REBRANDED for Philippine use. Kay may mga phones sa Thailand and India na pareho sa Cherry phones, iba nga lang ang pangalan dahil na rebranded din sa kanila.
Walang masama sa rebranding. Huwag lang sabihin na pareho ang iphone at Cherry. Learn to know the difference.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

sa W100 bah?? ok ang Skype at video calling sa fb?

please response. ty

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