Friday, February 15, 2013

How to Register to Globe Tattoo Prepaid MAXSURF100, 170 and 500

With Globe Tattoo Prepaid MAXSURF 100, 170 and 500, enjoy surfing the net per megabytes at 7 MB/P1 up to 15 days.

Latest offering from Globe Tattoo Prepaid let you enjoy megabytes of surfing regardless on how long you stay on webpage. With MAXSURF volume based internet browsing, you can extend your surfing days at affordable cost.

Globe Tattoo MAXSURF is competing against SmartBro ALWAYS ON Plan and which of them gives the lowest cost per data?

So lets make a little computation, I will be using MAXSURF170 for 1,200 MB for P170 for Globe and ALWAYS ON 499 of Smart for 1000 MB for P499 and the result is:

For Globe MAXSURF170 

1,200 MB/P170 = 7.05 MB per P1

SMART Broadband ALWAYS ON 499

1,000 MB/P499 = 2 MB per P1

For just P1, you can surf the internet with 7 MB with Globe Tattoo compared to 2 MB for Smart. Their difference is MAXSURF170 is good for 5 days only while ALWAYS On is good for 30 days. With Smart Broadband ALWAYS ON, you can extend your surfing for a long period of time.

How to Register to Globe Tattoo Prepaid MAXSURF100, 170 and 500 

Price: P100
Data Usage and Expiry: 700 MB for 3 days
To Register: Type MAXSURF100 then send to 8888

Price: P170
Data Usage and Expiry: 1,200 MB for 5 days
To Register: Type MAXSURF170 then send to 8888

Price: P500
Data Usage and Expiry: 3,500 MB for 15 days
To Register: Type MAXSURF500 then send to 8888

You must maintain P1 to continue using your MAXSURF subscription and to check your remaining data, text MAXSURF STATUS to 8888.

Note: You cannot register to SUPERSURF while registered to MAXSURF.

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Smart Broadband Always ON

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