Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MyPhone A878/A898 vs Cherry Mobile TITAN Antutu Benchmark Comparison

MyPhone A878 DUO vs Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN Antutu Benchmark Scores

Both local mobile brands MyPhone A878/A898 DUO and Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN are available on the market today. Honestly, as a consumer I have a hard time which of the 3 Android phones I will buy this coming holiday season.

The difference of MyPhone A878 and A898 DUO is 3G and dual camera for the latter and of course the price (just add P500). Cherry Mobile TITAN is also 3G capable with a 5.0" screen compared to 4.3" screen for A878/A898 DUO.

Antutu Benchmark is a comprehensive Android benchmarking application. It measures memory performance, CPU integer performance, 2D and 3D graphics performance, SD card read-write speed and IO performance testing.

Results of CPU, GPU, RAM and IO are combined to get the final score and let's compare the two dual core android phone.

MyPhone A878/A898 DUO and Cherry Mobile TITAN Antutu Benchmark Comparison

Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN System Info using Antutu Benchmark v2.9.3

MyPhone A878 DUO System Info using Antutu Benchmark v2.9.2

Price: P6,999 (A878 DUO), P7,499 (A898 DUO), P6,499 (TITAN)
Processor: All of them are running on the same 1 GHz MediaTek MT6577 dual-core processor
GPU: same PowerVR SGX531
GPU Vendor: Imagination Technologies
Resolution: same 480 x 800
Camera: same 4.9MP at 2560 x 1920
Benchmark Score: 5439 (A878 DUO); 5454 (W500 TITAN)
Total RAM size: 483.6 MB (A878); 473.5 MB (W500 TITAN)
Total Memory Size: 1021.6 MB (A878); 503 MB (W500 TITAN)

They almost have the same results with benchmark score of 5439 and 5454, a difference of 16 points only which is pretty good (in line with Sony Xperia Sola, LG Prada and Samsung Galaxy S).

Will the 3G capability affect the benchmarking scores? I am asking this because A878 is not a 3G while TITAN is 3G capable and do you think A878 and A898 DUO will have different benchmarking scores?

The only thing that caught my attention with the results is Total Memory size of A878 and TITAN. MyPhone A878 DUO have 2 times total memory size (1021.6 MB) compare to Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN (503 MB).

Does the Total memory size means Internal storage available to the user (2.5GB) or the ROM (4GB)?

Does it explain why TITAN is much cheaper?

I hope someone can share us their thoughts with regards to total memory size on Antutu benchmark

MyPhone A878 DUO Benchmark
Cherry Mobile TITAN Benchmark
Antutu Benchmark Ranking

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Anonymous said...

both are 4gb but are partitioned differently, check SD size. ram for both is 512mb.

GbSb said...

I agree with you. If I add total memory size + total SD card size (both A878 and TITAN) = 2.56 GB, is this the memory available to user?

So, which partition is better? the one with lower memory size?

Anonymous said...

It depends on how you use your phone (i.e. if you install a lot of apps, or just store a lot of files, music, videos) and whether or not you'll root and install your apps on your external card (real microsd card). The 512mb partition on the titan is just for apps, my friend has the a878 but I forgot to check if the 1024mb partition is just for apps as well. I guess it is. Your other files such as pictures and videos are saved on the other (larger) partition.

GbSb said...

I'm worried for TITAN 512MB partition for apps because in the long run, I don't know if it will be sufficient for extensive apps users.

Anyway, thanks for very insightful explanation.

Anonymous said...

Memory size = phone storage

512mb is sufficient, as hd games will likely install all data to sd card, leaving 10-20mb on phone storage (gameloft games). But bigger phone storage is better. What I don't like about A878 is suffers same problem as Galaxy S3, internal storage is treated as internal sd card. Which means you only have 2.5gb to use for data, which is also small. I like HD games but they take up a lot of memory 300mb-2gb per game. So rooting the device and changing the mount system will likely be the solution.

GbSb said...

Thanks for detailed explanation.

ZenithPaul said...

hey ill just add more info about

memory seen in antutu benchmark

myphone a898 - 1021.6 MB
Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN - 503 MB

im not sure about this but, this is what ive known the myphone a898 or a878 has 4gb internal memory but less is available to user, i think its only 2.5gb below, but on titan its near 3gb

myphone or
shall i say the rebranded i-mobile form thailand telecom company(myphone a898 in phil) uses internal memory as substitute and give additional memory(RAM) so that user will experiance very good mutitasking process

+ the processor is cortex a9 which is really good for multitasking rather than cortex a5 use in flare(thats why flare is cheap xD)

GbSb said...

Thanks for additional info Zenith.

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