Friday, January 30, 2015

How to CHECK/REDEEM your Globe Prepaid Reward Points for Internet Surfing

If you are using Globe Tattoo or Broadband stick this year and wondering how you can check your rewards points which you can use to redeem rewards items such as internet surfing, call and text, unlimited Facebook, gadgets and gift certificates (GC's) for shopping and leisure, below are simple guide that may help you.

So better hurry up before it expires this coming March 31, 2019.

How to CHECK and REDEEM your Globe Prepaid Reward Points for Internet Surfing, Facebook, Unlicalls and Unlitext this 2019

How to CHECK:

1. Type BAL and send to 4438
2. You need P1 to inquire your reward points. Wait for 4438 to reply.

List of ITEMS for Internet SURFING or Mobile Data:

1. Text ITEMS2 and send to 4438 (no load deductions)
2. Wait for 4438 reply
3. List of ITEM CODE:

FB1D - 1 point: (Unli Facebook for 1 day)
GOSURF10 - 2 points: (40MB Surf valid for 1 day)
GOSURF15 - 3 points: (40MB Surf valid for 2 days)
GOSURF30 - 6 points: (150MB Surf valid for 1 day)
GOSURF50 - 10 points: (700MB Surf valid for 3 days), updates: (now 1 GB Surf for 3 days)
GOSURF99 - 20 points: 200MB Surf valid for 30 days

4. You can also try other items by sending or texting the following keyword to 4438

ITEMS, (for Unlicalls and Unlitext to all Networks + Mobile Data)
ITEMS3, (for Call and Text Promos including Unlitext)
ITEMS4, (for converting your Globe Reward Points to SM Advantage Points) and
ITEMS5, (for converting Globe Reward Points to AirAsia Flights BIG Points)

How to REDEEM:

1. Text REDEEM<space>ITEMCODE to 4438
2. P1 per text and wait for 4438 reply
3. Example: REDEEM GOSURF50 then send to 4438

I recommend GOSURF50 because you can enjoy 700MB (716,800 Kb of data), now 1 GB of mobile data for 10 points only and FB1D for 1 day unlimited Facebook.

How to Convert Globe Reward Points to SM Advantage Points

List of  ITEM CODE:
SMAC100 - 130 points
SMAC200 - 260 points
SMAC500 - 650 points
SMAC1000 - 1300 points

1. Text REDEEM<space>ITEMCODE <space>16-DIGIT SMAC # to 4438
2. P1 per text and wait for 4438 reply
3. Example: REDEEM SMAC100 1234567887654321 then send to 4438

How to share your Globe Prepaid Reward Points to your Globe's Friends as a GIFT

1. Type GIFT<space>ITEM CODE<space>10 DIGIT SIM Number then send to 4438
2. P1 per transaction, Example, GIFT GOSURF50 0916XXXXXXX

Globe 4438
Globe Prepaid Rewards Points Catalog for 2015
Globe Rewards Catalog 2017

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edanrev said...

Globe has not been able to process my request to redeem since feb. 9, 2017. Can globe give an to this?

Anonymous said...

yeaaahh...GLOBE..suck all your promos.we dont need it..i hate it everytime i want to register, it always reply with sorry we cannot process your request as of the moment..I got 87.1 reward points and all I could do is to register everytime and they reply Sorry blahh blahhh..

anonymous said...

Ganyan din po nangyari sakin po na sim.

Anonymous said...

Ganyan din po sakin..Pero nagamit ko po nung Rewards nung sa web ako nagRedeem, kaso madami ka pa ng account sa Globe..activate..register number..then chaka ko na naRedeem GoSurf50 for 10pts. Gumana naman.

Unknown said...

Bobo talaga globe

Anonymous said...

pano e deactivate ung GOSURFUNLI25 using my rewards?

Unknown said...

Pano po magextend ng redeem gosurf50?

GbSb said...

Type GS EXTEND then send to 8080

Unknown said...

paano po echeck kong elan mb naba yung natera sa redeem gosurf50, ty

GbSb said...

Type GS STATUS then send to 8080

Unknown said...

Alang globe rewards apps para sa Windows phone...?

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Unknown said...

How to extend globe reward

Anonymous said...

Bullshitttt kau taga globe but ba palagi nalang sorry cannot be process your request sapag,redeem ng reward ko... hahayts.. dapat na talaga papasukin yung pangatlo subscription sa internet kasi ang mahal pa ng promo nyo hirap pa mag,register. grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Unknown said...

Paano malama ng redeem go surf50 kung ilan pa internet usage???? ASAP

Anonymous said...

Bulok netwkrk niyo

Unknown said...

Pano mag redeem gosurf50 50

Unknown said...

di ba pwedeng gamitin ang points sa jollibee? KFC lang talaga?

Unknown said...

Bkit dati nagagamit ko ung points bkit ngayun sorry cannot be process your request na tapos try again later again and again

Unknown said...

I've been trying to access any of the globe's reward for the whole month (no joke) untill now, and yet they always send me a message "sorry cannot be process your request" how am I going to avail my points?

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