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MyPhone A898 vs Cherry Mobile TITAN Price and Full Specs - Which is Better?

The Battle of Dual-Core Android Phones: MyPhone A898 DUO vs Cherry Mobile TITAN

This is the battle of latest Dual-Core Android Phones from our local mobile brands and which is better between the two?

Cherry Mobile latest release dual-core Android phones includes FLARE and TITAN. Their difference includes CPU, screen size and battery capacity. TITAN have stunning large screen at 5.0" capacitive display, 2350 mAh battery capacity and running on MT6577 1 GHz dual-core processor compared to FLARE.

I choose Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN to duel with MyPhone A898 DUO because they are both running on the same MediaTek latest MT6577 1 Ghz dual-core processor design for sub $200 or P8,000 smartphones. Also, released of MyPhone A898 DUO had been anticipated since last month but became a little disappointment with the release of non 3G and single 5MP camera A878 DUO.

For whatever reason they had delayed the release of MyPhone A898 DUO for 1 month, I know for sure that they do it for better. One or more reasons I see is better design, fixing of software or hardware bugs and market timing.

So, which do you think have the better design, performance and mass appeal between the two?

MyPhone A898 DUO vs Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN Price, Features and Full Specs Comparison

Price: Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN is priced at P6,499 which is P1,000 much cheaper compared to MyPhone A898 DUO at P7,499.

Features: Both are Dual SIM and Dual Standby, with FM radio, GPS and Motion Sensor.

Screen: Cherry Mobile TITAN feature a large 5.0" screen compared to 4.3" for MyPhone A898. Both are Capacitive Touchscreen with A898 using IPS technology.

Resolution: Both have 480 x 800 resolution.

CPU: Both runs on MediaTek MT6577 1 Ghz Dual-Core processor

OS: Both runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating System

GPU: Both have integrated PowerVR SGX 531

RAM: same 512 MB

Internal Memory: same 4GB

Camera: Both have dual camera with 5MP main with LED Flash and front-facing VGA camera for video chatting.

Connectivity: Both are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and 3G capable

Battery: Cherry Mobile W500 TITAN have high capacity 2350 mAH battery compared to 1800 mAh A898 DUO.

Overall Cherry Mobile W500 is really a TITAN in terms of screen and battery specs. With TITAN large screen, it needs a high battery capacity due to it's high power consumption compared to smaller screens. So, it's natural that screen size and battery capacity should go together.

One more thing, both have 480 x 800 resolution and which do you think have better pixels per inch (ppi) or pixel density? After my computation, MyPhone A898 DUO have 216.97 ppi compared to Cherry Mobile TITAN 186.59 ppi.

Higher pixel per inch or ppi is better and a good quality photograph requires a 300 ppi. On the opposite, lower ppi means a pixelated images (you can see individual pixels) which is not good. For comparison, both  Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 have 326 ppi.

I think a better design for TITAN would be a 4.3" screen with 2350 mAh battery or with 5.0" screen at higher resolution.

So pick your choice, both have almost the same design and specs and the I think the battle between them are quality, mass appeal and brand loyalty.

Cherry Mobile TITAN Full Specs
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Wikipedia Pixel Density

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correction... TITAN doesnt have IPS screen..

Anonymous said...

oH correction, TITAN also has an IPS touchscreen. .

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