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TARA Anti-Theft APP - How to Register and Recover a MyPhone Android

Latest MyPhone's flagship quad core ICEBERG Android phone is equipped with new features and TARA Anti-theft technology to deter thieves or snatchers rendering your phone useless in case of theft.

MyPhone ICEBERG TARA App is the first in the world anti-theft application that aims to address the issue of mobile phone theft. This anti-theft technology is set to deter thieves or snatchers as the mobile phone is rendered useless by TARA in case of theft.

Unlike with other Anti-Theft features such as Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus or Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Smartphones and Tablets, TARA or Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery Application is proudly Pinoy APP and exclusive to MyPhone users.

I hope it will also be available in all MyPhone Android Phones such as A818g, A848i, A888, A898, A919, A919 3D and A919i DUO.

How to Register, Wipe-Out Data, Recover your MyPhone Android with TARA Anti-Theft APP

How to register on MyPhone ICEBERG TARA anti-theft technology APP.

How to Register:

1. Fill in your Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial
2. Input a secondary mobile number
3. Create a unique six digit PIN
4. Provide your e-mail address
5. A confirmation message will prompt once you are successfully registered.

What to do once your phone is STOLEN?

1. To LOCK your phone, text LOCK+6 digit PIN. Example: LOCK123456 and send to your primary phone number.
2. CALL the TARA hotline numbers.
GLOBE: 0917-8735107
SMART: 0919-9128272
SUN: 0925-8008272
LANDLINE: 847-8272
3. Sound ALARM will be activated once LOCK. Data WIPE-OUT can be requested through the hotline numbers.

What to do once your phone is RETRIEVED?

1. Text UNLOCK+6 digit PIN to deactivate the ALARM, example: UNLOCK123456 and send to number of the SIM inserted in the lost phone.
2. CALL the TARA hotline numbers.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) About TARA?

Q1: Is TARA available to MyPhone ICEBERG Only?
A: No, it is also available on MyPhone Agua RAIN 3G, VORTEX, A888i DUO, A848g DUO and A848s DUO.

Q2: Will TARA works if SIM card is removed?

Q3: Will TARA works if battery is removed?
A: No but when the battery is installed back and your phone is turned ON, TARA will work.

Q4: Will TARA alarm works even the phone is on silent mode?

Q5: Is TARA available on Google Play Store:
A: YES, for demo only, it is not complete.

Q6:  What does TARA do once activated?
A: Start a loud alarm "MAGNANAKAW", Erase all DATA, Change the screen lock password, Set password rules, Monitor screen unlock attempts, Lock the screen, Set lock screen password expiration and set storage encryption.

Q7: Is it possible to uninstalled TARA App?
A: No, even rooting, re-flash, re-format and hard reset

Q8: Who is the developer of TARA App?
A: IT expert Jun Lozada (A Pinoy)

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MyPhone TARA Features

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Anonymous said...

This application has leak. You can bypass the alarm then disable the TARA application in your SMART phone.

Anonymous said...

how can i retrieve the phone?

Anonymous said...

How many times I called the hotline, why there's no one answering the phone?

Anonymous said...

This is useless.... when u needed most, coz ur phone was lost, no one answering the phone in any hotline numbers.... pa asa lng kau sa mga tao...

Anonymous said...

i am unable to call all the hot line numbers :( there is also no mention here how to check your primary number listed as well as the PIN to make sure it is correct..lost my phone which is an iceberg model..not sure if tara was activated when i tried it..should have a reply to let us know tara or the "magnanakaw" shout out had been activated on the lost device..

Anonymous said...

How to know your PIN and PRIMARY NUMBER that you entered in TARA?

Anonymous said...

I have set my anti theft pin, when the battery drained and turn back on it won't open anymore, my password says it was can I retrieve my password?

Anonymous said...

Naku, wala ring tulong sa ibang phone na mas mahal pa sa myphone, dapat lahat ng phone meron nyan, parang nagatasan lang ni jun lozada ang myphone... useless...

Unknown said...

I am currently using MyPhone Rio Junior and I activated the mobile anti theft of this phone and as I removed the battery and inserted new prepaid sim card, when I open it again, it says Please enter the privacy protection to unlock . How can I fix this? Thanks by the way .

Vianne Claire Sebuco said...

I am currently using MyPhone Rio Junior and I activated the mobile anti theft of this phone and as I removed the battery and inserted new prepaid sim card, when I open it again, it says Please enter the privacy protection to unlock . How can I fix this? Thanks by the way .

Unknown said...

I am using Cloudfone Thrill Boost, I think I activated the app by mistake, now even I inserted my original sim it always prompt me to enter the privacy protection password. The sad thing is I forgot the password, pls Mr Jun Lozada I believe that you have all the right to post something to fix this

Unknown said...

I'm using Samsung Note 5. After updating its system overnight, it started alerting for theft and locked my phone. i tried to call the hotlines and no one is answering. i couldn't open the messages to see if maybe there's a recovery pin that was sent. no one is responding to any of my emails or calls. I need help.

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