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SKK Mobile GLIMPSE 2 Specs, Unboxing and Hands ON Review

Latest SKK Mobile GLIMPSE 2 powered by 1.2 GHz MT6572 cortex-A7 power efficient dual core CPU, 256 MB RAM, running on Android 4.2.2 JB OS on 4.0" bright and vivid display.

As Pinoy consumers shift from feature phones to affordable Android smartphones this 2014 and for the coming years, SKK Mobile latest line up includes GLIMPSE 2 dual core, GRIFFIN quad core (P3,599), MARIAN V1 quad core and KRAKEN (P8,999) / MARIAN S1 (P9,999) octa-core Android phones to cope up with the demand and catering different consumers in the market.

SKK Mobile GLIMPSE 2 is the cheapest dual core Android phone in the market to date (based on my list) boosting 4-inches display with 480 x 800 resolution (233 ppi), usually it is only 3.5" HVGA (320 x 480 resolution).

If you are looking for your first Android phone and you want a large screen yet handy, dual core processing for light multi-tasking/games/movies and connectivity such as fast WiFi, Bluetooth, Internet and FM radio, thus, enhancing your communication at budget friendly price, you might consider this gadget.

Below are my unboxing and hands on review.

What's in the Box?

1. GLIMPSE 2 Handset
2. USB Charger, micro-USB cable and 1300 mAh battery
3. Headset, Manual and Warranty Certificate

SKK Mobile GLIMPSE 2 Price, Features and Full Specs

Price: P1,999 (P2,399 before)
Features: Dual SIM (microSIM + regular SIM), Dual Standby, FM Radio, 3 soft capacitive buttons, ~9.5mm slim and available in different colors (white, blue, green, red and black). It also features 6 different theme launcher, Guest Mode (gallery and call/text conversations are hidden) and Torch App for Flashlight
Screen: 4.0" WVGA LCD Display - 2 point multi-touchscreen
Resolution: 480 x 800 pixels
Pixel per Inch: 233 ppi
CPU: 1.2 GHz MT6572 dual core processor
OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean - JB
RAM: 256 MB
Internal Memory: 512 MB expandable up to 32 GB via microSD
Camera: 2 MP rear with Flash (serves as Torch or Flashlight) and VGA front camera
Sensors: Accelerometer (it has Proximity and Light sensor according to Android Sensor Box App)
Connectivity: WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth, micro-USB, A-GPS, 2G/EDGE capable
AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 8,338 ver 4.4.2
Battery: Li-ion 1300 mAh

SKK Mobile GLIMPSE 2 Unboxing and Full Review

Unboxing of GLIMPSE 2 package comes with the usual USB charger, USB cable, Headset, Manual, Warranty certificate, 1300 mAh battery and the GLIMPSE 2 handset.

I'll be doing a full review for this latest gadget and will be guided with following categories below. So stay tuned for updates from time to time and what is my initial impression?

It has smooth, buttery user interface (UI) and you can choose from 6 different theme launcher. It also comes in sleek, slim with aesthetic design (it's Apple iPhone 5c look-a-like), handy and lightweight with bright and vivid display.

1. Price: 4.9/5

Like what I said, SKK Mobile GLIMPSE 2 is the cheapest dual core Android phone boosting a 4.0" display with 400 x 800 resolution (233 ppi) in the market to date. If you are looking for entry level smartphone with large screen and high pixel per inch (ppi), I recommend this one.

On the other hand, SKK Mobile NEO 2 (P1,899) and Cherry Mobile GARNET (P1,899) are the cheapest dual core Android phones based on my list but both of them sports a 3.5" HVGA screen.

2. Physical Design: 4.5/5

Overall design of GLIMPSE 2 is very lightweight and handy. Power and volume keys are placed at the right side, speaker grill and Home soft capacitive button resembles the Apple iPhone 5c. At the top part are receiver, front camera, micro-USB port and 3.5mm audio jack port. Microphone and speaker are located just beside the Menu and Back capacitive buttons.

GLIMPSE 2 back part houses for dual SIM slot (micro-SIM and regular SIM), microSD slot, 2MP rear camera with Flash that you can use as torch or flashlight via Torch App and 1300 mAh battery. The back cover is glossy and cosmetic design is finely crafted.

3. Display: 4.8/5

Although screen is not IPS (In-Plane-Switching) by looking at different angles, the bright and vivid colors of GLIMPSE 2 really caught my attention plus a large 4-inches display are good for viewing your photos, playing games, watching movies and browsing on the internet.

GLIMPSE 2 is the cheapest dual-core Android phone in the market boosting a 2-point multi-touchscreen with 480 x 800 resolution on 4.0" display.

Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
Pixel per Inch: 233 ppi
Dead Pixels: NONE
Multi-Touchscreen: 2-point
Screen Responsiveness: fast and sensitive

4. Performance, UI and Benchmark: 4.5/5

GLIMPSE 2 register a score of 8,338 on AnTuTu and 2,510 on Quadrant benchmark tool. Both measures CPU, GPU and I/O performance. The higher the score, the better.

To measure Browsing and CPU subsystem performance, GLIMPSE 2 register a score of 1,365 on Vellamo HTML 5 and 410 on METAL test respectively. The higher the score, the better.

To measure graphics performance, this gadget score a 36.7 fps (frames per second) on Nenamark 2 benchmark tool. The higher the score, the better.

GLIMPSE 2 user interface (UI) is very smooth and fluid. You can choose from 6 different HY theme launcher on your desktop and different setting for effects via Menu Settings (DeskSetting) or Widget and Recent App have one key clean. Sometimes, there are some noticeable lag during and closing an application and I think this is due to 256 MB RAM but overall performance is good.

Power On: ~ 25 seconds
Shutdown: ~ 5 seconds
CPU: Up to 1.2 GHz MT6572 dual core processor (based on AnTuTu, Quadrant, CPU-Z and Vellamo benchmark tools)
OS: Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system
Graphics Processing Unit: MALI 400MP GPU
AnTuTu Benchmark Score: 8,338 version 4.4.2
Quadrant Benchmark Score: 2,510 version 2.1.1
Vellamo Mobile Benchmark Score: HTML 5 - 1,365, Metal - 410, version 2.0.3
NenaMark2:  36.7 fps version 2.4
A Minute Video Hands ON Review:

5. Camera: 4.0/5

GLIMPSE 2 sports a 2 MP rear and VGA front camera (up to 2 MP on the settings). The rear camera is capable of Panorama and up to FINE video recording.

Rear Camera: 2 MP
Front Camera: VGA (up to 2 MP)
Flash: Single Flash (effective distance at 1 foot), also serve as Torch or Flashlight
Autofocus: NONE
Zoom: Both are up to 4x
Performance/Sample Photos: Taking a picture is speedy and as fast as lightning and photo quality for a  2 MP rear and VGA front is only average. Below are sample photos for 2 MP camera lens.

Macro Shot

Mid Shot

Long Shot

6. Multimedia and Games: 4.0/5

I only managed to install Benji Bananas due to limited memory (after installing benchmark tools and updates) of this gadget but the good thing, it is installed in the SD card. If your a gamer, I recommend to get SKK Mobile WIND (P2,999) or GRIFFIN instead.

Music: .mp3 and .mp4 are playable
Video/Movies: supports .mp4, .avi and 1080p movies
Audio: average loudness and quality
Compatible Games: Benji Bananas, testing for other games
Pre-Installed Apps: Google Playstore, Opera Mini, Facebook and Torch App

7. Connectivity and Functionality: 4.3/5

GLIMPSE 2 are Dual SIM capable, WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth, A-GPS, FM Radio and EDGE capable. Although it is not 3G/HSPA+ capable, WiFi is very fast. Android sensor box app also detects that it has proximity and light sensor.

Dual SIM (microSIM + regular SIM): Yes, working on Globe and Smart
Texting: it's working
Call: its working with above average quality, also better with headset
LED Notification: NONE for SMS and charging status
Bluetooth: It's working, already paired to other devices
WiFi: working very fast
WiFi HotSpot: working fine
3G/HSPA+:  SIM 1 is 2G/EDGE capable only, microSIM is also 2G/EDGE capable
GPS: not supported, A-GPS only
FM Radio: working with nice reception, need a headset to work
Torch/Flashlight: working excellent
Micro-USB: working good either on charging or PC
MicroSD card slot: working fine with 8 GB
USB OTG (On the Go): not supported
Sensors: Accelerometer is excellent, Proximity is working fine, I'm not sure if Light sensor is configured (you can choose automatic brightness at Settings>Display>Brightness)
How to Screenshot/Printscreen: Simultaneously press Power and Volume(-) button for 2 seconds until you hear the shutter sound (no sound if volume is off).

8. Accessories: 4.0/5

Manual: detailed but incomplete (lacking some info)
Headset: working clear
USB Charger: it's working
MicroUSB cable: long enough, ~4.5 feet
MicroSD card: not included
Screen Protector: screen film already installed

9. Battery: 4.0/5

I tested the battery (1300 mAh) of this gadget with 1 SIM onboard and screen brightness set to 1/3. The battery juice can last for a day on a single charging for average user. Below are the results and all are approximation.

Call (on headset): 18.33 hrs
Texting (light texting): 25 hrs
Internet on WiFi: 6.67 hrs.
Internet on 2G/EDGE: 5.55 hrs
Watching Movies: 5.26 hrs
Games (Benji Bananas): 5 hrs.
FM Radio (audio on speaker): 7.7 hrs.
Playing Music (mp3): 7.7 hrs.

Charging Time: ~ 2 hrs
Charger Specs:
Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60 Hz, 150mA
Output: DC 5V, 650 mA

10. Durability: 4.3/5

GLIMPSE 2 lightweight and handy design makes it a durable device. After removing the screen film, there is no noticeable scratches after several days of use on the display. I recommend to put a screen protector to protect the display in the long run or buy a Jelly case for it.

In terms of OS, I never encountered hang ups or boot loop so far after several shutdown and power ON. I will keep you updated as I used it everyday.

Updates: (as of August 4, 2014)

After almost 3 months or 89 days of average use, there is no encountered problem so far on the gadget. I'll update you from time to time.

11. Defects/Bugs and Improvement: 4.0/5

As of now, I don't see any defects but there are a lot to improve for this Android gadget but it will come at a cost. For example, increasing RAM to 512 MB, internal storage to 4 GB and making this device 3G capable will incurred additional cost.

Another thing, GLIMPSE 2 speaker/audio loudness could be improved and a complete manual for first time users is also an important thing to consider.

Keep in mind, designing an affordable Android phone is quite a challenging job and for a price of P1,999, the specs, performance, materials and the quality should be in balance to satisfy consumers.

12. Verdict: 4.3/5

I gave high scores to GLIMPSE 2 price and screen. Aside from that design is good and performance are optimized.

There are three (3) reasons why you should buy this gadget. It's affordable, large 4.0" vivid and bright screen and great Android Jelly Bean experience especially to those first time Android users.

"A must have Android gadget for entry level Pinoy consumers this summer 2014".

SKK Mobile Facebook
SKK Mobile Official Site

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Anonymous said...

maganda po ba ang performance ng unit na GLIMPSE 2 ... matagal po ba ma lowbat at malaks ba ang speaker ??..

GbSb said...

Nirereview ko pa lang siya, the specs is right sa price niya na P1,999. Maganda screen niya, malaki at maliwanag.

Sa performance, tama lang siya, sa battery, tingin ko enough for 1 day usage kasi power efficient naman ang MT6572 CPU at sa speaker, tama lang din, not design for music lover.

Anonymous said...

Bakit P1,999 lang price dito eh kapag nagpunta ka sa booth/kiosk/store P2,399 yung price nila? kala ko pa naman 100% accurate kayo

GbSb said...

Kindly pls send your queries sa SKK Mobile Facebook -->

Julia said...

hi, i have the skk mobile glimpse.
i have encountered problems trying to download viber to the phone.
i have so far only installed the ffg apps:
MovetoSDCard App
Chain Reaction

Everytime i try to donwload viber, i get errors such 402, 493, 495.

I've done some of the torubleshooting suggested in some sites but to no avail.

is it possible to check on this?


Anonymous said...

what is better glimpse 2 or viper? . . can you do some review for skk viper?

Anonymous said...

opo ano nga po ba ang mas maganda sa glimpse 2 at viper ..
can you make a review please :)

Anonymous said...

Im a user po ng Glimpse 2. Question ko po ay. PAg nagiinstall po kasi ako ng app sa internal po yung ginagamit at nireread ng phone. Pano po ba ililipat sa SD Card?

Anonymous said...

Would you mind to answer the question? PLEASE.

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