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Philippine Navy Most Advanced Frigate and Corvette Ships - Armaments and System

Philippine BRP Gregorio Del Pilar PF-15 Frigate Ship

With recent disputes in Scarborough or Panatag shoal, do our country have capacity to depend ourselves from attack of China? With 1.33 Billion Chinese people against 113 million Filipinos or ratio of 11 is to 1, do we have a chance?

Here is the Philippine Navy Most advanced Frigate and Corvette warships that will help us to depend our country in naval warfare.

1. BRP Gregorio Del Pilar PF-15

Philippine Navy's newest and largest warship, a high endurance Hamilton's class cutter. Hamilton's class cutter are the biggest vessels used by US Coastguard except from heavy ice breakers.

The ship replaced the navy flagship BRP Raja Humabon PF-11, a cannon destroyer escort and one of the oldest warships in the world. BRP Gregorio Del Pilar was named from youngest Filipino General during Philippine Revolution who gave up his life on retreating party of President Emilio Aguinaldo in the Battle of Tirad Pass.

Philippine Navy will use this ship for multi-mission vessel such as maritime security patrols and Search and Rescue operations. It will also deployed in maritime security in Malampaya Project in Palawan.

The second Hamilton class cutter will be acquired by our Philippine Navy at the end of this year after 4 months of retrofitting. The ex-USCGC Dallas was transferred to the Philippine government last May 23, 2012.

The new frigate ship will be named BRP Ramon Alcaraz PF-16, a world war 2 hero and Philippine navy officer of Q Boat Abra who shot down 3 Japanese aircraft. Cost of acquisition pegged at P450 Million same as the sister frigate ship PF-15.

Type: Frigate
Launched: December 18, 1965 - USCGC Hamilton
Acquired by Philippine Navy: May 13, 2011
Cost: P450 Million
Cost of Operation:  P120 Million for 2 years
Weight: 3250 tons
Length: 378 feet
Propulsion: Diesel Engine and Gas Turbine
Power: 5,800 Hp
Speed: max of 28 knots or 52 km/hr
Endurance: can stay up to 45 days at sea
Flight support: it has a flight deck and hangar capability for Helicopters

a. Raytheon/Furuno Navigation and Search Surface Radar
b. Sperry Fire Control System

a. 76mm Compact Main Gun
b. Super Rapid Blooming Chaff Launchers

Philippine BRP Mariano Alvarez PS-38 Corvette Ship

2. BRP General Mariano Alvarez PS-38

Designed for Special Warfare Operations, capable of accelerating from stop to 35 knots or 65 km/hr in less than 3 minutes, it can respond fast and reliably in conflict situation. The ship was named from Mariano Alvarez, an ally of Andres Bonifacio designated as the second supremo of the Katipunan during Philippine Revolution.

Type: Patrol Ship
Launched: February 1, 1992 - USS Cyclone
Acquired by Philippine Navy:  January 2004
Weight: 357 tons
Length: 170.3 feet
Propulsion: Diesel Engine
Power: 13,400 Hp
Speed: max of 35 knots or 65 km/hr
Endurance: 10 days
Hull: made of BS-4360 Grade 43A steel, superstructure was made of 5086 Aluminum Alloy. Command space is fitted with Kevlar armor.

a. Sperry Vision Combat system
b. Sperry Vision Navigation/Search Surface Radar
c. Wesmar Side Scanning Hull SONAR
d. Marconi FLIR System

a.  MK 38 25mm Auto Cannon
b.  MK 96 Auto Cannon
c.  MK 19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher
d. .50 caliber Machine Guns
e.  M60 Machine Guns

Wikipedia BRP Ramon Alcaraz PF-16
Wikipedia BRP Gregorio Del Pilar PF-15
Wikipedia BRP Mariano Alvarez PS-38
PHL Navy Ships List

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Henry said...

We do not have enough budget to buy an advanced warship or stealth fighter, we have to plan our moves and ask for US assistance.

GbSb said...

Your right and we should really modernize our navy because Philippines is archipelago.

Anonymous said...

The Philippine Government must buy 2 destroyers like DDG 51 A. Burke, and 3 to 4 cruisers and 6 to 7 frigates. Aside from buying TA-50 fighter jets, they must also add at least 6 to 12 units of F-35. They have to choose units that are low in maintenance.

In the meantime, our Government must start putting up an Aerospace and shipbuilding department (in collaboration with international aircraft and shipbuilding companies) that will manufacture our own fighter jets and warships.

This will definitely create thousands of local employment (spare parts will come from us). We can also export to other countries like what South Korea is doing.

Our leaders must start doing this so that we will not always be dependent on other countries.

GbSb said...

I think our government are aware of that. We should first solve corruption in Philippines, then we could start shipbuilding and space programs.

Anonymous said...

The USCG Bertholf Cutter is a brand new US cutter, i think worth approximately a little over USD300 Million each. The Philippine Government can buy 3 to 4 pieces of this type in addition to BRP Gregoria Del Pilar and BRP Alcaraz.

Yes, The Government must think of putting up an Aerospace and shipbuilding department for the purpose of manufacturing our own.

Anonymous said...

China has bullied and continue to bully a lot of country and what they say is different from what they always do so please let us not believe them.

Even hundreds of millions of mainland chinese citizens are against their government and their military as they are all controlled.

The Philippines must continue modernizing its national defense. This is a national interest to protect our country not only from internal but also external threats.

GbSb said...

After cleaning the PH government for corrupt politicians, they can go on modernizing our Army and Navy.

Anonymous said...

The Philippine Government needs to fortify now the Philippine occupied Spratly islands.

Tama na ang manana habit. Dapat ang government natin hindi reactive kung hindi proactive.

Alam naman ng maraming mga Pilipino na pinabayaan ng mga naunang presidente katulad ni Estrada at Arroyo ang modernization ng ating Airforce at Navy. Mga walang silbi.

Ngayon kailangan ng ating government na makipag usap sa Australia, USA, South Korea, Japan para tulungan tayo maka-acquire ng mga bagong warships at fighter jets. Invite also foreign companies at local companies para sa mga joint ventures to manufacture our own fighter jets and build our own warships. Austal ang isang Australian company na ginagawa na ito sa Cebu.

God bless the Philippines and God bless our leaders.

Anonymous said...

Ok iyan DDG51 Arleigh Burke, puwedeng puwede iyan mga 2 to 3 units niyan, I am sure iyong mga chinese frigates at surveillance ships nila ay basta na lang aalis pag tinapatan ng DDG-51 Arleigh Burke.

Tapos may FA50 or TA50 or F-35c support pa naku takot lang ng China. At ang layo ng China, araw ang kailangan para makarating sila sa ating shores. Dapat i-take advantage ng Pilipinas ito malayo sila at wala naman silang carrier pa mga 2013 pa magkakaroon ayon sa balita.

Puwede naman i arrange ng Philippine Government na bumili na ngayon at itrain na iyong mga airport at navy personnel ngayon na at kailangan ngayon na rin dapat ifortify iyong mga islands ng Pinas Spratlys.

Kung gusto maraming paraan kung ayaw maraming dahilan.

Anonymous said...

Correction airforce instead of airport

Anonymous said...

kinukuha na nila yung mga isla na di sakanila kasi hindi na sila magkasya sa bansa nila =))

Anonymous said...

Ang dapat pagtuunan natin ng pansin ngayon kung pano natin mapabilis ang ang pag acquire natin sa mga kagamitang pang digma. isunod na din natin ang pagdagdag sa ground forces then yung mga gamit nila. wag muna sana silang mamolitika, unahin muna sana nila ang soberanya ng bansa natin saka ang kapakanan ng mga sundalo natin.....kaya natin yan basta may pagkakaisa tayong mga PILIPINO......

wilbur cabrales said...

Nothing is more important to most (90%), if not all, Philippine politicians and military people than corruption. Sacrifice and valor is a strange word for them.
If military and financial capability is the the topic PR of China, have new inventions and productions (from infantries: QJZ87-89; Amphibious Assault Vehicle; Stealth Aircrafts and Vessel; to flood of conventional and nuclear Missiles) appropriate for the Asiatic Theater of war; and has the capability to defeat even USA if the strategies of the latter will be minimized.
For Philippines a little wave from china to conquer it will be faster and more dangerous than the blitzkrieg attack made by the Japanese during world war II.

Anonymous said...

most advance nba tab sa phil bavt fleet... nakakatawa.. eh daig pa tau ng bangladesh.. umorder sila ng 3 3rd gen stealth corvette sa russia.. mas modern ito sa lahat ng mga corvette class sa buong mundo..

Anonymous said...

paana tayo maca counter ng tsina world war 2 pa ang gamit ng phil. armed forces natin pero senador congressman governor mayor malaki ang budget nang pork barrel paano na yan, para sa akin yung pork barrel ibili yan nang arleigh burke class destroyer at stealth bomber kung hindi makabili alisin nalang yung taxes natin politicians maraming luxury na sasakyan, pera naiinvest na dumami na ang pera ang sarap nang buhay nang magnanakaw magisip isip naman kayo

Anonymous said...

mahiya naman tayo sa usa pag mayroon manggulo sa atin bansa like tsina and malaysia hihingi nang tulong sa usa ay naku ang sarap nang hingi palagi phil, like a poker face nnasaan naman ang pera natin more tha n 10 percent naman ang tax na nakuha sa akin, kung tutuusin yung nabigay na tax na more than, 20 years sa palagay ko, makabili na naman nang sampung arleigh burke class destroyer, im the one of a million taxpayer wheres my money world war 2 pa ang nabili , ay naku, isauli nalan yung pera namin ibili ku nalang nang 100 ka lechon baboy marami pa angm,nakatikim nang ligaya, mag isip naman kayo uy.

Team Zoomer said...

para sa akin mga sir. wlang kahit na sinong bansa ang makikinabang kung magsiklab ang gera. pero kung hndi na tlga maiwasan at magkaroon ng conflict sa mga dadating na panahon. dapat ngaun pa lng gawin na ng gobyerno natin na 2%-4% ng GDP natin ang i-allocate sa military fundings para masuportahan tlga ng ating bansa ang ating military modernizations. un lng

Team Zoomer said...

para sa akin mga sir. wlang kahit na sinong bansa ang makikinabang kung magsiklab ang gera. pero kung hndi na tlga maiwasan at magkaroon ng conflict sa mga dadating na panahon. dapat ngaun pa lng gawin na ng gobyerno natin na 2%-4% ng GDP natin ang i-allocate sa military fundings para masuportahan tlga ng ating bansa ang ating military modernizations. un lng

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