Sunday, January 20, 2013

How to Register to GLOBE PREPAID Unlicall and Unlitext

Try Globe Prepaid 1 Day Unlitext and Unlicall for P25 Only

As a new user to Globe Prepaid, one common question they usually ask is how to register to 1 day unlicall or 1 day unlitext. Compared to other network like Smart, TNT and SUN, 1 day unlicall or unlitext with Globe is a bit expensive.

Honestly, I used TNT for 1 day unlitext for only P10. It's a lot cheaper than Globe Prepaid 1 day unlitext (P20).

How to Register to GLOBE PREPAID Unlicall and Unlitext Combo

1. UNLITXT - Unlimited text to Globe/TM

1 day for P20: Type UNLITXT20 then send to 8888
2 days for P40: Type UNLITXT40 then send to 8888
5 days for P80: Type UNLITXT80 then send to 8888

2. SUPERUNLI ALLTXT - 1 day unlitext to all networks, 10 minutes of calls to Globe/TM for P25 Only

Type UALLPLUS25 then send to 8888

3. SUPERUNLI 25/150 - Unlitext and Unlicall Combo

1 day for P25: Type SUPERUNLI25 the send to 8888
7 days for P150: Type SUPERUNLI150 the send to 8888

4. GO UNLI - Unlitext, Unlicall and Unli Facebook Combo

1 day for P30: Type GOUNLI30 then send to 8888
3 days for P80: Type GOUNLI80 then send to 8888
7 days for P180: Type GOUNLI180 then send to 8888
30 days for P750: Type GOUNLI750 then send to 8888

Globe Prepaid Call and Text

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