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Lenovo P700i/S560 vs Sony Xperia J Price, Full Specs Comparison

Sony Xperia J feature a 4.0" Scratch resistant Gorilla glass screen, 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and Slim Arc Design 

Lenovo Philippine latest line up for Android smartphones are Lenovo P700i and S560 for mid-range price market segment.

I dubbed them "Double Dual Core" line up to compete in the price range of P10,000 and why should I buy them rather than Android phones currently selling on the market like the latest Sony Xperia MIRO (P9,990) and upcoming Sony Xperia J, the affordable MyPhone A878 (P6,999), Nokia LUMIA 610 (P10,490), Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS (P9,990), Alcatel OT995 Sapphire and HTC Desire X?

Both Lenovo P700i and S560 are running on latest 1 GHz MT6577 Dual Core processor of MediaTek. MediaTek MT6577 Dual Core is the latest chipset featuring 40% boosts in application and browser performance plus it is design for affordable sub-$200 smartphones.

Lenovo P700i vs S560 vs MyPhone A878 DUO

Actually MyPhone A878 is also running on this affordable MT6577 dual core processor and already on the market and you can own it for as low as P6,999. Filipinos can now enjoy high performance and rich multimedia experience being offered only by high end and expensive smartphones.

The difference between Lenovo P700i and S560 are the target market segment between gamers/enterprise and music lovers. P700i features a high 2500 mAh battery which last longer compared to 2000 mAh of S560, games, use of extensive apps and making a phone call needs more battery power. On the other hand, S560 fights back with Dolby speakers for better audio quality.

Why not packed them ALL in one smartphone? Why should a 2500 mAh separated from a Dolby Speakers? I think a gamer needs a good speaker and music lover can also be a good gamer.

Similarly, Sony Xperia J is coming soon in the Philippine market. It is an upgraded version of Xperia MIRO running at 1 Ghz Qualcomm single core processor on 4" scratch resistant Gorilla glass with a slimmer arc design.

Then, Why should you buy Sony Xperia J rather than Lenovo P700i or S560? Sony has a good camera and good audio for music lover plus with new sleek and slender arc design, it is very tempting to buy this latest smartphone.

Let's compare the two newest Android smartphones coming in the market and save some extra money ahead of time to buy what we want.

Lenovo Android Phones Line up including the latest P700i and S560 Dual Core

Lenovo P700i/S560 vs Sony Xperia J Price, Features and Full Specs Comparison

Price: Both Lenovo P700i and S560 are priced at P10,999. Sony Xperia J is selling at P12,450.

Features: Both P700i/S560 are Dual SIM and Dual Standby. P700i has high capacity 2500 mAh battery for gamers while S560 features Dolby Speakers for music lover.

On the other hand, Sony Xperia J is single SIM, feature a scratch resistant Gorilla glass, slimmer arc design and xLoud enhancement for audio.

Screen: Lenovo P700i/S560 feature a 4.0" IPS Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen while Xperia J 4.0" 16M Colour TFT Capacitive Multi-touchscreen. IPS LCD have better viewing angle and accurate colors but more power hungry compared to TFT LCD.

OS: All of them are running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

CPU: 1 GHz Dual-Core MTK 6577 processor (P700i/S560); 1 GHz single core Qualcomm MSM7227A Processor (Xperia J)

GPU: Power VR SGX6xx (P700i/S560); Adreno 200 Enhanced (Sony Xperia J)

Camera: 5 MP Camera with Auto Focus (P700i/S560);  5 MP with LED flash and VGA front camera for video chatting (Xperia J)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0, EDGE (Lenovo P700i/S560),  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EDGE, HSDPA and DLNA certified (Sony Xperia J)

RAM: All of them have 512 MB

Battery: For Lenovo, 2500 mAh (P700i) and 2000 mAh (S560) while Xperia J is rated at 1750 mAh.

All Android phones are at the same price range but with different performance, design and battery power. So which one do you want, a gamer Lenovo P700i, or Lenovo S560 for music lover or the balanced type Sony Xperia J?

Updates (11.15.2012): Sony Xperia J is already available in the Philippines and it turns out that it is more expensive than Lenovo P700i and S560 with a price difference of at most P1,500.

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Sony Xperia J Full Specs
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baconandeggs said...

Would you know when would Xperia J be launched in the Phils?

GbSb said...

It will be launched globally this 4 Qtr 2012 and coming very soon in our country.

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